Can We Trust Aaron Hall?

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Lekdog is joined by Supercoach Premo Guru (and girlfriend) Cass McKool, host of @DrinkShowPod.

The pair discuss the forward line (again) and break down Cass’s P.O.D filled Supercoach team.


Time Codes:

01:55 – Cassie’s Team Breakdown

07:30 – Rowan Marshall – $497,300 | B/E 147 – Foot 4+ weeks

07:50 – Toby Greene – $463,100 | B/E 118 – Shoulder 4 weeks

08:20 – Jack Bowes – $466,300 | B/E 140 – Averaging 97 – Hammy 2-3 weeks

09:23 – Tom Powell ($375,700 | B/E 106)

10:13 – Errol Gulden ($282,900 | B/E 64)

10:23 – Nik Cox ($259,300 | B/E 82)

10:28 – Lachie Young ($278,800 | B/E 85) 

11:04 – Bailey Williams ($193,400 – WCE – FWD/RUC | 56+45 | B/E 14 – Proj $14k)

11:36 – Lachlan Jones ($139,800 – PTA – DEF | 69+61 | B/E -47 – Proj $49k) might play SANFL

12:22 – Dustin Martin ($425,500 | B/E 68) FWD/MID 121 on weekend

13:10 – Dayne Zorko ($511,100 | B/E 60) 5 round average of 108

14:48 – Isaac Heeney ($342,100 | B/E 75) 110 on weekend but only averaging 75

16:30 – Jordan Ridley ($481,400 | B/E 98) 105 on weekend

17:30 – Jack Steele ($569,200 | B/E 114) 116 on weekend, $88.8k cheaper than start of season

19:12 – Aaron Hall ($454,900 | B/E 47) 3 round average of 110

20:33 – Nick Hind ($455,800 | B/E 50) Averaging 94, 127 on weekend

21:52 – Tom McDonald ($462,300 | B/E 46) 136 against the Blues 5 round average of 107.6

22:56 – Jake Lloyd ($552,000 | B/E 120) 98 on weekend and $104.4k cheaper than start of year

24:50 – Jy Simpkin ($462,900 | B/E 52) 164 on the weekend, only two scores of 100+ this year

26:42 – Brayden Maynard ($447,800 | B/E 39) last two scores of 113 and 115, $102.1K cheaper than start of year

27:56 – Jesse Hogan ($330,900 | B/E 28) averaging 91 from first two games

29:35 – Patrick Cripps ($411,200 | B/E 79) Only one score of 100+, 94 on weekend

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 Apologies just posted in panic room when this just dropped
Help needed please;
Fwd line
Ziebell, Marshall, Greene, Warner, Scott, Bergman
(Poulter, Waterman).
Byes are
12. 9 missing
13. 9 missing
14. 12 missing
Who should I bring in for Marshall (R14) and Greene (R12)
Value is Heeney (R14) and Dusty (R13), which may help me get Lyons and Guthrie into the mids and would leave Brayshaw as m8.
Dusty has consistency problems, but a good bye
Heeney is injury prone and a bad bye
Zorko (R13) is more reliable but more expensive, with a good bye
Someone like Tmac (R14) is a left field option with a bad bye


Hey Lek
Brings it back to
R12 8
R13 11
R14 11
I’ve been keen to keep R12 as the lowest number of missing bods as it allows the 3 trades in 13 and 14 to maximise warm bodies if required.
After these 2 trades it leaves $206k in the bank.
Have Powell, Jordan and RDC as m7 to m9 who I want to get to Lyons and Guthrie.
Currently sitting at 3,124 after dropping 2,000 places in the last fortnight.


Hi Dave, yeah I agree with Lek on Zorko, and you’ll probably want Dusty towards the end of the season but let me throw this guy into the ring…Hind, I reckon he’s having a great year and still getting better.


Hey Russty

Zorko and Hind gives me 8, 11 and 11 still with $176k projected 2335 after maximiser.


That’s a good balance I think, mine is nowhere near that, 6, 10 and 14 lol


is that 6 19 and 14 playing if so is it all bodies?


sorry 10 should have the ability to change -annoying


6, 10 and 14 missing mate, not enough trades left to fix it either.


i preferred to go with who is a good chance of playing so A fyfe Treacy and Flynn types are not included my good chance of paying is 20 , 16 and 15 round 14 is full of Brockmans and Smiths


yep hind is good


I was set to get Zorko until I heard about how he treats his girlfriend. And seriously I wouldn’t think Dusty has much of a clean record with girlfriends either. Heeney is very good looking, but does that make it even worse for his gf.


Hey there community!
I am currently sitting 228 and would love some help.

My thoughts are that if Flynn is named again, to take Marshall to a zorko, Hall, or potentially Jesse Hogan type.

However, if Flynn is dropped again I must bring in Grundy.
To do that i need to downgrade to a rookie somewhere and then take Marshall up to Grundy.

Who do you think I am best downgrading, and more importantly any word on rookies i should be downgrading too? Or any other ideas on my side are greatly appreciated.
Thanks JR Community!

Lloyd Laird Stewart Doch Daniel CJ (mansell highmoore)

Oliver Macrae Kelly Fyfe Walsh Brayshaw Titch Jordan (Scott Berry Collier-Dawkins)

Gawn Flynn (Treacy)

Dusty Ziebell Marshall Daniher Warner Poulter (Bergman Waterman)


Sorry, also have 133.1k in the bank currently


Well done on your rank. 👍
The way I see it is you need cash to get Grundy but there is very little in the rookie cupboard.
Your Def rooks haven’t made enough cash same with berry, rcd, waterman.
So that leaves bergman and scott.
Dont know of any fwd rooks and cant flip berg into mids so leaves scott.

Only rookie worth having this week (if he is named) is Jones.
So you could bring laird into the mids, scott to jones, marshall to grundy via treacy.
Puts jordon as an E but if u want grundy only choice.

Unless there is a fwd or mid rookie you want see with good JS or you want to go early on..


Yeh thanks Trigga that’s why I’m after the help!

I’m not confident going early on any rooks this week, so I think I am hoping that Flynn gets named again, so I just take Marshall to a Zorko or other fwd.
Will give another week or so for Highmoore and Mansell to make a bit more cash.

Would much prefer to leave Jordan on field over the others for as long as possible.
But if Flynn isn’t named then you’re right, prob will have to go Scott to Jones via Laird

Rick Grimes

How many dead rookies do people have floating around their teams? I have 4 at the moment, plus Clark, who I class as a zombie. That is gonna be a big problem for me come byes, unless a couple come back in real soon. Brockman and Macrae seem most likely but have awful JS.

The Ranger

I have…
L.Jones – hoping he’ll play again soon
Brockman – as above
Downie – might end up keeping him at this rate
Meek – don’t care
Henry – how is it possible to decrease in price from 130K?!
I’m hoping to not bring in any more rookies unless they’re a 102K floating donut


Ranger why do you want more of them you will end up looking similar to StKila?


Shut up guy whose team is going well this year…and even TMac doesn’t look like a spud…guy. 😉


6 here


I have 3. Brookman and Macrae plus Fullerton who will swing back to R3


You do realise the o is nowhere near the c on the qwerty keyboard right? This has been another episode of…the English Nazi! 😉


I have 13 rookies still in my team with only 3 not playing at the moment, Jones, Murphy and Sharp (who I hope to keep for a Mid/def swing with Laird). I haven’t counted Highmore and Flynn as non-playing as they played last week but could easily lump them in that category. The big problem I have at the moment is no rookies to downgrade to. Glad I did a double downgrade last week to Poulter and RCD as I cant see anyone on the bubble this week so might just use my cash and do one upgrade


Who’s coming in this week Kat?…I’m thinking of adding Zorko the magnifico and Hind to my lineup.


Have 2 options to weigh up. The risky one is Powell and Warner to JKelly and Heeney, I can just afford that. The plus is 2 more spots filled with bargain buys but lots of risk with injuries (both of them) but my team looks better OR just Powell to Steele which is a bit of a luxury. Powell is going to bleed too much cash and I got him to trade to a premo so now is the time to do so. All of this will also depend on one of Highmore, Murphy or Jones getting a game as will have a donut in the backline if not. I have Zorko, got him in for Dunkley when he was injured and has been great. Hind is on my list of forward options, been consistent and an ex saint, along with Dale and Bailey. Have 3 forward spots to definitely fill, hoping Impey is a keeper. Want to keep one for Danger if possible


I’m in 2 minds. No rookies to downgrade to. Can bring in JKelly and Heeney for Warner and Powell and team is closer to being finished but both having injury history worries me and is a big risk. Could just trade Powell to Steele and be safe or maybe Powell to Heeney via DPP swing and keep fingers crossed and make the most of a cheap good player. Unsure still but if one of my 3 rookie defence doesn’t get named this week then will throw this all out the window as will be getting a donut. Praying one of Highmore, Murphy or Jones get named. Hind hopefully should do well for you, has been consistent and he is on my watch list along with Dale and Bailey for the forward line. Hoping to save a spot for Danger


Sorry Russty for the double up on answers. First one didn’t come up after an hour so replied again and now both are there. Not sure what happened




4. Fyfe, Sharp, Macrae, Waterman


Waterman and Fyfe (who I started as a deliberate donut) edit. I forgot Treacey so 3

Last edited 1 year ago by hedski

I have 5 dead/undead zombies atm….Sharp. Fyfe, Treacy. Fullarton and Brockman, hoping some of them get a game soon, I know it won’t be Sharp though.

The Ranger

17 trades left. $201K in the bank.
Hold Bowes or trade him?
The intention was to trade Warner and Campbell out for Ridley and a 102K floating donut.
If I do that I’m relying on Kosi and Highmore onfield and no def cover.


That’s annoying as Suns play early on Saturday and can’t really loop Kozi


Bowes down, my first thought went to my old mate Lukosious

The Ranger

Yeah me too, tempted to go Bowes and Warner to Ridley and Daniels with Laird swinging into the mids. Laird can swing back as soon as I have enough cash to paint the fence again which would finish my defence.
Just one week when I get to do the trades I’d planned would be nice!


I like the Ridley helmet combo, good purchasing I say. Good timing.


Is it the right time to downgrade flynn and if so, to who?


Do you have a Fullerton or other Ruc/Fwd in your forward line?


Nah wish I did tho


R/F only really relevant now if Marshall gets back, and with his B/E and injury may not be until R17-18.


Fullerton/tracey handy in the forward line if you have Flynn or Sweet or someone else at R3 making cash. When they are fattened up you can trade them for anyone if you can swing Fullerton/Tracey into R3. Otherwise you can only trade Flynn or Sweet to another R3


If you already have them yes, but not to bring in.

Rick Grimes

I’d be holding Flynn if you’re a G&G owner. Have to think he might play one of the bye round games, with any luck, R14. Plus Mummy is every chance to breakdown at any moment. Should hit $400k.


I was thinking same Rick however Preuss is due back in 2-3 weeks ?


The fairytale is over for Mummy. He looked very average his last game and Flynn looked very good


they will give him another run at some point


if Flynn isn’t named this week, it is probably time for him to go. I think he will play, he was very good last week

if he has to go (this week or soon), there are three options:

a) get a non-playing $102k C loophole option (check out teams who have Sunday games). Treacy still good option.

b) get someone cheap who might still play but mainly for the C loop (bonus if they play). ie Hunter, Treacy, Sweet

c) sideways Flynn to a mid-price ruck who can take over where Flynn left off and should be in best 22 when fit and make some more cash plus give cover for the byes. ie Pruess, Zac Smith, TDK, Draper, Vardy, Martin


Ladhams R/F dropped 125k due to sharing the ruck but will now be solo ruck with Lycett getting 4-weeks holiday. He ave 94 as solo ruck last year.
Got screwed by CD last week though with 37 HO, 14 kicks, 4hb, 3mk,3tck for only 67


Hey BID, David might be onto another ruckman. Peter Ladhams is a serious option at $325K. Will ruck solo for the next 2 weeks (Third week Port bye), with Lycett coming back in round 13. Keep Ladhams around for round 13 and 14 as he (and Lycett) play both these bye rounds. (Port has the round 12 bye). Then you could punt Ladhams for a nice profit going into round 15 as Lycett starts undermining his scoring and he starts bleeding cash. Cheers. TH


Nice work as always


Nice pod casting

Love how Cass was the deviled avacardo


One word
That is all…


Sometimes ya gotta take the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel just to field a non zombie haha


Wondering if Cass McKool is any relation to Cool McCool Lek, and if “Danger, is her business?” 😉



This week reminded me of the story of two fellas walking in the forest and come across a big angry bear.

The first fellas slowly bends down and starts tying his shoelaces.

The second fellas says “what are you doing! There is no way we can out run a bear”

The first fellas says “who said anything about out running the bear, i only need to be faster than you”.

This week is traditionally the toughest week in SURVIVOR. So close to the merger into the Champion of Champions group and one bad week can spell disaster.

There were two teams this week who would have been elimintaed except they were holding Immunity. Well done Holt & DrownEminYaHoney.

Unfortunately, the teams that have been eliminated this week are:

Div 1 – The Scrotums, Rowells A-team, Moneyball but bad & Upyachupa

Div 2 – The Grannies, FraserAmazers, Tophawks, Flock of Gulls

Div 3 – Ithaca, McBasketball, Dangerous Fields & The Phantom S

Div 4 – Tok Magic Dragon, Spuraholics, fishmonger & Wah Wah F.C.

Div 5 – Jim’s Motley Crew, Mad Dog, GoNads, Black Flag, Hawks 2021 & Tickle me pink

Div 6 – Cardinal Wor Pel, Winx’s Buttler, YEAR OF SAINT & Cock Teagues

Div 7 – Macreazies (only one team this week)

Div 8 – WTF, Tom Deliberatore, This Charming Man, Master Of Puppets

Div 9 – The Dependlebles

The following teams are good at Supercoach and they have grabbed the immunity necklace this week with both hands. A great week to have it.

Div 1 – TiddlyWinks FC (2245)

Div 2 – Flight (2249)

Div 3 – FisherPriceisRight (2410)

Div 4 – Peaches (2276)

Div 5 – Jagerbomb (2277)

Div 6 – Headless Zombie (2293 – Back 2 Back immunity)

Div 7 – BOMBERBLITZ (2359)

Div 8 – Saints2021 (2310)

Div 9 – BriansBunch (2202)


Because of the uneven numbers in each division, the following number of teams from each division will be eliminated this week:

Div 1 – 3 teams
Div 2 – 1 team
Div 3 – 0 teams
Div 4 – 3 teams
Div 5 – 6 teams
Div 6 – 3 teams
Div 7 – 0 teams
Div 8 – 2 teams
Div 9 – 2 teams

The only Division to have any eliminations the following week (round 11) will be Div – 5; there will be a further 5 teams eliminated. therefore the only teams playing for immunity this week will be Div 5.

For all the other divisions, the survivors from this week (obviously those with both hands on the immunity necklace & all the teams in divisions 3 & 7) will be progressing through to the champion of Champions division that will start after the bye rounds.

thanks fellas.

Cobee Bear

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for the full teams to finally drop on Thursday


I forgot that we still get an extended bench for the Sunday games, still some uncertainty to deal with


if Frawley gets picked ahead of Highmore, its time to go


If Lachlan Jones misses Derek, Highmore (Unless he is a late in) turns into Darcy Moore. At $370K Moore represents great value for my D6 and played 100% in defense last week. Backline finished.


Is there room for Whitfield?


Hi – good podcast this week! Up until now I thought CBA was the stat of the season, however it seems “did he cheat on his girlfriend?” is now the #1 stat to watch for!

The Salt

Hall ✔
Bowes to Harmes & Powell to Hind
18 keepers now – 4 to go

The Salt

McDonald higher ceiling, Hind more consistent