Cheat Sheet Round 5

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Good morning Community. It’s another beautiful morning here at Jock Reynolds HQ. Hopefully it’s just as nice wherever you are.

There’s a bit going on in Supercoach this week, key question everyone is asking …what to do with Caleb Daniels and Zak Butters? Butters is clear cut, serious injury with anywhere from 6 weeks out. You need to trade him out. Daniel is different. He may be in a form slump, and there are ways to trade around him, or you can bite the bullet and sideways trade to a similarly priced player. Personally I’ve traded Daniel as I’m chasing league wins and my early fixture is against some of the stronger players in my league.

There are not a lot of players on the bubble this week, especially in the midfield. If you need to bring someone into that line, possibly swing a DPP in there and pick up a DEF or FWD instead. But limited rookies this week can be a good thing. Don’t trade unless you have to. We only have 30 trades for a 23 week season again. It’s hard keeping them when you see glaring holes, but only fix the ones you need to.

Anyway, i hope everyone has a great week.

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Have I missed the boat on Jarman Impey?


If you think he can maintain his form and be a keeper then no definately not.


Yep you did knackers. She’s sailed.

Bob Butter

If he keeps playing the way he is now he’ll end up around 550k and be a keeper, so you haven’t missed the boat in that sense. Just depends on if you believe he can keep it up. It’s hard to see passed the fact he’s already gone up $160k, but you almost have to think about it as if it was pre season and you were picking a mid pricer for $360k with the ability to average over 100. Personally I would go for it and think the reward outweighs the risk.


Yeah, I think I am leaning the same way.
Butters + Daniel for Impey + Ridley

Still mad at myself for chickening out on Caldwell to Tex and instead bringing in another rookie.


If you think he is a stepping stone, ship has sailed. But if he is a keeper, lock him in. If people are saying Ziebell is a keeper, why not Impey?


Thoughts on Atkins for butters?


Personally I wouldn’t unless U actually believe he’s a top 6 forward… Much better options around. Do you own greene Dunkley dusty Tex or even impey? They’ll all finish ahead of Atkins on average.

John Legend

kozi to waterman or chapman?




I’d go m
waterman…. Knows what his role is and doesn’t loo to be getting dropped anytime soon. Good money to make.


Need to give butters the flick but I’m a bit stumped on what to do with my second trade
Def: Laird, Short, Stewart, Daniel, clark, Chapman (Highmore, Fyfe)
Mid: macrae, Fyfe, Merrett, dusty, Cripps, gulden, Powell, jordan (berry, Brockman, Scott)
Ruck: Gawn, nank (Flynn)
Fwd: Dunkley, butters, Walker, ziebell, Warner, Campbell (Rowe, Bergman)
26 trades and $83.4k in the bank
Any suggestions would be welcome!!


Would love to trade Daniel for Short (I haven’t regretted getting rid of Neale before he lost lots of money and was able to get 2 keepers for his trade along with Caldwell out) however with not knowing teams by tonight for the rest of the round I think I will just do the one trade to get Waterman in for Jordon (depends on who is named) to generate some cash and save trades. I have several rookies on the bench not playing, Sharp, Bergman & Highmore and who knows if Scott and Fullarton play this week. Probably look at Jones next week but don’t want to get rid of Highmore as if he plays another game to get to his 3 will make some good cash. If I trade him now will just be a straight swap. Luckily I got Chapman last week to provide coverage for Daniel on the bench this week


Hi Kat, Jordon and Bergman should be playing this week, so if Scott or Fullarton aren’t named, maybe look at one of them instead for Waterman. I don’t mind the Daniel to Short move either if you go ahead with it, not like Daniel was in top form.


Difficult windy conditions at Ballarat last week .I would still back Caleb in Be wary


Just saying that if you want to get rid of him, now would be the time, looking to drop another 60k in the next few rounds, so if you don’t trade him now, you will be stuck with him.


Just confirming that I’m not recommending Short, just that now would be the time to trade Daniel if you needed to.


Alex Witherden will debut for the Eagles tomorrow night instead of Luke Foley,


Is Bruhn back anytime soon? Or should he go?
Thinking Butters to Titch and Bruhn to Waterman.
It’ll leave me with Dunks, Ziebell and the usual rookies in fwd line though, and only 4 premos in mid, no midpricers either.

Bob Butter

I would trade Campbell for Waterman if you have him, decent chance Bruhn might get another run with all the Giants injuries at the moment.

Bob Butter

T Adams to Jaith or Waterman via some DDP magic. Would leave either waterman or Rowe on field in the fwd line but also make me some $. That being said Jiath could also make decent coin and obviously is a better scoring option. Thoughts appreciated


Is bowes the real deal? top 6?

Bob Butter

He will definitely be up there with guys like Lloyd, Ridley, Short, Laird, Mills, Stewart etc. Right now he’s probably my 7th behind those guys just because he plays for GC, but I’ll definitely be looking at him and Mills for D6 later in the season.


He is until he’s not, last year he was an 84 ave real deal.

Shake n bake

Lobb a chance this weekend


This is Supercoach mate, not interested in the Tennis


Thanks. I like the Sholl suggestion. I’ve got Sloane out for 3 or so weeks and 3 short in the backline. So I can trade out Sloane and switch Sholl for Sharp.

S C tragic

Have I missed Survivors this week, has it been posted??


It’s in the panic room mate

S C tragic

Why do I not get posted? Have I failed some test..




I didn’t see anything, did someone post something?


Heeney/Campbell out
Impey/Jiath or Ridley/Bergman