JOCK MAILBAG | Ridley’s Believe It or Not!

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Damo and Clarky are starting to be asked the hard questions. This means you trust them more which calls for an apology but also a thank you! Questions about Neale, and the bank he leftover from trading him or if you still can trade him! Where to whack a Paddy Dow and Warner, Impey and Jiath are also discussed.

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The Jinx

Thanks Fellas, this podcast has made my decision to push that trade button.

Butters to Waterman
Dow to Ridley
$111K in the bank

It’s a risk I am willing to take, Butters will probably pump 150 this week. But I am looking for a player like Ridley who I think is more reliable week in week out.

Having Ridley in my team will give me more room and options between defense and mids. With the likes of Laird, JClark, Sharp & A.Fyfe swinging in those two positions. Either Kosi or Highmore onfield or both on the bench.

Ridley, Stewart, Daniel, Short, Bowes, Highmore (Kosi, Sharp)

Laird, JClark (McNeil, Berry, A.Fyfe)


Like this trade for you!


How much do you think Ridley will outscore Butters by? enough for a trade?
I would hold that one and just look at Dow to Waterman. Even that can wait until next week

The Jinx

It’s not how much by they’ll outscore each other. Both were in losing/thrashing end, Ridley still managed to score well. Both has high ceilings, it probably won’t be much by season end, But it’s the consistency/reliability I am after out of the two. I think it’s worth taking the (calculated)punt, I also looked at the flexibility I will have in my backline and midfield by doing these trade specially the lack of rookies with JS in the backline.


i’m looking at Neale to Ridley or Mills this week because of the lack of good defense rookies. Much prefer to have the midfield rookies on the field then the defense rookie(s)

Rick Grimes

I expect Ridley to get some attention this week. See how he handles it. I want him but can’t get without tearing my team apart.


Good podcast, enjoying the Jock Mailbag! I think I’m going Neale to Ridley this week, held Neale last week and I wanted to keep holding but with the back scan news it’s too big of a risk.


I’m thinking the same as you.

held Neale last week an was living the decision at half time.

im like Patch and usually hold my premiums, unless injured or suspended. I think Neale is injured.


Going to pull the trigger in Neale to Ridley this week

young getting injured was a big factor as well.

young to Chapman is my other trade

put some cash in bank for upgrades in a couple of weeks


But I do love Mills


Good to see you came around to my thinking Derek, even though it’s a week late.


its only half a game late. At half time Neale was looking fine and i was very quick to tell my son (who didn’t even start with Neale) how clever i was.


Yes he was looking good at HT, but I did warn you that he had a bad back Derek, which isn’t something you get over quickly and now that trade is going to cost you an extra 118k.

Shake n bake

L Jones will play this week


Nice. Gives us a nice downgrade in a couple of weeks if he looks good and holds his place

The Ranger

Hmm…I was bringing in Chapman but Jones has been sitting on my bench so maybe I won’t now.
Seems a shame to miss out on Chapman but the only way can get him would be to trade out Dow and move J.Clark to the mids and that would then leave my back line with two rookies on field.
Worth doing to get Chapman?


Haven’t had a listen yet but I’ve locked my trades in, Kosi and Sharp out, going early to get Waterman in and Ridley in.
Hopefully Highmore gets a gig again soon because I have him and Fyfe (loophole) on the bench, moves Clark to D6.


Dow and bergman to either:
jiath and waterman or
impey and Chapman
had sharp, Jones and highmore all donut last week


Impey and Chapman, but only because Waterman isn’t on the bubble.


Nik Cox… Will he keep the role he had last week where he played predominantly back half/wing? Bloke looks an elite kick.

I hope he stays there as an Essendon supporter.


First week of eliminations
Based on the numbers, there will be 4 teams eliminated from each division, except there will be 6 from Division 5 and only 1 each week from Division 9.
The following teams unfortunately been eliminated this week:
Div 1 – The Certs, Logan McDonald AA, Macca’s Magic & Browncows
Div 2 – Large coke no ice, STOP! Hammer Time, fish and cripps & Pie Warmers Utd
Div 3 – Going Parabolic, Coopers Troopers, carcinogemic goats & Mallee Bulldogs
Div 4 – The Spotlight Kids, The Lotus Eaters, SnortLines FK9’s & Rift De Goey
Div 5 – Lukies Legends, Seddon FC, Hammers Heros, The Cora Blues, camburger & rubantugindahub
Div 6 – Gawn To The Pub, King, The A Team & InvinciBell
Div 7 – One Touch Wonder, Wingards Wingmen, Hydroxyrioliquine & John’s Juggernaut’
Div 8 – The Muppets, Megawatt, The plodders & Rodge’s Rebels
Div 9 – Better Luck Nxt Yr
No-one was required to use their Immunity from last week.
Round 4 Immunity
The cream has already started to rise to the top. This week there were 3 teams that went Back2Back with immunity. Unbelievable stuff.
Teams with Immunity for Round 4 (as if they will need it)
Div 1 – Bck2pp (2301)
Div 2 – Morning Fresh (2336)
Div 3 – McBasketball (2331)
Div 4 – Holt (2293)
Div 5 – ETH2.0 (2357)
Div 6 – Hall of Fame (2308)
Div 7 – Deams Stars (2365)
Div 8 – Vicwood (2244)
Div 9 – Spartak Damo (2366)
Special shout out to Hall of Fame who has improved to 10th Overall and Spartak Damo who is not far behind in 32nd place overall. Sensational stuff fellas.
Keep up the good work everyone.
Thanks fellas.


Happy to survive the first week.


Awesome work again this year Derek. Much appreciated

Rick Grimes

I’d be fine with people trading Oliver this week. He’ll get tagged again by O’Connor and lilely pump out another 60-70 (remember, had de Boar not got injured, Oliver may have gone sub 50). He’ll lose a further $60k odd. Plus oppositions will continue to tag him as it works. You can go sideways now to a player who is killing it and was on your upgrade list any way. Then when Oliver bottoms out, if you still want him, grab him back at a massive discount. You aren’t actually burning a trade doing this. It’s simple economics.
For the record, I’m not doing this. I don’t think.




Yeah, that went well