Around the Grounds – Round 8

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Hello community and welcome to another edition of Around the Grounds. Well, the hits just keep on coming for us in Supercoach, the way this year is going we’re gonna end up punch drunk like Rocky Balboa before the season is out! Another round and another series of injuries have hit us and the Supercoach gods aren’t really discriminating this time around, they’re hitting young players, old players and everyone in between. North Melbourne continue to get special attention on the injury front, so I can only assume they’ve done something wrong in a past life to warrant that ever growing injury list. But fear not, because we’re here to (hopefully) help you plan out your next few weeks to see out this storm and get out on the other side with a quality side. So let’s go take a look at what happened last week and see what we may be able to expect this week.



The Pies moved out of the bottom 2 on the ladder after their 94-76 win over North Melbourne. Caleb Poulter (MID/FWD, $117,300, BE -63) made himself the rookie of the moment with a 18 disposal, 4 mark game that netted him 81 SCPoints. He’s on the bubble this week and is a definite trade in. Mark Keane (DEF, $192,400, BE -10) had 21 disposals and 5 marks with 5 clangers for 65 SCPoints, Nathan Murphy (DEF, $159,400, BE -12) had 13 disposals and 2 marks for 52 SCPoints, but was unfortunately subbed out due to concussion. With the 12-day concussion protocol in effect he will miss the Round 9, but will be available for the Pies Round 10 matchup against Port Adelaide on the 23rd of May. Beau McCreery (FWD, $199,000, BE 28) didn’t get up to much, he had just 4 disposals and 6 tackles for 33 SCPoints and Oliver Henry (FWD, $135,300, BE 39) was also quiet Supercoach wise with 10 disposals, 3 marks and 3 clangers for 32 SCPoints.

In the VFL the Pies pulled off a 4-point win, defeating Coburg 95-91. Finlay Macrae (MID/FWD, $137,600) had 31 disposals (24 handballs), 2 marks and 5 tackles, Trent Bianco (DEF/MID, $123,900) finished with 29 disposals, 7 marks, 8 tackles and a goal and Jay Rantall (MID, $123,900) had 27 disposals, 4 marks and 2 tackles. Unfortunately, in this game Reef McInnes (MID, $117,300), the Pies 3rd pick in the 2020 AFL draft suffered a syndesmosis injury and is expected to be out for 8-10 weeks.


A poor final quarter cost the Blues in this one, going down 107-91 to the Western Bulldogs. Luke Parks (DEF, $160,300, BE -22) looks to be firming his position in Carltons best 22 with 12 disposals, 3 marks and 2 tackles for 59 SCPoints. An option to consider down back if you need a defensive downgrade. Matthew Owies (FWD, $123,900, BE -42) had 9 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles and 2 goals for 49 SCPoints. Not too bad, but can’t expect him to kick 2 goals every game and he didn’t even crack 50 points in a game when he did, so hard to see where his scores will come from at the moment. Lastly, Liam Stocker (DEF, $188,800, BE 25) had 14 disposals and 6 clangers for 31 SCPoints. Doesn’t look like a likely type in Supercoach yet.

In the VFL the Blues lost to Footscray 77-59. Paddy Dow (MID/FWD, $192,200) had 22 disposals, Sam Ramsey (MID, $123,900) had 16 disposals, 5 marks and 3 tackles and Josh Honey (MID/FWD, $123,900) kicked 2 goals with 11 disposals and 4 marks.


A last second goal to Kyle Langford got the Bombers close, but they just ran short on time against the Giants, going down 107-105. Harrison Jones (FWD, $217,800, BE -10) finished with 8 disposals, 5 marks and 2 goals for 60 SCPoints. He still has a negative BE, so should be making some cash over the next few weeks. Archie Perkins (MID/FWD, $264,500, BE 13) had 13 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles and kicked 1.1 for 50 SCPoints and Nikolas Cox (DEF/FWD, $278,900, BE 74) had 11 disposals, 2 marks, 5 tackles, 4 clangers and kicked 1.1 for 43 SCPoints. He’s been fairly quiet over the last month, with a 3 round average of 50.7 SCPoints and a BE of 74, he’s currently projected for a few slight cash losses over the next fortnight, but with projected scores of 58 that will remain under $10K, so not a panic stations type deal at all.

Essendon had a bye in Round 4 of the VFL.


The Cats were down by 9 points at half time and then piled on 13 goals to 2 in the 2nd half to run away with a easy 126-63 win over Richmond. Zach Guthrie (DEF/MID, $201,800, BE 30) had 14 diposals, 8 marks and 5 tackles for 53 SCPoints.

In the VFL Geelong defeated the Northern Bullants 117-72. Jordan Clark (DEF/MID, $275,000) had a game high 29 disposals with 4 marks and 8 tackles, Nick Stevens (DEF, $117,300) had 23 disposals and 6 marks and Sam De Koning (DEF, $123,900) had 17 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 4 hitouts and kicked 2.1.


The Hawks let the game get away from them in the 2nd quarter and eventually wound up losing this one to the Eagles 98-60. Oliver Hanrahan (FWD, $238,300, BE 39) has 7 disposals, 2 goals and 2 tackles for 56 SCPoints, Jacob Koschitzke (DEF, $276,400, BE 60) fell back to earth with 8 disposals, 5 marks and 38 SCPoints and Emerson Jeka (FWD, $123,900, BE 17) had 31 SCPoints from 8 disposals and 2 marks. He’s on the bubble this week but doesn’t look like one worth trading in at this stage.

The Box Hill Hawks fell out of the top 8 in the VFL after a 90-53 loss to Werribee. Finn Maginness (MID, $195,600) had 23 disposals, 6 marks and 5 tackles and Tyler Brockman (MID/FWD, $172,700) kicked 1.2 with 11 disposals and 6 tackles.


The Demons continued their winning ways (Yay for Clarky!) pushing their record to 8-0 after a 67-58 win over Sydney. James Jordon (MID, $326,200, BE 18) had a quality game with 23 disposals, 2 marks and 6 tackles for 85 SCPoints and a Rising Star nomination for Round 8. He unfortunately had 6 clangers in there, so if he can clean those sorts of things up going forward he could go even higher in his scores. Harrison Petty (DEF/FWD, $228,200, BE 26) had 10 disposals and 5 marks for 50 SCPoints.

The Casey Demons had the bye in Round 4 of the VFL season.

North Melbourne

North Melbourne hung in there as long as they could, but again fell short of getting their first win of the year, losing to Collingwood 94-76. Two big performances stood out from this game, firstly from Connor Menadue (DEF, $271,100, BE 24) who finished with 25 disposals, 6 marks and 3 tackles for 105 SCPoints. He’s now played the last 3 games for the Roos, but his scores are a bit wild, with 92, 32 and now 105. A risky play, but with the injuries the Roos have he may have plenty of opportunities to take a big role. Tom Campbell (RUC/FWD, $241,300, BE -31) was the other highlight, scoring 101 SCPoints from 19 disposals, 8 marks, 3 tackles and a goal. Can’t expect that from him every week, but a nice surprise if he does score that way. Tom Powell (MID, $381,300, BE 56) continued his quality scoring run with 16 disposals, 3 marks and 2 tackles for 73 SCPoints. His 5 round average is sitting at 88.2 SCPoints, so should have no issues with his BE this week. Charlie Lazzaro (MID, $171,700, BE 8) had 11 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and a goal for 51 SCPoints and Will Phillips (MID, $195,100, BE 60) managed 1 disposal and 3 SCPoints in his 23 minutes on field as the sub.

A big loss in the VFL for North Melbourne, going down to Southport 153-46. Nothing really worth noting from their VFL side in that one as the majority of their players are VFL only listed players due to their extensive injury list.


A poor second half cost the Tigers, going down to Geelong 126-63. Riley Collier-Dawkins (MID, $123,900, BE -45) was the name on amany Supercoachers lips for this game, with quite a few teams trading him in after the one game. He had 14 disposals, 6 tackles and 4 clangers for 43 SCPoints. Disposal count is OK and those tackles are nice, so if he can cut down on the turnovers he should have more potential than that sort of score going forward. Rhyan Mansell (DEF, $173,200, BE 14) had 10 disposals and 4 tackles for 43 SCPoints and Patrick Naish (MID, $180,500, BE 101) played 12% ToG for 1 disposal and 1 SCPoint. That’s blown out his BE for the next few weeks, so even if he’s to come into the side as a best 22 going forward he’ll likely bleed a bit of cash in the short term.

Richmond had a bye in the VFL.

St Kilda

There was a combined 15.27 kicked in this one, proving that no one on the field can ever possibly be classified as a champion of the game as the Saints defeated the Gold Coast 63-54. Ryan Byrnes (MID, $123,900, BE -40) was solid with 16 disposals and 5 marks for 62 SCPoints. He’s on the bubble this week and with a SC average of 57.0 SCPoints he’s looking like a solid secondary downgrade option if you need one. Darragh Joyce (DEF, $186,400, BE 20) had 9 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles with 4 clangers for 51 SCPoints and Mason Wood (FWD, $223,000, BE 65) finished with 5 disposals and 3 marks for 22 SCPoints.

Sandringham had a bye in the VFL for Round 4.

Western Bulldogs

The Bulldogs pulled off a 6 goal to 1 final quarter to win this one, defeating Carlton 107-91. Anthony Scott (MID/FWD, $266,000, BE 10) had 12 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles and 2 goals for 85 SCPoints, while Lachlan McNeil (MID, $221,900, BE 1) had 11 disposals, 5 tackles and 1 mark for 81 SCPoints. Both are still heavily owned and hopefully they can continue to pump out some higher scores like this going forward. Jordon Sweet (RUC, $123,900, BE -49) returned to the AFL side and had 9 disposals, 5 tackles and 17 hitouts for 50 SCPoints. He’s scored decently when he has played this year, but his position in the best 22 for the Bulldogs is hard to pin down at the moment. Finally, Buku Khamis (DEF, $123,900, BE 12) made his AFL debut and had 11 disposals, 1 mark, 1 tackle and 3 clangers for 39 SCPoints.

Over in the VFL the Footscray Bulldogs defeated Carlton 77-59. Lewis Young (DEF, $198,300) had 31 disposals and 17 marks, Ben Cavarra (FWD, $194,900) finished with 2 goals from 21 disposals and 5 marks and Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (FWD, $207,300) could only manage 2 disposals, 2 marks and a goal before being taken off after a head knock.

South Australia


The Crows put in the effort, but never really challenged Port Adelaide in the Showdown, losing 87-38. James Rowe (FWD, $236,200, BE 23) found some form after I traded him out, finishing with 13 disposals, 3 tackles and a goal for 81 SCPoints. That score will keep him up and about cash wise for a few weeks, scores going forward will still be questionable though. Jordon Butts (DEF, $321,000, BE 21) continued his underrated role down back with 9 disposals, 3 tackles and 10 1%ers for 82 SCPoints. He’s now running on a 3 round average of 76.0 SCPoints. Sam Berry (MID, $209,200, BE 36) 7 disposals and 7 tackles for 45 SCPoints, he’s not scoring all that well, but should hit his BE for another week at least. Will Hamill (DEF, $226,400, BE 66) was a bit untidy with 12 disposals and 5 clangers for 17 SCPoints, Ned McHenry (FWD, $206,100, BE 66) was subbed out early with concussion and had just the 1 disposal and 2 free’s for that netted him 10 SCPoints. He’ll now be out until Round 10 at a minimum, but basically no one owned him so no real impact to Supercoach teams on that front. Finally, Riley Thilthorpe (RUC/FWD, $236,500, BE 34) had 6 disposals, 3 marks and 2 goals for 51 SCPoints. Not the worst effort, but you can’t always rely on rookies to score goals to get their points.

In the SANFL Showdown the Crows lost 87-73 to Port Adelaide. Chayce Jones (MID, $236,800) had 27 disposals, 2 tackles and 3 clearances, Ronin O’Connor (MID, $123,900) had 23 disposals, 6 tackles and 7 clearances and Billy Frampton (FWD, $207,200) kicked 4.2 with 16 disposals, 6 marks and 2 tackles.

Port Adelaide

It was a wet night, but Port Adelaide were never really ever threatened by the Crows in the Showdown, winning 87-38. Miles Bergman (FWD, $252,000, BE 7) had 15 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles for 67 SCPoints and Martin Frederick (DEF, $170,800, BE 9) had 6 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles for 18 SCPoints. He was subbed in due to a Dan Houston injury and had just 28% ToG. Still has a low BE, but his initial cash generation will be stunted for a few weeks if he does continue to get a spot in the Powers best 22.

Port Adelaide made it a double in the Showdowns, defeating the Crows in the SANFL 87-73. Joel Garner (DEF, $189,900) had 21 disposals, 6 tackles and 2 goals and Taj Schofield (MID, $102,400) had 17 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles and 3 clearances.

Western Australia


The Dockers hung around, but couldn’t quite get the game close enough to threaten to take it, eventually losing to Brisbane 95-71. Connor Blakely (MID, $230,500, BE 70) had 16 disposals and 2 tackles with 4 clearances for 61 SCPoints. Liam Henry (FWD, $185,500, BE 34) had 9 disposals, 2 marks and kicked 1.1 for 55 SCPoints, Mitch Crowden (FWD, $245,400, BE 57) had 12 disposals, 3 goal assists and 5 clearances for 53 SCPoints and Michael Frederick (FWD, $237,500, BE 90) had 1 disposal and 1 mark with 1 behind for 4 SCPoints from 11% ToG.

The Peel Thunder moved into the Top 5 in the WAFL after a 92-77 win over Perth. Luke Valente (MID, $123,900) had 23 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles, Nathan O’Driscoll (MID, $117,300) had 16 disposals and 4 marks and Josh Treacy (RUC/FWD, $108,00) kicked 1.1 with 12 disposals, 5 marks and 14 hitouts.

West Coast

The Eagles got the lead with a 7 goal 2nd quarter and never let up from there, winning against Hawthorn 98-60. Jamaine Jones (FWD, $269,100, BE -47) continued his little hot streak with 14 disposals, 3 marks, 6 tackles and a goal for 88 SCPoints. Jack Petruccelle (FWD, $262,500, BE 53) had 13 disposals, 4 tackles, 2 marks and 2 goals for 61 SCPoints while Bailey Williams (RUC/FWD, $193,400, BE 23) made his 2021 debut with 9 disposals, 5 marks, 5 hitouts and 1.2 for 56 SCPoints.  Zac Langdon (FWD, $201,100, BE 1) had 11 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles and a goal for 52 SCPoints, Harry Edwards (DEF, $123,900, BE -30) had 5 disposals, 2 marks and 3 tackles and 43 SCPoints and finally Luke Foley (DEF, $127,900, BE 49) played just 7% ToG for 1 mark and 1 disposal and 3 SCPoints.

It wasn’t a good day at the office for the Eagles in the WAFL after a 147-22 smashing at the hands of the South Fremantle Sharks. Xavier O’Neill (MID/FWD, $223,000) had 34 disposals, 9 tackles and kicked 1.2 and Zane Trew (MID, $102,400) had 17 disposals and 4 tackles.

New South Wales


This one came right down to the wire, but a last minute goal to Jacob Hopper got the Giants ahead enough for the win, defeating Essendon 107-105. Tanner Bruhn (MID, $155,900, BE 32) had 6 disposals, 2 goals and 3 tackles for 53 SCPoints, Zach Sproule (FWD, $123,900, BE -12) had 10 disposals, 2 marks and 2 goals for 53 SCPoints. Connor Idun (DEF, $316,200, BE 44) has been ticking away well, he had 15 disposals, 3 marks and 3 rebound 50’s for 68 SCPoints and Xavier O’Halloran (MID, $253,900, BE 25) had 15 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 5 clangers for 50 SCPoints.

The Giants had a bye in the VFL for Round 4.


A good effort from the Swans, but some inaccurate goal kicking cost them slightly with a 67-58 loss to Melbourne. Chad Warner (FWD, $329,400, BE 74) had 15 disposals, 3 marks and 4 tackles for 61 SCPoints. His 5 round average is 66.2 SCPoints, so might have a slight dip in price, but given the state of some other players he could hold for another few weeks if you have issues elsewhere. Errol Gulden (MID, $282,900, BE 63) had 9 disposals and 6 tackles with 4 clangers for 51 SCPoints. His 3 round average has fallen to 47.7 SCPoints and could be the option you look at moving out for someone like Caleb Poulter.

Sydney also had a bye in the VFL.



Brisbane took the lead 5 minutes into the game and never looked like giving it up after, defeating Fremantle 95-71. Jaxon Prior (DEF, $216,400, BE 7) had 10 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles and a goal for 60 SCPoints while Deven Robertson (MID/FWD, $280,800, BE 54) finished with 9 disposals, 2 marks and 3 tackles for 44 SCPoints.

Brisbane had a bye in Round 4 of the VFL season.

Gold Coast

Both the Suns and the Saints were inaccurate in front of goals, but it was the Saints who kicked slightly better, defeating the Gold Coast 63-54. Jy Farrar (FWD, $234,600, BE 30) continued his solid form with 15 disposals and 8 marks for 66 SCPoints. Sam Flanders (FWD, $215,000, BE 37) had 14 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles and 5 inside 50’s for 42 SCPoints and Chris Burgess (DEF, $245,400, BE 62) had 11 disposals, 5 marks and 5 hitouts for 33 SCPoints.

Gold Coast had a bye in the VFL for Round 4.



  1. Mark Keane – $192,400 – AVG 57.3 SCPoints
  2. Harry Edwards – $123,900 – AVG 52.0 SCPoints
  3. Luke Parks – $160,300 – AVG 47.8 SCPoints
  4. Jaxon Prior – $216,400 – AVG 52.0 SCPoints
  5. Rhyan Mansell – $173,200 – AVG 44.2 SCPoints


  1. Caleb Poulter – $117,300 – AVG 66.5 SCPoints
  2. Ryan Byrnes – $123,900 – AVG 57.0 SCPoints
  3. Riley Collier-Dawkins – $123,900 – AVG 59.5 SCPoints
  4. Tanner Bruhn – $155,900 – 35.3 SCPoints
  5. Charlie Lazzaro – $171,700 – AVG 35.3 SCPoints


  1. Jordon Sweet – $123,900 – AVG 61.5 SCPoints
  2. Riley Thilthorpe – $236,500 – AVG 65.7 SCPoints
  3. Bailey J. Williams – $193,400 – AVG 56.0 SCPoints
  4. Tom Campbell – $241,300 – 57.2 SCPoints


  1. Caleb Poulter – $117,300 – AVG 66.5 SCPoints
  2. Matthew Owies – $123,900 – AVG 58.0 SCPoints
  3. Bailey J. Williams – $193,400 – AVG 56.0 SCPoints
  4. Riley Thilthorpe – $236,500 – AVG 65.7 SCPoints
  5. Jy Farrar – $234,600 – AVG 62.8 SCPoints

Value for Money (sub $250K trade ins)

  1. Caleb Poulter – MID/FWD – $123,900 – $1763.9 per Point
  2. Jordon Sweet – RUC – $123,900 – $2014.6 per Point
  3. Riley Collier Dawkins – $123,900 – $2082.4 per Point
  4. Matthew Owies – $123,900 – $2136.2 per Point
  5. Ryan Byrnes – $123,900 – $2173.7 per Point

Most Popular Trades

Since we’re trading ass off like crazy as Crouching One used to say, we’ll also start looking around to see what other teams are doing with their trades.

  1. Caleb Poulter IN for Chad Warner – 4.8% of trades
  2. Caleb Poulter IN for Taylor Walker – 3.8% of trades
  3. Caleb Poulter IN for Errol Gulden – 3.2% of trades
  4. Caleb Poulter IN for Braeden Campbell – 2.4% of trades
  5. Caleb Poulter IN for Tyler Brockman – 1.0% of trades
  6. Riley Collier-Dawkins IN for Errol Gulden – 0.8% of trades
  7. Tom Mitchell IN for Errol Gulden – 0.9% of trades
  8. Caleb Poulter IN for Jaidyn Stephenson – 0.9% of trades
  9. Caleb Poulter IN for Tom Phillips – 0.7% of trades
  10. Caleb Poulter IN for James Rowe – 0.6% of trades

Traded OUT

  1. Taylor Walker – 9.8% of trades
  2. Errol Gulden – 9.2% of trades
  3. Chad Warner – 6.0% of trades
  4. Braeden Campbell – 5.7% of trades
  5. Jacob Koschitzke – 4.7% of trades
  6. Jordan Clark – 3.4% of trades
  7. Matt Flynn – 3.2% of trades
  8. Heath Chapman – 3.0% of trades
  9. Jaidyn Stephenson – 2.1% of trades
  10. Tyler Brockman – 2.1% of trades

Traded IN

  1. Caleb Poulter – 27.1% of trades
  2. Tom Mitchell – 4.7% of trades
  3. Riley Collier-Dawkins – 4.2% of trades
  4. Callum Mills – 2.9% of trades
  5. Darcy Moore – 2.4% of trades
  6. James Harmes – 2.3% of trades
  7. Jordan Ridley – 2.3.% of trades
  8. Jarman Impey – 1.9% of trades
  9. Tom Campbell – 1.9% of trades
  10. Jeremy Cameron – 1.9% of trades

So I have to apologize for making you read all that since it probably would have been quicker if I just typed in all caps TRADE IN CALEB POULTER! We can also see a preference emerge on the upgrade option in Tom Mitchell in the midfield, with Callum Mills, Darcy Moore, James Harmes and Jordan Ridley being the targets for people looking to bring a defensive option in. Up forward is Impey and Cameron as the upgrade targets, Impey is more expensive than you could have gotten him for, but he’s scoring so you should hopefully still get your monies worth. Also not a total surprise to see Chad Warner, Taylor Walker and Errol Gulden as the top 3 traded out, though I’d have Walker and Gulden higher on the priority list than Warner at this stage.

And that will be it for me this week. Don’t forget you can get any Supercoach questions answered in our new Jock Reynolds Mailbag podcast hosted by Damo by emailing [email protected]. As always I am available on Twitter @BarronVonCrow and you can also whack any questions or feedback in the comments below. Have a good week everyone!

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Simply brilliant as always BVC – saves me some serious leg work.
I didn’t realise that foley played on the weekend – must have been blink and miss it.

I don’t think I am alone here when I say so happy that Thursday night and Friday night team announcements are back! Can’t handle this 24 hours before a game crap. Is super irritating.

I like most are a bit cranky with Hinkley.
Fredrick named as the sub comes on late so cant really trade him in but miss out on the big $$ (which would have been much bigger if he played a full game) so now have to say see-ya later as that ship has sailed.

A couple of boys who played on the weekend looked like a deer in the headlights and Macrae needs to learn to use that thing attached to his leg


Onya Bazza, wonderful stuff!


I think Brookman gets a game this week

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Macrae JNR playing as well

As crazy as it seems, that will only leave me one non playing rookie; Highmore (and he plays Friday)


Who goes out for him Derek?…it’s be a bonus if he is named for me, good to have some kind of backup.


Thanks BVC, not sure if everyone has heard that from R10 all teams will be announced on Thursday PM as per in previous years

*** Also Luke Jackson is an out his week with a hand injury , jump on Max with the C , but is the 2nd last game of the round is the risk !


Than God / Budhha / Jim Jones for that DBB, and thanks for the info about Jackson


Laird c DBB


Always great reading BVC. 👍


great work as always BVC a huge help .Highmore must come in ,surely

The Ranger

Haven’t we been saying that every week NDD?!


Can’t even dump him or sharpe jones smith or Treacy. Too busy with broken prems

Angus Monfries

Thoughts on James Harmes this week fellas? Back to playing his midfield role and looked revved up to do well. I know it’s a punt, but could be a good D6 by seasons end.
Cheers guys cheers

The Ranger

Its a big IF isnt it? If he stays in the mids you’d think it’s a no brainer but it’s a risk I can’t afford to take.

David C

I think Viney is back in 2 weeks, Harmes the most likely to fall out of the mid rotations.

The Ranger

Who to trade out to get Poulter?
Jones, Highmore, Kosi, J.Clark, Brockman, Downie, Campbell or Henry?
Leaning toward Clark or Campbell.

David C

Jones should be back in a week possibly, Brockman maybe this week.
Braeden Campbell – “Had some shin soreness. We had some imaging done and it turned out he had a stress response in his right shin, so he is going to offload for 2 weeks and then build back into training.”
Will Highmore or Downie ever get a game?
At least Kosi is playing.
I reckon either Campbell or Clark if he is not named this week. 


Good info David…I think Campbell for sure.

Shake n bake

Walker out


Oh no Not Josh




Hopefully anyone who had him has already dumped him.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Hey Barron, I will be getting in Poulter in , but can’t decide between Byrnes and RCD for the other downgrade. I was going Poulter and Titch, but just fall short cash wise.


Hey mate, Byrnes might have better js now with Z.Jones going down for 8 weeks but also knowing our dumbass coach he’ll drop him next week.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I saw that Russty, I’ll probably be going with Byrnes as my second downgrade just to be different to the ones bringing in RCD. I like his quality of football over RCD as well. It would be nice to have a rookie play more than three games in a row, Powell, Jordon, Warner, Scott have been about the only good ones this season. Gulden was good until he wasn’t.

Last edited 1 year ago by JohnDJ59

Yep those lads have been miracles for us this season and are the only thing giving me any hope this year of finishing the season ok. I have Luke Ryan and Murphy missing this week so Highmore coming in saves me a trade so that’s a good thing. Maybe things are looking up a bit, Gulden has really come back to the fold after an insane first 2 games ay.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

The interesting part is all 5 of those rookies I started with, it’s the ones that I have brought in that I haven’t had much luck with.


Yeah the rookie situation as been diabolical this year John, we should’ve been allocated at least 5 more trades.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I won’t be able to do any more trades after this week until the bye rounds, so I’ll need these two rookies to be as good as those 5.


That is a tough one John. I’m grabbing Poulter and Highmore this week and will decide on either Byrnes and RCD next week. The 40 odd from RCD on the weekend has sort of made me hesitant in selecting him.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Yes he was all the rage last week and still seems very popular, but his game last week wasn’t the best, his JS is probably the main reason to get him in. I’ve decided to go against the trend and will be bringing in Byrnes as my second trade. I wanted to get Titch in this week, but his price rise along with the two rookies I am trading out going down in price on the weekend put an end to that idea.

Shake n bake

Wilson to debut


Is that Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys?…I think he’s a bit old mate. Or is Wilson the Volleyball you’re talking about, either way…they’re both not well suited to AFL Football so have a good hard look at yourself mate. 🙂


Tommy Highmore is in!!


What happened ?They must have had 10 injuries


No they just wanted to play everyone in the squad including the orange boy and the backup masseuse first…bloody good news though!


did Gator get a game as that slow defender


Id rather have Gator as head Coach rather than than Ratten slug.


Gator is to busy as an owner builder atm to be able to Captain/Coach a bottom 4 side