Cheat Sheet Round 8

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G’day community. We’re back again with the cheat sheet for Round 8. My advice is the same as last week, keep moving with your upgrades. As I mention below downgrading Chapman can wait a week if you have more than 3 cows you want to trade out. Gulden and Rowe for instance would be my first 2 targets if you still have them, as they seem to have maxed out and are leaking cash.

So just a quick reminder, “stick to your plans”, “don’t trade premos”, “find value players as well as rookies for cash gen”, “trade around short term injuries”.

If you can do that this week …let me know how because I’m really struggling.


EDIT: Wow, Ken Hinkley has done the unexpected and dropped Martin Frederick.

Earlier versions of this cheat sheet had Martin Frederick, he’s now been replaced by Nathan Murphy as a defensive downgrade target.

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Frederick is dropped! Possibly the medical sub


God that hurts


Have plenty of cash in bank
could go with one of these: (please comment)

1. Bolton and May for Rowe and Gulden

2 Frederick (PA) and Oliver/Walsh for Rowe and Gulden

3 Frederick and May for Rowe and Gulden

Which Option is better and why

Tommy S

Read the comment above. You only have one feasible option since Frederick is dropped.
Glad I went with making no trades this week, but plenty of last minute chaos in the SC world now!

  1. has to be

I guess you can go 2 or 3 and sit Frederick on the pine if that’s how you like to play. But I strongly advise option 1


My initial plan was to trade out Chapman and Rowe or Campbell this week. I can’t bring Fredrick in as planned since he has been dropped, however, could bring in Murphy if named. Leaving Chapman on the bench is not an option unless Highmore or Sharp are named. I was thinking of painting the fence by doing one downgrade and one upgrade, however, it only leaves me with $473 which is not enough to upgrade to a premium forward, midfielder or defender. My team is as folows:

B – Lloyd, Laird, Stewart, Young (NM), Cox, Chapman, Sharp, Highmore
M – Macrae, Oliver, Brayshaw (Free), Fyfe, Merrett, Powell, Gulden, Jordon, Campbell, Brockman, A Fyfe
R – Gawn, Grundy, Hunter
F – Martin, Zorko, Ziebel, Warner, Rowe, Scott, Bergman, Waterman

21 trades remaining and $113k in the bank

I would really appreciate any advice on what I should do this week.



Thoughts on either Chapman to Murphy and Cox to May or Chapman to Murphy and Rowe to Thilthorpe.


Without knowing some rookies BEs I’d be looking at chapman to Murphy and getting Rowe off field asap with his next 4 fixtures being tough and he just being shit in general. How much U got to spend on a fwd?


Thanks Maverick. I have about $473 to spend on a forward and Rowe is sitting on the pine. I am finding it difficult to get anyone decent at that price who would be worth keeping.


Hi ST, if you have a look at Hind’s scores this season you’ll see that he’s been quite reliable, downside is, it’ll be a high 80’s early 90’s average.


Houston or Short?

Bob Butter

Short imo



The G Train

I’m not sold on May, price is great obviously but with Tomlinson out he might be forced to play more of a lock down role. Regardless, I could see him average 90-95, with only 1 defender spot remaining I can’t justify picking him over guys like Lloyd, Mills, Stewart, Laird, Ridley, Whitfield etc. I would probably rather Daniel for a similar price.

Bob Butter

Warner and Jaith out, RCD and Jelly in. Sets up Rowe and Scott to Zorko and Owies next week. Team is starting to look OK after an injury ravaged start to the season.


Might get stuck with Jiath for a while, with a couple of other issues in team to worry about. Hopefully he can average close to 80 so his price holds up and I can trade him later.