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Damo and Clarky are joined by fellow Jock Reynolds content producer Azza to discuss this weeks issues.

Should Tom Powell be traded, which uber premo is performing the best, how to spend a lot of cash, how valuable trades are and which commentators do we prefer calling the play are all discussed on this weeks episode.

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and you’ll hear dogs in the background. They are Clarky’s fur children which who can be adored here.

Another side note, I don’t know what the title is referring to. Is it the three co-hosts or is it related to one of the questions? You decide.

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Morning Musketeers. Cash levels are reasonable so now deciding whether the upgrade gets made on Powell, Warner, Idun, Jiath etc or spend more on upgrading the likes of Cox, Scott, Bergman, Rowe, Frederick (PA) etc. Still have Jordon as well but think he can finish as M7/8 ??

Rick Grimes

Powell and Warner good to go to the slaughter yard, I reckon. Upgrade the likes of Cox and Bergman. I think Rowe and Scott have a little more money to make. Jordan hold til his bye, ideally.


Yep, think that will still keep cash in the bank and give me 2 premos. Be handy if we could do more than 2 trades though !!


Agree with Rick, Powell and Warner


Having $1million to spend on 2 players sounds a lot.

I have $1.089m to spend (if i trade out Powell and Warner). Will just get me Steele and Zorko.

Thinking I’ll hold Warner and look at Brookman to Heeney instead?

What ya reckon,

Steele, Zorko and Brookman (RCD or Berry on field)


Steele, Heeney & Warner

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Steele and Zorko are safer than getting Heeney in, but at least Warner is playing and could be useful in the first few bye rounds.

Rick Grimes

Steele and Zorko. I’m fine with RCD on field. Heeney cheap for a reason. Made of crystal.


I like Steele and Zorko…can we trust Heeney?


Highmore dropped, Mummy in on the bench, but Flynn is named in the Ruck


Also Alec Waterman named for those who still have him , 30% still do, BE is 6


Waterman supposed to be playing in the midfield too this week

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Powell to Zorko will be my first and maybe my only trade this round. I was thinking about Warner to RCD but I’m not sure how long RCD will be in the Richmond side, plus missing the first cash rise hurts and Warner might have to end up my F6 the way my trades are going. Tempted to get L.Jones in if he makes the cut tonight.


A bit premature since Round 10 is still going…

But thoughts on the following:

1. Downgrade Scott to Weightman

2. Upgrade Steven May to Jack Steele by utilising Laird’s DPP – swinging from MID back to DEF.