Cheat Sheet Round 9

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Good afternoon Community (or good morning if you’re in Perth). I assume everyone is happy with their SC teams right now. Surely we’ve all found solutions to injury crises, rookie roulette, or in my case, just being shite at Supercoach? Be honest you’re all dominating and my advice isn’t worth the paper its printed on, right?

Well if you do need some assistance, have a peek below. We’re deep in ‘upgrade season’ and many of you have completed 1 or 2 of your lines of your team. But there’s always things to improve on.

There are a plethora of other falled premos, or “trending down premos” who you can trade in over the next few weeks. Darcy Moore, Dustin Martin, Sam Walsh, Travis Boak, Christian Petracca, Tom Stewart, Lachie Whitfield … but there is a theme here. There are lots of options in Defence and Mids, but far fewer in the Forward line. So focus on those 2 lines for now and see where the SC Gods take us with forwards for the second half of the season.

The next key thing to be aware of is the upcoming byes. I’ve been been a bit lax in discussing this, but it should be a key consideration in all your trades from now onwards. The key issue is to hold off on trading in Rd12 bye players just yet, and bring them in once their bye is over. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, and it’s safe to bring in these players now if they are cheap, and you have ample coverage for those bye rounds. Everyone’s team is different so just make sure each trade fits to your team and plan.

As always, good luck and I’ll see you next week.
Statty Matty.

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Kosi playing the roos could easily bag another 6 goals and 120+ not the week to move him on
If you don’t already have Highmore its crazy to bring him in he’ll only play 2 more games at most maybe dropped again next week coz he’s only in due to cats monster fwd line
Marshall will drop 20k if he scores his average. not the week to bring him in
Byrnes is a slow burn 50 ave mid that you can’t put on field and his peak predicted price is 226k in round 23 if he plays every game. 13 weeks bench spud for 100k. No thanks move on

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Tommy S

Agree with some of your points. However, for tex owners going for the best possible rank I’d def consider bringing in Marshall. Given he was 100+ at 3qt last week but finished poor, he is more than capable of hitting hit BE and will only drop 20K if he scores around 79 (which is unlikely).
Byrnes could be a slow burn, and could even get dropped. BUT he did average 120+ for SC in the VFL in 2019 so don’t be surprised if you’re wrong…


100% holding Tex is gonna cost you more than $20k that Marshall might lose


I didn’t suggest holding Tex I just pointed the flawed logic in bringing in the players suggested. Suggesting that I said that you should hold Tex to try and discredit my wisdom is passive aggressive trolling.

I reckon I was 100% accurate
Kosi will go up again after his handy 70, Highmore wont play again after his spud 47, Marshall broke half way through Q3 when on 43 and will miss at least 4 weeks, Byrnes got a 41

Tommy S

I am not the one who is trolling, I am simply defending Slatty Matty’s cheat sheet, which I think generally provides fantastic insight to the community. Since you claim to be 100% accurate, perhaps you can do the next cheat sheet?
You did reasonable. I wouldn’t call it 100% though given Kozi didn’t score a 120+, and he only made you 4K. For me, Slatty Matty was spot on and if you don’t have worse on-field issues to fix and Lachie Jones is named this week, Kozi’s time as a cash cow has come to an end. Hopefully, you won’t have Kozi highlighted in Green if you did this week’s cheat sheet david 😉
Bring on round 10.


Always funny looking back on comments, turns out trading kosi and picking up byrnes would have been a good move. As a Saints supporter, Byrnes clearly not a slow byrne david and looks quite good, Tommy S got you on that one


Thanks Matty.
Probably should also consider RCD in the mids. With all richmonds injuries his JS is pretty solid for a few weeks.
As David mentioned kosi plays the roos this week and we all remember what a mess he made of them preseason.
With Jones a likely inclusion next week maybe wait and trade kosi next week. 😉


Great work Matty. Highmore and Poulter for me this week. Nice to see someone else not sold on RCD. I’m giving him and Byrnes 1 more week. Keep up the good work


Darcy Moore must be considered a good buy this week. Has played 3 games in defense, scoring over 110 in each. He is dirt cheap with his forward line failures in the calculation.
Bucks would be signing his resignation papers if he were to put Moore forward again this season.


Agree, he’s a decent D6 option if you’ve still got gaps!


I haven’t really got a gap in Defense, but have moved Laird to the mids to make room for Moore.
I have Jiath, and I don’t expect him to be a keeper, so will swing Laird back to defense when Jiath is ready to be moved, or if one of the other defenders gets a long term injury.

Backline currently reads –
Stewart, Lloyd, Ridley, May, Jiath, Moore (Highmore, Mansell)


That’s sexy as hell my man


Its not quite Weitering, Docherty & Simpson, but it should do the job.

Best part is bought Jiath at $266k, Moore $365k & May $408k, that’s the only way I see my team getting to fullish premo

David C

It’s too big a risk to bring Highmore in now, I’ll wait for Jones next week.


I’m not so sure Jones will be a walk in next week. Port are travelling well and have the bye in round 12, so why would you potentially risk him doing more damage to his foot? I reckon he’ll come back after the byes.


How about Brad Crouch? Seems he’s worth a mention with a BE of 43; and rolling off his 33 from PTA in round 6. I can move a mid/fwd and trade T walker for B Crouch for $2k bargain! 🙂


I think Crouch is well priced, but is he a keeper? Will probably average between 85 & 95 IMO, if he stays fit (has only played more than 17 games in a season once).

I think there are better options.

Locked and Loaded

What is higher priority this week? Marshall or Mills

Getting Marshall finishes my fwd line and gives me cover all over the field… Getting Mills is getting the top defender right now.


Locked and Loaded

Forgot to add Ridley into the scenari… Out of those three


Who’s in your forward line??

Locked and Loaded

Dusty… Zorko… Sidey
Impey… Ziebell… Scott


What is Lairds best spot, defence or M7/M8?

Locked and Loaded

Defense but offers good swing