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Oh boy, community. The rails have completely fallen off, and then screwed back on and then fallen off again and then taped on with masking tape and made to move precariously at approx. 1.2km/h as we answer your questions for another week. We look at which rookies are ready, or almost ready to move on. Once again we are asked about Lachie Neale, and which club has the best song.

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Rick Grimes

Suns song is awesome. Bah bah ba ba bah baaaaaah.

The Jinx

I’ve always liked the Brisbane Bears club song, love the lyrics and the catchy chorus.

I like the first verse of Port Adelaide, the second part gets dull and boring.

Fremantle is good, if you want to listen to hard rock at a bar or something. Not a ideal for a club song.

I’m a North fan, our club song is not the best. Kinda a cheesy but catchy😁

Tommy Cannons

I had ROB, Caldwell, Young then Butters… all forced trades