Around the Grounds – Round 9

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Hello community and welcome to another edition of Around the Grounds. Round 9 has just passed us and we’re onto Round 10, which means we’re only a few weeks away from the dreaded bye-rounds from starting. Now normally I wouldn’t be too concerned with covering my bye-rounds with a full squad, but this year looks like it may prove to be even trickier than normal. But luckily for us we’ve still got a few decent options hanging around if you’ve managed to avoid all the injury carnage and need to add some firepower to your bench. So let’s go see what Round 9 produced and what trades are happening by other Supercoachers!



The Pies put up 4 goals in the first quarter and then put up 1.10 in the next 3 quarters, which resulted in a 72-42 loss to Sydney. Caleb Poulter (MID/FWD, $174,100, BE -43) kept up his solid form to finish with 18 disposals, 2 marks and 66 SCPoints, which is what his 3 round average is now sitting at. He’s still at a gettable price if you didn’t or couldn’t get him in last week. Mark Keane (DEF, $205,700, BE 18) had 13 disposals, 7 marks but 6 clangers for 47 SCPoints while Beau McCreery (FWD, $205,700, BE 46) had 9 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and kicked 1.2 for 44 SCPoints. He’s shown so far he won’t be an accumulator, but if he can kick a goal or two he might score OK. Tom Wilson (FWD, $123,900, BE 32) had 8 disposals and 5 clangers for 19 SCPoints and Oliver Henry (FWD, $120,900, BE 33) had 5 disposals and 2 clangers for 7 SCPoints from 67% ToG.

The Pies just remain in the 8 over in the VFL despite their 86-53 loss to Sydney. Finlay Macrae (MID/FWD, $137,600) had 25 disposals, 2 marks and 5 tackles and Trent Bianco (DEF/MID, $123,900) had 23 disposals, 3 marks and 7 tackles


The Blues were always just a few goals behind Melbourne in this one, eventually losing to the Demons 94-68. Matthew Owies (FWD, $167,900, BE -7) had 6 disposals, 7 tackles and kicked 1.2 for his 58 SCPoints. Liam Stocker (DEF, $200,800, BE 36) had 15 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles and 5 clangers for 53 SCPoints and Luke Parks (DEF, $181,600, BE 22) managed just 5 disposals for 27 SCPoints.

Carlton had a bye in Round 5 of the VFL season.


Another one that was close for most of the game, in the end the Bombers defeated Fremantle 68.61. Harrison Jones (FWD, $243,300, BE 36) only had 6 disposals, but was saved by adding a pair of goals to score 49 SCPoints while Nikolas Cox (DEF/FWD, $259,300, BE 82) had just 5 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles from 26% ToG for 30 SCPoints. That’s blown out his BE unfortunately and may be one you consider moving out.

In the VFL Essendon moved to 2-2 for the year after their 83-68 win over Frankston. Alec Waterman (FWD, $148,400) had 26 disposals, 4 marks and 5 tackles, Ned Cahill (FWD, $161,200) had 24 disposals, 4 marks and 6 tackles and Patrick Ambrose (DEF, $217,800) booted 6.2 with 13 disposals, 10 marks, 3 tackles and 2 hitouts.


Geelong made the Saints pay for their inaccuracy in front of goal, winning 68-47. Jordan Clark (DEF/MID, $263,500, BE 32) returned and had 12 disposals and 2 mark for 53 SCPoints. He’s now running with a 3 round average of just 46.0 SCPoints, but that includes a sub game in there, but even in this one he had 70% ToG, which was the 3rd lowest for the Cats. Zach Guthrie (DEF/MID, $209,100, BE 25) had 14 disposals and 47 SCPoints.

Geelong had their first loss of the 2021 VFL season after going down to the Casey Demons 57-56. Stefan Okunbor (DEF, $123,900) had 22 disposals, 8 marks and 5 tackles and Max Holmes (MID/FWD, $121,800) kicked 2 behinds with 15 disposals and 6 tackles.


Hawthorn remain in the bottom 2 after their 87-80 loss to North Melbourne.  Jacob Koschitzke (DEF, $280,400, BE 59) bounced back from his poor score in Round 8, he had 15 disposals, 3 marks and 2 goals for 70 SCPoints. His 3 round average is now at 58.0 SCPoints which is just below his BE this week, so an iffy prospect on if he holds his value or not. Oliver Hanrahan (FWD, $234,700, BE 53) had 9 disposals and 3 marks for 31 SCPoints.

Hawthorn managed to turn the tables in the VFL match with North Melbourne, winning 150-42. Emerson Jeka (FWD, $123,900) kicked 3.4 with 20 disposals and 10 marks, Connor Downie (MID, $117,300) had 17 disposals, 2 marks and kicked 1.1 and Josh Morris (FWD, $145,100) kicked 5.1 with 17 disposals and 6 marks.


Melbourne remain undefeated in 2021 after their 94-68 win over Carlton. James Jordon (MID, $360,200, BE 34) had another great game with 20 disposals and 13 tackles for 96 SCPoints. He’ll keep chugging away it seems and with a 3 round average of 90.7 SCPoints is certainly providing value for money at this point. Harrison Petty (DEF/FWD, $238,700, BE 42) had 9 disposals, 5 marks and 5 rebound 50’s for 50 SCPoints and Kade Chandler (FWD, $161,200, BE 59) had 4 disposals and 2 tackles with 3 clangers for 7 SCPoints from 67% ToG.

It was a close one, but the Casey Demons remain unbeaten in the VFL as well as the AFL after defeating Geelong 57-56. Neville Jetta (DEF, $198,600) had 22 disposals, 2 marks and 3 tackles and Majak Daw (FWD, $232,100) had 12 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles, 27 hitouts and kicked 1.1.

North Melbourne

North Melbourne pulled out their first win of the 2021 season after defeating Hawthorn 87-80. Tom Campbell (RUC/FWD, $293,200, BE -14) scored well from 10 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles and 12 hitouts for 88 SCPoints. Stat line doesn’t immediately jump out, but of his 12 hitouts 8 of them were to advantage, which would have been a big help. Tom Powell (MID, $375,700, BE 106) had a down game for him with 10 disposals and 4 tackles for 45 SCPoints. His BE is 106, Powell has only scored in triple digits once this year, with a score of 101 in Round 4, so likely a price drop for him is on the cards. Connor Menadue (DEF, $275,500, BE 24) had 8 disposals and 3 marks for 35 SCPoints, thankfully only 0.8% of teams added him last week. Finally Charlie Lazzaro (MID, $180,300, BE 29) had 7 disposals, 2 marks and 3 tackles with 4 clangers for 28 SCPoints.

North Melbourne remains winless in the VFL agter their 150-42 loss to the Box Hill Hawks. Atu Bosenavulagi (FWD, $214,400) had 17 disposals, 4 marks and 2 tackles while Will Phillips (MID, $195,100) had 17 disposals and 3 marks.


It was a great game against GWS and one Richmond just won, defeating the Giants 87-83. Riley Collier-Dawkins (MID, $182,500, BE -22) had a great game with 18 disposals, 7 tackles, 4 clearances, 2 goals and 6 clangers for 88 SCPoints. Much like last week his clangers hurt his score a bit, but a great game nonetheless. Patrick Niash (MID, $156,000, BE 46) got a bit more gametime this week and had 15 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles for 46 SCPoints. Hugo Ralphsmith (MID/FWD, $123,900, BE 18) made his AFL debut and had 10 disposals and 2 tackles for 33 SCPoints and Rhyan Mansell (DEF, $176,900, BE 40) had 7 disposals and 2 marks for 23 SCPoints.

Richmond made easier work of the Giants in the VFL, handing them a 123-26 defeat. Will Martyn (MID, $123,900) had 32 disposals, 7 marks and 7 tackles, Thomson Dow (MID, $146,100) had 31 disposals, 6 marks and 3 tackles and Callum Coleman-Jones (RUC/FWD, $161,200) booted 5,1 with 19 disposals, 6 marks, 2 tackles and 17 hitouts.

St Kilda

Inaccuracy cost the Saints in this one, kicking 5.17 to the Cats 10.8 to lose 68-47. Thomas Highmore (DEF, $167,500, BE -24) returned to the side and had 13 disposals, 3 marks and 3 tackles for 47 SCPoints. It took him a long while to get back into the side, so hopefully he can keep his spot for a bit longer so we can make some cash from him if you kept him in your side. Ryan Byrnes (MID, $159,500, BE -8) had 13 disposals and 4 marks for 41 SCPoints and Ben Long (DEF, $206,100, BE 112) had 3 disposals and 1 mark for 8 SCPoints from 30% ToG.                                                         

In the VFL Sandringham had a 87-78 win over Williamstown. Mason Wood (FWD, $223,000) had 29 disposals, 8 marks and kicked 2.1 and Paul Hunter (RUC, $134,300) had 16 disposals, 2 marks, 6 tackles, 31 hitouts and a goal.

Western Bulldogs

The Bulldogs took off in the 2nd half in this one to defeat Port Adelaide 97-77. Cody Weightman (FWD, $173,700, BE -3) played just his 4th AFL game and his first for 2021 and had 75 SCPoints from 12 disposals, 3 marks, 5 tackles and 3.2 with 5 clangers. Good start, but you probably can’t expect him to kick 3 goals every game, but he’s only one game into 2021, so we can give him another week to see what he can produce, provided he’s not a victim of the Bevo Salad. Anthony Scott (MID/FWD, $286,400, BE 29) had 12 disposals and 3 marks for 57 SCPoints, Jordon Sweet (RUC, $170,200, BE -4) had 9 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles and 18 hitouts for 56 SCPoints and Lachlan McNeil (MID, $241,500, BE 17) finished with 14 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles and a goal for 46 SCPoints. Both Scott and McNeil should last another fortnight or so based on their current BE’s if you need to keep them.

Over in the VFL the Footscray Bulldogs had a bye.

South Australia


It was mostly a blowout after the first quarter, with the Eagles defeating Adelaide 106-76. James Rowe (FWD, $260,900, BE -5) continued his little hot streak with 22 disposals, 4 marks and a goal for 80 SCPoints. He’s now running with a 3 round average of 65.7 SCPoints. Sam Berry (MID, $220,700, BE 24) had 10 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 2 goals for 63 SCPoints. That’ll keep him going for another week or two, but he’s shown where his level is at this year, which will tell you when to jump off. Riley Thilthorpe (RUC/FWD, $248,300, BE 35) kicked 2 goals with 11 disposals and 4 marks for 62 SCPoints, Jordon Butts ($337,000, BE 61) had 11 disposals and 5 marks for 58 SCPoints, a slightly down game for him based on recent scores, but he’s still running with a 5-round average of 73.4 SCPoints. Will Hamill (DEF, $218,800, BE 64) had 12 disposals and 2 marks for 50 SCPoints, Ronin O’Connor (MID, $123,900, BE 4) made his AFL debut and had 8 disposals and 8 tackles for 47 SCPoints from just 56% ToG. A nice start, but hopefully he can get more time on ground in his next game. Chayce Jones (MID, $236,800, BE 58) returned to the AFL side and finished with 19 disposals and 5 clangers for 39 SCPoints, while Billy Frampton (FWD, $195,900, BE 51) was against quiet with 5 disposals, 3 marks and 5 hitouts for 29 SCPoints.

Adelaide had a bye in the SANFL this week due to the SANFL vs WAFL match.

Port Adelaide

Port produced a 6 goal to 2 2nd quarter to even it up at half-time, but couldn’t kick on from there, losing to the Western Bulldogs 96-77. Miles Bergman (FWD, $272,100, BE 42) had 11 disposals and 4 tackles for 53 SCPoints, while Martin Frederick (DEF, $172,600, BE 71) had just 40% ToG for 14 SCPoints from 2 handballs. With Dan Houston and Lachlan Jones potentially back from injuries Frederick could be back in the SANFL this week.

Port Adelaide had a bye in the SANFL this week also.

Western Australia


The Dockers paid for some inaccurate kicking in the final quarter, booting 1.4 to 3.2 to lose to the Bombers 68-61. Liam Henry (FWD, $184,700, BE 22) had 8 disposals and 3 marks for 33 SCPoints while Mitch Crowden (FWD, $232,000, BE 58) had 9 disposals and 1 mark for 27 SCPoints.

The Peel Thunder had a bye in the WAFL due to the SANFL vs WAFL match.

West Coast

West Coast made easy work of Adelaide after the first quarter, winning 106-76. Jack Petruccelle (FWD, $266,800, BE 41) had 14 disposals, 3 marks and a goal for 57 SCPoints, Jamaine Jones (FWD, $313,300, BE 45) fell a bit with 7 disposals, 2 marks and a goal for 54 SCPoints coming after his mini-hot streak where he scored 119 and 88 and Bailey J. Williams (RUC/FWD, $193,400, BE 14) had 5 disposals, 2 marks and 9 hitouts for 45 SCPoints.

West Coasts WAFL side also had a bye this week.

New South Wales


The Giants had a 9 point lead heading into the final stages of the 4th quarter, but were just overrun by the Tiger train, losing to Richmond 87-83. Matt Flynn (RUC, $316,600, BE 16) returned and frustrated the heck out of everyone since he’ll probably be dropped again, producing 12 disposals, 3 marks, 30 hitouts and 9 tackles for 103 SCPoints. Connor Idun (DEF, $323,300, BE 64) had 12 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles with 6 rebound 50’s for 61 SCPoints, Tanner Bruhn (MID, $161,600, BE -2) had 6 disposals, 2 mark and 2 tackles for 45 SCPoints and Matt Buntine (DEF/FWD, $195,700, BE 61) had 14 disposals, 2 marks and 6 clangers for 36 SCPoints. Lastly, Kieren Briggs (DEF/FWD, $123,900, BE 9) made his AFL debut and had 7 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles, 2 clearances and 15 hitouts for 42 SCPoints.

It wasn’t even close in the Giants VFL matchup against Richmond, with the Giants suffering a 123-26 defeat. Nick Shipley (MID, $123,900)had 28 disposals, 4 marks and 7 tackles and Jacob Wehr (DEF, $117,300) had 19 disposals, 5 marks, and 2 tackles while Zach Sproule (FWD, $123,900) had 19 disposals, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 5 hitouts.


The Swans consolidated their spot in the top 8 with a 72-42 win over Collingwood. Chad Warner (FWD, $322,000, BE 73) is the last man standing for the Swans rookies who started the year, he had 19 disposals, 1 mark and 1 goal for 58 SCPoints. A decent enough stat line, but 13 uncontested possessions kept it down a bit, along with 6 turnovers. Warner looks to be hitting his head on the ceiling for this year at least, he scored 73 exactly in Round 6 against the Suns, but has had a 3 round average of 60.0 SCPoints since then.

Sydney moved to 2-2 in their inaugural VFL season after a 86-53 win over Collingwood. Matthew Ling (DEF, $163,000) had 21 disposals and 10 marks, Joel Amartey (RUC/FWD, $195,600) had 18 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 5 hitouts and kicked 3.3 and Will Gould (DEF, $123,900) finished with 7 disposals and 4 marks.



Brisbane ended up strolling away with the win in the QLD clash, defeating Gold Coast 124-51. Deven Robertson (MID/FWD, $286,700, BE 59) scored slightly better this week with 68 SCPoints from 18 disposals, 5 marks and 3 tackles. His 3 round average is 60.3 SCPoints, so just at what his BE is hovering at, so hopefully at worst he breaks even for one more week. Jaxon Prior (DEF, $242,300, BE 70) had 10 disposals, 2 marks and a goal for 66 SCPoints.

Over in the VFL, the Lions had an easy win against the Suns, winning 121-61. Tom Joyce (MID/FWD, $123,900) had 37 disposals and 6 marks, Carter Michael (MID, $102,400) finished with 32 disposals and 12 marks, Brock Smith (DEF, $123,900) had 24 disposals and 5 marks and Henry Smith (RUC, $117,300) had 16 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 6 hitouts and 3 goals.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast couldn’t score to save themselves in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, which lead to a 124-51 loss to Brisbane. Rory Atkins (MID, $244,200, BE 36) played his first game for the Suns and had 11 disposals, 1 mark, 2 tackles and a goal for 65 SCPoints. You’d need to see more outta him to justify bringing him in at his price. Sam Flanders (FWD, $226,700, BE 29) had 16 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles and a goal for 64 SCPoints, Jy Farrar (FWD, $243,400, BE 28) had 6 disposals and 3 marks with 4 tackles for 51 SCPoints. Chris Burgess (DEF, $235,500, BE 68) had 6 disposals, 3 marks and 6 hitouts for 40 SCPoints and Malcolm Rosas (FWD, $123,900, BE 30) made his AFL debut and had 6 disposals and 2 marks for 21 SCPoints. Doesn’t look likely at this stage.

No luck for the Suns in the VFL either, losing to Brisbane 121-61. Hawego Paul Oea (MID/FWD, $102,400) had 23 disposals, 6 marks and 6 tackles, Jez McLennan (DEF, $123,900) had 20 disposals and 5 marks and Joel Jeffrey (DEF, $102,400) kicked 3.3 with 18 disposals and 9 marks.



  1. Tom Highmore – $167,500 – AVG: 61.3 SCPoints
  2. Mark Keane – $217,200 – AVG: 57.0 SCPoints
  3. Liam Stocker $200,800 – AVG: 46.7 SCPoints
  4. Jacon Prior $242,300 – AVG 54.3 SCPoints
  5. Harrison Petty – $238,700 – AVG: 53.3 SCPoints


  1. Caleb Poulter – $174,100 – AVG 66.3 SCPoints
  2. Riley Collier-Dawkins – $182,500 – AVG: 69.0 SCPoints
  3. Ronin O’Connor – $123,900 – AVG: 47.0 SCPoints
  4. Sam Berry – $220,700 – AVG: 52.4 SCPoints
  5. Rory Atkins – $244,200 – AVG 65.0 SCPoints


  1. Jordon Sweet – $170,200 – AVG: 59.7 SCPoints
  2. Riley Thilthorpe – $248,300 – AVG: 64.8 SCPoints
  3. Bailey J. Williams – $193,400 – AVG: 50.5 SCPoints


  1. Caleb Poulter – $174,100 – AVG 66.3 SCPoints
  2. Cody Weightman – $173,700 – AVG: 75.0 SCPoints
  3. Matthew Owies – $167,900 – AVG: 58.0 SCPoints
  4. Riley Thilthorpe – $248,300 – AVG: 64.8 SCPoints
  5. Jy Farrar – $243,400 – AVG: 60.4 SCPoints

Value for Money (sub $250K trade ins)

  1. Cody Weightman – FWD – $173,300 – $2316.0 per Point
  2. Caleb Poulter – MID/FWD – $174,100 – $2624.6 per Point
  3. Ronin O’Connor – MID – $123,900 – $2636.2 per Point
  4. Riley Collier-Dawkins – MID – $182,500 – $2644.9 per Point
  5. Tom Highmore – DEF – $167,500 – $2731.0 per Point

Most Popular Trades

  1. Dayne Zorko IN for Tom Powelll – 2.2% of trades
  2. Dustin Martin IN for Tom Powell – 1.8% of trades
  3. Riley Collier-Dawkins IN for Tom Powell – 1.6% of trades
  4. Jack Steele IN for Tom Powell – 1.5% of trades
  5. Riley Collier-Dawkins IN for Errol Gulden – 1.5% of trades
  6. Isaac Heeney IN for Chad Warner – 1.1% of trades
  7. Riley Collier-Dawkins IN for Chad Warner – 1.0% of trades
  8. Cameron Guthrie IN for Tom Powell – 0.9% of trades
  9. Jarryd Lyons IN for Tom Powell – 0.9% of trades
  10. Jordan Ridley IN for Tom Powell – 0.9% of trades

Traded OUT

  1. Tom Powell – 20.2% of trades
  2. Errol Gulden – 8.3% of trades
  3. Chad Warner – 6.5% of trades
  4. Toby Greene – 5.7% of trades
  5. Rowan Marshall – 3.3% of trades
  6. Taylor Walker – 3.2% of trades
  7. Braeden Campbell – 2.8% of trades
  8. Jack Bowes – 2.5% of trades
  9. Anthony Scott – 2.5% of trades
  10. Jacob Koschitzke – 2.2% of trades

Traded IN

  1. Riley Collier-Dawkins – 8.0% of trades
  2. Dayne Zorko – 7.6% of trades
  3. Dustin Martin – 7.4% of trades
  4. Isaac Heeney – 6.0% of trades
  5. Jordan Ridley – 3.9% of trades
  6. Caleb Poulter – 2.6% of trades
  7. Ronin O’Connor – 2.6% of trades
  8. Jack Steele – 2.5% of trades
  9. Cody Weightman – 2.2% of trades
  10. Cameron Guthrie – 2.1% of trades

So Tom Powell looks to be the man being moved on by most Supercoachers, with a variation of upgrades to the likes of Dayne Zorko, Dustin Martin, Jack Steele, Cameron Guthrie and Jarryd Lyons. Now if you’re looking at making that sort of move and aren’t 100% sure which one to go to, we can break it down a bit further.

 Cost to Upgrade3-Round AVG$ per Point imp.Season AVG$ per Point imp.
Tom Powell71.7 73.7
Dayne Zorko $              135,600112.3 $            3,339.90100.3 $            5,097.74
Jack Steele $              193,700105.7 $            5,697.06113.6 $            4,854.64
Dustin Martin $                50,00075 $          15,151.5296 $            2,242.15
Cameron Guthrie $              241,700128.3 $            4,270.32122.2 $            4,983.51
Jarryd Lyons $              254,500135 $            4,020.54121.8 $            5,291.06
Jordan Ridley $              105,90092 $            5,216.75104.9 $            3,394.23

So it first depends on where you want to upgrade. Up forward we have Zorko and Martin, with Martin providing excellent value of $2242.15 per point improvement if he can get back to his season average of 96, which I see absolutely no reason why he can’t. If you think Zorko’s 3 game run will continue, then you can pay just a bit more for the higher potential. Both are excellent forward options, Martin is hard to pass up at costing just $50K to upgrade to. In the midfield we have Guthrie, Lyons and Steele. Guthrie and Lyons are running hot at the moment and are both going to provide good value, however both also have players injured in their sides (Dangerfield and Neale) which may lower their scores once they return. Steele provides less value based on his current 3 round average, but provides the best value if he can get his scpres back up to his season average. Down back we have Jordan Ridley, who will be a bargain if he can get back to his season average of 104.9 SCPoints as well.

And of course if you don’t have the cash to upgrade you’ve got your Riley Collier-Dawkins downgrade, which puts $193,000 in your pocket if you downgrade from Powell, to either save for another day or perhaps upgrade an injured player. In terms of players being moved out this week, the injury bugs have bitten a bit, Marshall, Greene, Bowes are being sent out, while Tex is bleeding cash and Gulden and Warner have peaked and have been given their marching orders because of it.

And that will be it for me this week. Don’t forget you can get any Supercoach questions answered in our new Jock Reynolds Mailbag podcast hosted by Damo by emailing [email protected]. As always I am available on Twitter @BarronVonCrow and you can also whack any questions or feedback in the comments below. Have a good week everyone!

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Fantastic work Barron. Waiting on Macrae to get another game.


Excellent information , keep up the good work mate


Nice work Bazza Von Crazza 🙂


Well I knew it would happen one round and that round was rd 9.

The good old fire sale team broke through the 2300 barrier on the weekend punching out a massive 2314!

This score helped the fire sale rocket up the rankings to now sit inside 10,000 overall.

With limited VC options this round went zorko against the suns with walsh as the capt. Zorko punched out a very impressive 140 so bolton wore the captains armband.

With tex maxed out and missing took a punt and traded him to Heeney. This gave me enough to upgrade serong to Jelly.

Team is below:
Def: Moore, Doch, Lukious, Rich, Clarke, CJ. (Highmore, Fredrick)
Mid: Tarranto, Walsh, Jelly, Simpkin, JOM, Smith, McGrath, Jordon. (Bolton, Sharp, Powell)
Ruck: Hickey, Flynn. (ROB)
Fwd: Zorko, Heeney, Hind, Ziebell, Impey, Buddy. (Rowe, Campbell).

As I said last week time to go shopping for the “fallen premo”.

Luk – Ridley no brainer this week.

Scary thing is this team is probably going to outscore my team (which I put hrs into during the pre-season) and I threw this team together in a few minutes as a laugh. 😂

The experiment continues….


I was seriously considering a mostly midpricer team at the start and was talked out of it…it would’ve far outperformed my team this year. I’ve already used about 10 trades on injuries, and the rest underperformers or usual rookie upgrades.
The thing that deters you is that you think you’ll have to replace almost everyone in your team with “premos”..but often, someone less than a premo is perfectly adequate if they can average 85-95 per week. Sometimes they surprise and have a breakout year like Hind for example, even Ziebell, Impey, Taranto has had a good year, Walsh became a premo, Hickey’s been solid.


My team looks ok on paper but some of the players have dropped so much value.

Clearly I overpaid for all my keepers at the start


Same here Derek, that’s a thing you can’t hope to predict…under-performing.


Will see how it goes for the rest of the year but may consider next year as its put a bit of fun back into SC. Something different.

Things i like are:
No rookie on deck unless u have an injury.
Rookies still make money on bench
Only usually a small cost (under $100k) to upgrade to a fallen premo.
No low rookie scores on field
But you gotta have a bit of luck as well..

I mean what odds would u have got for impey, Ziebell and hind to be in the top scoring fwds for the year? 😜


I love all the positives of that Trig, also, you can be more selective of your rookies and bring in less rookies overall, trying to chase cash generation. I remember you’ve had your fair share of bad luck along with the rest of us in regards to injuries this season. But shit I wish I’d just gone midpriced madness this year, it would’ve been much more enjoyable.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

So right about them being perfectly adequate if they just deliver 85-95 Russty! If you pick a mid-pricer at the start and he delivers that AND costs no trades, it feels more efficient than the alternative. Buy a guy cheap and watch him avg 50-60 half the season (when he’s picked), then burn two trades to turn him into a premo who’ll give you 95-110 if he doesn’t get hurt. Or pay for premo and get a Crippa who is trying to find his rookie price again!

I loaded up on too many rooks and guns, luckily I had ziebell and Impey cos I love him from his Port days. best of luck mate


Luk – Ridley or buddy- dusty.
Hmmm better sleep on that one… 💤


This team is killing my current team haha

What Bear

Hi comunity. I am looking for some help with my team this week. I’m not sure which way to go with my upgrades.I have $416000 and 18 trades

Def: Stewart, Laird, Ridley, May, Cumming, Cox(Mansell, Highmore)
Mid: Macrae, Oliver, Zerrett, Taranto, Jelly, Brayshae, Powell, Jordon (McNeil, Berry, RCD)
Ruck: Grundy, Gawm (Flynn)
For:Ziebell, Impey, Daniher, Warner, Robertson, Scott (Poulter, Waterman)

My origional plan was Powell & Warner to Steele and Dusty/Hall leaving $120K in the bank(until Cox became the sub)
Now thinking Powell & Cox to Mills and Dusty/HallLeaving about $60k

Option 2 scores more points, but meens i have to find $1200000 to upgrade my 2 mid spots

Also leaning towards Hall as it is better for my byes.

Thanks for any comments. Maybe you can see a better trade this week


I like Hind over Hall, he’s more reliable and more durable, having a good solid year so far too.


I reckon Dusty is the target of those three. I just think he’ll play more games

David C

Gee, young Brayshaw might miss.




This is amazing stuff! Does anyone know how the $ per point is calculated? Would like to try the same sort of scenario with some other players


I managed to work it out – for some reason I thought it was using the $ per point number that SC uses in the player profiles


I think it is the same stat just broken down to 3 round and full season