JOCK MAILBAG | What’s a Forward Line?

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In one of the biggest episodes yet, Damo and Clarky are joined by SuperCoach royalty; The Phantom. On this episode they discuss what to do with the forward line, Steven May, planning for byes and a quick thought on when and if Thursday teams will return.

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John Legend

is it smart to go Jiath straight to May?

Rick Grimes

He only had a 3 round average of 73. So I wouldn’t be against it. Personally I’m keeping at least one more week. Too many potential donuts running around my team.

John Legend

Yeah im leaning towards the same. My defence is done, got Jiath and Daniel as my D5/6 so i may just look to stay true this week and keep gulden and save trades for another week or trade him down to RCD im not too sure yet


I don’t have llyod or Whitfield downback and have only 1 spot left. Do I go may or wait for one llyod or Whitfield.


I’d definitely have that spot reserved for Lloyd.


May is very good value and I’ll be getting him this week to give me 6 premium defenders.

having Laird as one of them still allows me to swing him into the midfield to get a Whitfield if he becomes a must have. There will be worse M8’s that Laird

also, the way this season is going, we will do well if one of those premium defenders don’t get a long term injury and need to be replaced




Well here we go again.
What round are we up to? They are becoming a bit of a blur.
So the fire sale team struggled to make 2,000 this week finishing with a total of 1982 for the round. Some low scoring players this week. As seems to be the norm injuries again had to be dealt with.
So first major mid upgrade took place in round 7 as Sammy Walsh was brought in for Mr Dunkley, who I promptly passed the captains armband onto to..

Some late outs were really costly and had led to a hot shoe shuffle and some fancy footwork. So firstly JOM was dropped so I moved Jordon off the bench to cover him. Then LDU was a late out as well. That was the last straw. He has already missed two games and not setting the world on fire so with the cash left over from dunks – walsh trade I brought in Zorko the magnificent. DPP with Campbell to put him in the forward line.

Team is below:

Def: Moore, rich, clarke, doch, jiath, lukosius. (sharp, highmore)
Mid: Walsh, tarranto, serong, simpkin, mcgrath, smith, powell, jordon. (JOM, campbell, gulden)
Ruck: ROB, martin. (flynn)
Fwd: Bolton, zorko, tex, impey, ziebell, hind. (Buddy, Rowe)

So planned trades this week unless injury strikes again are:
Moore playing forward has killed his scoring lately so it is an easy $40k up to May.
I’ve also been risking it every week in defence without a bench for the last 4-5 weeks so better sure up that side of things.
So gulden has done his job so will DPP with sharp to bring in fredrick.

This will give me a bit of cash the next couple of weeks to upgrade CJ to ridley when he bottoms out and maybe tex/serong to a premium mid.
may look at gawn as he only scored 63 on the week so that will see his price to head south.

that is one of the bonuses of a middy team is you can wait for a fallen premo and then it is an easy upgrade as you are not going up from a rookie and only need to find $100-150k in most cases.

total score 14,672 which puts the team around the 16k mark

The experiment continues …..


Hey mate I’m liking the updates and your progress so far, I saw an article today titled
“NATHAN BUCKLEY CONFIRMS DARCY MOORE FORWARD EXPERIMENT IS OVER”and it said from this week, so up to you but Moore could go back to scoring well again…especially in the Pies backline lol.


great stuff trac


Still my favourite thing to follow

Big G

lloyd or Mills?




Yes for sure 🙂