Cheat Sheet Round 7

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Morning Community. Upgrade season is now in full swing. But with long-term injuries and concussion protocols, it’s proving to be a very challenging season for all of us. Bet we wish we could have some of last year’s extra trades this year. How about it Herald Sun?

Wherever you get your advice from, everyone is saying “stick to your plans”, “don’t trade premos”, “find value players as well as rookies for cash gen”, “trade around short term injuries” and I’m not going to tell you any different. The top coaches all talk about maintaining your upgrade momentum or cadence. @laughingracoon on Twitter has spoken about this a lot over the seasons.

I’m sure you all know most of this, and I’m preaching to the choir for the most part.

Anyway, what trades are you looking at this week … for something a little different, let us know what your next 3-4 weeks of upgrades look like. Not just this week.

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Shake n bake

Bryan to debut


If you want to make the Supercoach gods laugh, tell them your plans.
That being said, I’m hoping Dusty will be fit to play next week so I can swing him into FWD and offload Warner. This week I’ve no other option but to trade Neale & Dunkley… Decided on Mills and Macrae but feel free to change my mind. Beyond round 8, well, my brain hurts just thinking about that. Much easier to live week by week.


With injuries being a concern I’m looking at heavily fallen premos. This week I’ve brought in Bray and Zork. Over the coming weeks May, Dusty, Kelly, Hurn are all on my list


What’s the go on jy farrar from the suns. What’s his job security like

The Ranger

Might take a punt on B.Smith…surely he gets more time onball with Dunks out?


Nice work again Statty Matty. Got the same issues as most this week with needing to off load Dunkley and Neale while still looking to start upgrading my rookies. Geez, a third trade would be handy.
I really don’t want to trade Neale or Dunkley out just to bring them back at a later date.
I am torn between the following trades
a) Dunkley to Sidebottom or Zorko (already have Ziebel) and Neale to Macrae, Walsh or Duncan (can’t decide between them and have been leaning towards Duncan all week with Danger out long term)
b) Dunkley to Sidebottom or Zorko and Campbell to Robertson (Brisbane) and wait until next week to trade out Neale.
Appreciate any thoughts and advice much appreciated.

Shake n bake

Grundy a slight doubt


Gday community,

Can’t take a break. Break in a prem each week and get injured instantly within the fortnight 🙁 .

Dunkely this time.


Walsh & Bosenva + 100k banked


A Brayshaw & Cameron???

Shake n bake

Flynn named in the magoos


KH: Travis Boak and Kane Farrell come in this week. Boyd Woodcock, Sam Mayes and Marty Frederick come out. One of those three will be the medical sub #pafclive