Cheat Sheet Round 6

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It’s another cheat sheet where we begin to look at upgrade season. We all know this season is difficult due to rolling team announcements, but the number of injuries to SC relevant players (guns and rookies) seems to be a bit higher this year. Any coach who can navigate this this will a minimal number of sideways trades will come out on top.

What this really means is … plan well. If you have a plan you can adapt it to issue like injuries or rookies being managed, with minimal stress.

I’ve started to list a few upgrade targets. There are a large number in the midfield, but Bont and Oliver stood out for me. You could also include Nat Fyfe, Sam Walshe or if you want to jump back on the Lachie Neale train with his 157 last week. In Defence Luke Ryan is also an option, and a few others down the list like Alex Witherden or Brayden Maynard, but i’m not sold on their likelihood of being Top 6-8 defenders from now to the end of the season. Top 6 forwards are harder to pick than a broken nose this season. This might just get left to the end of the season and hope we get lucky.

Anyway, good luck this week. I hope the Fantasy Footy Gods are smiling on you.

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Thanks Matty,
Do people think it’s a good time to offload Tex to either Neale or Dunkley given his calf issues? Tex didn’t look great second half last week.


I have Zeibell, Impey, Daniher, Warner and Dusty with him currently.


If it gets you Dunkley, why not. He has gone up 60k from his starting price, but he looks like the number one fwd player this season and is in top form. I started Dunkley, but missed the Tex train.


I’ll be getting Bont in today, then I have to think about if I go Fullarton to McCreery. I want to get the non playing rookies out of my team and keep the cash generation going.


Both Bont and Oliver available at under 600k are bargains too good to pass up. Get one, if you have one get the other.


Started with Clarry and Bont was always going to be my first upgrade if in form. If I was a team without Oliver, I would be getting him in asp.


Riley Thilthorpe Ruck/FWD 203k – to debut, pick 2 for Adelaide last year


Great work Matty.
I have 23 trades left but only 54K so I was actually looking at doing a single or double downgrade rather than an upgrade after bringing in Dunkley last week. However, with the lack of rookie downgrade options, I am not sure what I should do.
My team is:
B – Lloyd, Laid, Stewart. L Young (NM), Cox, Chapman, Short, Highmore
M – Neale, Oliver, Fyfe, Brayshaw, Gulden, Campbell, Powell, Jordon, Brockman, A Fyfe
R – Gawn, Grundy, Hunter
F – Dusty, Dunkley, Ziebel, Warner, Rowe, Bergman, Waterman, Scott
My initial plan was to trade out Campbell and one of Sharp or Highmore, however, both the defensive rookies I was planning to bring in are now out and there doesn’t appear to be any midfield rookies with decent job security or scoring potential.
Appreciate any thoughts/advice.
Thanks Community


I’d probably hold your trades ST. No urgency to make any at this stage. I’d go Campbell to Macrae next week if Finn is named, and maybe look to swap cox or Chapman into May in 2 weeks time.


Thanks Bazza. I was leaning towards holding as the only player I have out at this stage is Campbell and I have coverage on the bench in the form of Jordon and Scott. Appreciate the advice.


Out: J Clark, Campbell
In: Stewart, McCreery
Stoked to get Tom Stewart into my side 😀


Jordon or Scott on the field to replace Campbell.



The Mighty Wokkas



Do I stick with Gawn as captain, take Dunkley’s score or go with Fyfe or Grundy as captain.


The Dees were very good, but what a pathetic performance by the umpires .. dreadful…


Best team by a mile won Lazza but the umpires were poor weren’t they


Sure did … certainly playing footy that will take them deep into Sept.. I’m looking forward to your R11 clash.. should be a ripper..


Someone talk me out of Green


Since 2016 he hasn’t been close to playing a full season. Leon Cameron is his coach. He likes to fly kick people


All true but in previous season’s he hasn’t been vice captain. I think he’s matured somewhat after that game against the Pies where he didn’t remonstrate with the Pies player that rode him into the ground. That Leon Cameron aspect is a big thing though.

By this stage in the season I would have expected to see at least 1 50m free a game from brain fades.