Steven May Saves The Day?

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Lekdog and Patch take a look at Steven May and ask the question, is his value more important than his bye round?

In some amazing news, the JR crew will be live streaming on the official Supercoach Facebook page each week for the Panic Room Live! You can catch the VOD of last week here!

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03:00 – Melbourne eat oysters and we eat donuts

03:55 – Injury Ward

– Dustin Martin ($482,900)

– Travis Boak ($555,000)

– Paddy Dow ($192,200 | B/E 58)

– Heath Chapman ($250,500 | B/E 85)

– Luke Ryan ($540,100 | B/E 101)

– Adam Tomlinson ($290,300 | B/E 82)

– Tom Barrass ($419,000 | B/E 125)

– Lachie Jones ($139,800 | B/E -47)

– Tom Rockliff ($573,000 | B/E 210)

– Patrick Cripps ($448,800 | B/E 139)

08:40 – Why won’t the AFL release teams on Thursday?

12:49 – Tex Walker, spud again?

16:43 – Trading Strategy | Should we be burning through trades? 

19:00 – Do we grab cheap premos now or wait for uber-premos?

21:40 – Does Tom Highmore exist?  

24:01 – Who do we cull?

25:40 – We need to be cognisant of the byes when making trades

28:00 – Matthew Flynn has ruined Patch’s life

Downgrade targets

32:00 – Martin Frederick – PTA – DEF ($123,900 | B/E -88)

34:44 – Nick Murray – ADE – DEF ($102,400 | B/E -39)

35:00 – Nathan Murphy – COL – DEF ($123,900 | B/E -28) (WE FORGOT HIM)

36:27 – Liam Stocker – CAR – DEF ($186,500 | B/E 26)

37:00 – Darragh Joyce – STK – DEF ($177,300 | B/E 31)

37:37 – Mark Keane – COL -DEF ($158,000 | B/E -13)

38:00 – Riley Tilthorpe – ADE – RUC/FWD ($202,800 | B/E -25)

Upgrade Targets

38:49 – Steven May ($408,600 | B/E 5)

40:38 – Caleb Daniel ($412,400 | B/E 51)

43:12 – Bachar Houli ($468,700 | B/E 61)

44:44 – Callum Mills ($528,800 | B/E 78)

45:00 – Aliir Aliir ($473,700 | B/E 53)

47:02 – Tim Taranto ($490,900 | B/E 52)

47:49 – Josh Kelly ($508,600 | B/E 105)

48:37 – Tim Kelly ($452,300 | B/E 62)

49:42 – Andrew Gaff ($516,100 | B/E 97)

50:32 – Ben Cunnington ($452,800 | B/E 44)

51:30 – Tom Mitchell ($508,100 | B/E 108)

52:44 – Joel Selwood ($535,400 | B/E 50)

54:30 – Jake Stringer ($325,100 | B/E 18)

56:45 – Dayne Zorko ($487,900 | B/E 97)

57:50 – Shai Bolton ($479,400 | B/E 66)

58:57 – Jesse Hogan ($310,800)

59:13 – Kysaiah Pickett ($415,700 | B/E 81)

60:00 – Bailey Dale ($444,800 | B/E 92)

61:00 – Not trading can sometimes be better than trading

62:00 -Players on the horizon

-Lachie Whitfield

-Jordan Ridley

-Rowan Marshall

-Jack Gunston

63:00 – Panic Room live on the official Supercoach page!


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Shake n bake

Ryan out again


i’m $20k short going 1 trade Chapman to May.

if only May scored a few points less and Chapman a few points more.


Hey community would really appreciate some advice on my team and what trades to do. As you can see I still have Cripps and Phillips stinking my team up which is annoying me every week. Not sure whether to get rid of both of them or focus on upgrading rookees first. Cheers guys 🙂

Trades: 19 Bank: $144.6k

DEF: Stewart, Ridley, Laird, Bowes, Butts, Kozi (Mansell, Highmore)

MID: Macrae, Lyons, Bont, Zerret, Cripps 🤢, Powell, Jordan, Berry (Scott, Brockman, Fyfe)

RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Hunter)

FWD: Ziebell, Dusty, Impey, Tom Phillips 🤢, Warner, Rowe (McCreery, Waterman)


I would trade Brockman to Fredrick, by moving Laird to the midfield, and getting Berry off the field.
I would swing Scott & Rowe, and play Scott on field rather than Rowe.
With the other trade, I would probably hold onto it with the view to trading in Marshall in coming weeks.
I would retain Cripps & Phillips as Cripps has already dropped in price, and Phillips will keep getting games and averaging 80ish


I like that idea but reckon it would be better to trade Rowe to Fredrick before he loses any money. Also I really want May this well before he goes up and I’m seriously considering going early on butts to May.


Think you need the playing rookies like Rowe, more than the non-playing rookies like Brockman. Rowe wont lose much money, and 1-2 injuries and you will be scoring some donuts.

Butts to May is okay, even though Butts has cash to make.

Tommy S

Like yourself, I have Butts and really want May. However, I can’t justify trading out Butts given his great job security and reliable scoring, along with the fact I only have 19 trades like yourself. So my plan is to start holding trades and maybe look at targeting Hurn in 3 weeks time who will be nearly an identical price to May now, but cost less given Butts might be up to 350K by then. Save your trades!!


if they are playing and have ok JS i’d be keeping them.

The Byes are going to be a nightmare this year. warm bodies during the byes will be essential

keeping Kosi, Campbell, Rowe, Guelden,


Its May time, May month, Its time to bring May in.
Rowe to May (using 2 swing sets)

Tex on thin ice, could by Dusty or Marshall in 2 weeks time.


May day, may day we are about to crash please save us!


how many dees is that trac sorry trig


Teams being announced on a Thursday might be back as early as next week


If they go back to Thurs nights, I hope they do it properly with the medical sub included.
No reason why the medical sub can’t be named seperately at the same time as the final interchange bench.
That is, on Thursday night for Fri/Sat teams. And on Friday night for Sunday teams.
Rule changes made 5 minutes before the season start often need a bit of refining.

The Mighty Wokkas

Sorry lads, brought in Gawn last week and chucked the C on him after being greedy and not taking grundys vc score.


Excellent, as posted previously tonight, Q – will Teams be announced on a Thursday night going forward ? ******* Mark Robinson on AFL360 tonight said that league is looking at doing this from Round 9? ,Thanks

KB’s Take

Great Pod fellas. My question lies around which rookies to cull to get to May. I’m thinking of going Chapman to Fredrick but that means I have to upgrade Butts for May which I’m not keen on.
The other option is going Chapman to Murray leaving more cash to go Kosy to May. Kosy still has a bit of cash to make while Butts provides great JS and cover.
also considering Tex to Guthrie after your discussion around him.


How long will you keep Kosi?
The price diff between the two will likely to be similar over the next couple of weeks unless Kosi has a blinder..
SC is predicting that May will make more than Kosi and that in 3 weeks Kosi will flatten out..

KB’s Take

Only a few weeks until his BE reaches his ave.
Other option is just to downgrade Chapman and Campbell this week, let Butts and Kosi rise in price this week and target May or Ridley next week


Exactly, That’s my point – May’s price will go up equal to, or more than, Kosi’s, so there’s little benefit waiting from a point scoring perspective if you’re plan is to use Kosi to get to May.. Can you get May via Campbell ?

Big G

What does everyone think of Jack Bowes. Can he maintain his 100 average?

Rick Grimes

He should do. Settled in his role. Gets plenty of it. Priced well.


Hey fellas, bring in Daniel or J Kelly this week? Ridley a lock next week so will have to miss one of the 2!

John Legend

would you go jiath to may this week or is that too sideways?


I’m going for gold, CJ down to Fredrick and Tex up to Macrae, both MP’s have done their jobs so cash in and get a Uber premo while you can, cash flow from rookies is stagnating so getting the big boys in is only going to get harder, not a Hawks fan but possibly Scrimshaw is taking some points away from CJ now not sure? And Tex’s calf maybe catching up with him.


The crows have a tough draw the next few weeks, and with Tex managing a calf issue, I think its the right time to him on.

Rick Grimes

Grabbing May, but not for Jiath. I’m giving him another week. No ton and he becomes the Riddler next week.


Michael Walters is a decent pick for anyone willing to have a punt. Has a good track record against his next 3 opponents


Awesome work lads. I won’t be grabbing May. In a year where players are dropping like flies, can’t go with someone who in 10 years of football has never played 20 games in a season. Great value if he plays all games but if he misses at least 3 like all years (except last year), all of a sudden I don’t think he is the value people say he is.


Hey Holty, I’ll get Daniel if I have to, and will probably have to to field a full side cause I have Ryan and Chapman, picked up Aliir last week and he went ok, my season’s shot to hell so I’m just trying anything to survive and maybe make a few top 8’s.


Yeah mate, it’s been a tough year. My rank is going ok but sometimes wish I was a bit worse off as I would still have more trades left. Been trading early trying to stay up the ranks. Trading out Kosi and Jordon early has crippled me as lost a lot of cash generation


Hey guys, I’ve got 23 trades and not much in the bank so looking to upgrade. Feel like I need to get rid of Gulden and Campbell, but not sure who for… Or potentially may have other glaring issues I’ve overlooked (like my weak defense? that could need May?).

DEF: Lloyd, Laird, Duggan, Maynard, Cox, Kosi (Highmore, Murray)
MID: Macrae, Bont, Pendles, Cripps, Heppell, Powell, Gulden, Jordan (Campbell, McNeil, Downie)
RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Flynn)
FWD: Ziebell, Martin, Impey, Warner, Rowe, Scott (McCreary, Brockman)

My first year playing so any help welcomed! Thanks

Last edited 1 year ago by Harry

You could go Campbell to Frederick via Laird switching to the mids. and Gulden to RCD, and make a boatload of cash for next time you trade.


If you wanted May this week…with no particular conviction, this is how I would do it if it were me….
Rowe out. Cox to the forward line. Trade Frederick into the backline. $110k banked.
Trade Gulden out. Laird to the mids. Trade May into the backline. About $110k required above Guldens price.
As of last week, Rowe is playing but Campbell is not. So you would be trading out a warm body (risky, some would disagree on doing this), but he is not scoring well, has a terrible role for SC and could get dropped as soon as this week.
Campbell is not playing, but at least he can’t bleed cash like Gulden while not playing.
I’d have another look at RCD this week, then trade him in for Campbell next week and bank about $110k.
Having said all that, I’m not a May fan and would prefer to wait a week or two and try to get Ridley at a reduced price, but thats a whole different scenario.


Note that trading Campbell to RCD breaks your mid-fwd loop.