Shai, Dusty & Tex. What a mess.

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Lekdog and Barron run through a very quick podcast that somehow still goes for an hour.

The guys review each game of the round and take a look at Shai Bolton, Tex Walker and all of the injury news from across the league.


Time Codes:

02:04 – Richmond v Geelong Review

13:04 – St Kilda v Gold Coast Review

17:45 – GWS v Essendon Review

22:53 – North Melbourne v Collingwood Review 

32:09 – Melbourne v Sydney Review

39:04 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide Review

44:14 – Hawthorn v West Coast Review

46:00 – Western Bulldogs v Carlton Review

49:10 – Brisbane v Fremantle Review

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Loved the time codes for each individual player if it’s not too hard/annoying to do! Cheers for all the hard work you do guys.


Second that – nice addition.


no worries mate of course, sounds good!


I reckon you could give the time codes a crack Harry. Post them in the comments I’ll give ya a like


Nice work lads


Do i get in titch this week as a future M7 and Oliver later, or Oliver now
Note only have 18 trades going into this week


Titch now I think, Oliver’s price won’t change much.


Do we reckon he’ll be one of the best m7 or is it safer to get Oliver and get someone in the bye rounds to fill that spot


It’s definitely safer to get Oliver, he’s just 70 grand more.
Titch hasn’t been the same since his major injuries but he seems to be trying to get back to his best…he’s still somewhat unpredictable though, and you want predictable. Titch might not get any cheaper than now though.


Titch or Lyons. Love lyons with no under 100s this year but unsure whos better


Lyons is better, Tich is cheaper. Inna year like this you don’t have the luxury to have the best in every spot. Tich will be top 10-15 mids and that will be good enough

Rick Grimes

Titch this week, Kelly next, Steele the week after. Bang bang bang.


If you can manage that Rick, that is incredible.

Rick Grimes

Based on forecasted price rises and allowing a buffer, should be able to do it with $28k left over. Of course, I’ll be selling all my good rooks and the plan may well be derailed by injuries. If I fire sell Cripps, it’s even easier. Oh Cripps, why can’t I quit youuuu.


Already have Titch, doing a double down this week and Kelly and Steele the next 2


I think it’s time to move Ziebell on. BE of 143, he’s done his job as a cash cow


Who are you going to replace him with?


Is he injured this week?…heard he copped a knock.
I thought of him as a keeper this year, even if he averaged 90 or so, you must be in an ok position to think of doing that, my bench is a disaster of dnp’s


If he was fit he was always a good option but I honestly thought he might make a bit of cash and if he made it to round 12 in one piece he would have done his job for an upgrade during the byes.

no danger and no Dunkley from my starting team has left Ziebel as my F1 and only 18 trades left.

as a minimum we ride him to the byes


Why would you trade the current # 1 SC FWD who has an average of 122, a 3 round and 5 round average of 127. No one else is near him.


Was just messing around


Hahaa, got me ..

Rick Grimes

I was checking it wasn’t 1 April. Ziebell is one of the few shining lights on this endless winter that is SC 2021.


What are people’s thoughts on Harmes as a cheap D6


Hey Kat, yeah Harmes or Darcy Moore seem good value for what they can score.


There were plenty keen on him at his starting price at the start of the year, but now he doesn’t seem at as big of a discount and for a few dollars more you starting looking a proper premiums.

viney being out for a couple of weeks will help short term


My DEF is in absolute shambles, please help…
Got Lloyd, Maynard, an injured Duggan (6 weeks), Cox, Kosi, Frederick, Highmore and Murray…

I was thinking about getting Rich and Bowes in for Cox and Duggan to help even my side out for the bye rounds.. But am now thinking I might even need to upgrade Frederick already because if I don’t fix my 3 non-paying rookies situation, I could be stuffed…


I didn’t see a single minute of footy from the weekend and haven’t read anything since, but I saw from SC site that Ridley is back, has an achievable BE and is under 500k.
Unless I have missed something, he is a steal.


Do you have Laird in your midfield?




Drop Duggan, swing Laird back and maybe bring in Poulter. This should allow you to potentially drop Cox and bring in a premium defender with cash to spare. You might even be able to pick up another premo the following week. That I would imagine would make that backline look better.


love it, thank you!


Hey Community! What should I do from the following?
a) Double down: Berry and Rowe to RCD and Poulter
b) Paint the fence: Warner and Rowe to Impey and Poulter
Any help is appreciated!


Berry and Waterman to RCD and Poulter*


Hi Andy
Unless you really need to plug a premium hole I’d double down this week, RCD and Poulter obviously the favourites, if you’ve got Highmore, Sharp Fyfe etc I’d look at moving them on with byes coming up, I’d love to grab Lyons this week but you have to grab the good rooks while you can, I’m tossing up between Sharp and Rowe/Warner to offload, Rowe has a lower B/E but I feel more comfortable having Warner on the ground but with a higher B/E.


Thanks John. I’m thinking the same, gotta jump on those rookies when they present themselves. Personally, I’d trade Rowe. Warner a much more reliable option on field.


Good chance that Waterman will come in this week with the injury to Stringer, so keep an eye out on teams first if you can

Big G

Thoughts on RCH’s job security?


Hi Big G. I assume you are referring to RCD? If so, I’d be surprised if he gets dropped over the next month with all Richmond’s injuries. Even if he is not playing well, don’t think they have too many others to consider.

Shake n bake

Walker out


Was trading him regardless Shake, he has ran his race.


JR SURVIVOR GROUPS – Round 7 Immunity

I’m not sure where last weeks results went, they were waiting approval but never got posted.

The teams who carried Immunity into Round 8 (even though they might not have know it) were;

Div 1 – TiddlyWinks FC
Div 2 – Flock of Gulls
Div 3 – Dangerous Fields
Div 4 – fishmonger
Div 5 – Jim’s Motley Crew
Div 6 – shinBONERS
Div 7 – Deans Stars
Div 8 – WTF
Div 9 – Thundersmith

One of the above teams will be very happy to know this, as it was the only thing that stood in the way of elimination this week.

I will post the Round 8 results later tonight.

thanks fellas.



JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Great work as always Derek, looking forward to the update.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Div 5 – Jim’s Motley Crew, is my guess.


there were actually two teams when i double checked


Highmore gets a game

Last edited 1 year ago by Derek

That is actually disappointing news for me. Now I have to decide between him, RCD and Poulter. Was planning a double downgrade


Hallelujah! He does exist!


i first saw Frawley get picked and i though… no way does Frawley get a game ahead of Highmore. Then i scrolled down and saw Highmore’s name.


Frawley will probably twang or snap something in the first 5 minutes so hopefully Highmore gets a decent run at it this time.


Good news .. means I can safely trade out Kosi out and move Laird back to DEF. I’ve had Highmore since R1.



Round 8 showed us what a tough game JR Survivor is. One bad week could spell the end.

There was carnage across all the divisions.

We lost a couple of our favorite community members this week along with 7 coaches who at some point in the 5 previous rounds had held the immunity necklace (I’ve put a * next to their names below) and for one coach (in Div 9) had held the necklace on 3 separate occasions. Carnage i tell ya!

We also lost a top 4 team from last years Champion of Champions Group (bad luck Shake).

There were TWO teams that needed to use their immunity this week (Jim’s Motley Crew (Div 5) & WTF (Div 8) dodged bullets this round.

The teams who unfortunately have been eliminated this week are:

Div 1 – Dontblushbabbie, Bck2pp*, GrassyLane* & Osama*

Div 2 – Borisbumblebees, Walks’ Legends, Carlton Crew & Dam Dogs*

Div 3 – Blues Brothers, Half-Witts*, Lokan loaded & Cavity Fillers

Div 4 – T ricky, Shake n Bake, Cundalini & Subi 188’s

Div 5 – Good VibrAishons, Zuoom-Zuoom, CaptainPugwash, Wookiees United, Wozza’s Warriors, KangasBackin21

Div 6 – Stompers, Longy’s Legends, Fugg Nuggles & Bokke Boys*

Div 7 – Monaco, The Chosen Few, Mighty Bombers & Buzzboys

Div 8 – Craven Cottage Ltd, Scorpions FC, Maxs_Maggies21 & Tydesys 22

Div 9 – Spartak Damo

At the other end of the scale, the following teams have immunity for round 9, and based on what happened this week they will be very pleased about that.

Div 1 – Rowells A-team (2317)
Div 2 – DrownEminYaHoney (2257)
Div 3 – Slam Dunkley (2272)
Div 4 – Holt (2336) we are starting to get sick of this immunity hogging!
Div 5 – The Red Snappers (2348)
Div 6 – Headless Zombie (2365)
Div 7 – Chungus Schmelling (2380)
Div 8 – Taronto Raptors (2326)
Div 9 – TEAM JP (2330)

Shout out to Hall of Fame who is currently 17th Overall.

We lost two teams this week who were ranked in the top 500, but there are still 9 teams remaining who are also ranked in the top 500 overall. Well done fellas.

thanks fellas

Last edited 1 year ago by Derek

Great work again Derek and Woo Hoo! Nice to get the immunity when I’m planning a double downgrade this week

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Wozza’s Warriors was a bit unlucky out of that lot. One of the top teams in division 5.


There will be a full round of eliminations this week except for Div 7.

Due to the slightly uneven numbers to start the season, Division 7 only has 5 teams left and therefore only ONE team will be eliminated this week from Div 7.

Shake n bake

Until next year! Tnx Derek


Unexpected bonus this week .. traded Thilthorpe in last week purely to prevent a donut… now with Bolton out for 3 weeks.. I can move Thilthorpe FWD and Laird to DEF and bring in Grundy & Poulter by trading out Bolton and Kosi.
Just hope the selectors don’t pull any swifties for the rest of the team.

Tommy S

Help community….I am getting Poulter this week. However, as a non-Highmore owner do I consider him knowing he could be dropped next week, RCD or Byrnes? Currently for my team this week, my preference is Byrnes given I can loophole him tonight, but I worry the other 2 will make me more money.


If you don’t have Highmore I wouldn’t get him.

jones will be back soon in time to downgrade Kozi. His JS much better

Tommy S

Yes good point Derek. Just worried he’ll score an 80+ and I’ll have FOMO…
In that case, the question is RCD or Byrnes? A real tough one to split for me


I think the community will be mixed on this one sorry Tommy. I’m grabbing Highmore as the Saints injury list is low so feel he is coming in for a reason. Maybe Geary is his only real risk that may take his spot but looking at their current best 22, he shouldn’t be the first to go. Undecided on Byrnes and RCD so I’m giving both another week and then will decide on 1 of them. I know they are on the bubble right now but as my trades are starting to run low, I don’t mind paying a bit extra for some reassurance. Derek also makes a good point with Jones but their is no guarantee he comes back soon. Ports team looks pretty settled right now, they also have depth. But ultimately, if you do question Highmore’s JS, go with your gut.