Around the Grounds – Round 3

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Hello everyone and welcome to another week of Around the Grounds. We’ll have a bit more to go with now that both the WAFL and SANFL has kicked off, with the expanded VFL season due to start in a few weeks too. As usual we’ll cover every game, as well as wrapping up with all your trade in options for the week. So enough blabbing, let’s get to it!



The Pies held the lead for most of the game, but were pipped at the last second, losing to Brisbane 73-72. Beau McCreery (FWD, $117,300, BE 23) made his “official” AFL debut as the medical sub, but did not play in the game, though he has been named to “debut” in Round 4.


A 6 goal to 1 second quarter set the Blues up in this one, defeating Fremantle 109-54. Paddy Dow (FWD/MID, $211,800, BE 44) had 27 SCPoints from 11 disposals and 3 tackles with 4 clangers. He’s still in 38% of teams as of writing, but with a 3 round average of just 46.7 SCPoints that’s surely to fall further this week. Luke Parks (DEF, $102,400, BE -10) had 13 disposals, 3 marks and 3 tackles for 51 SCPoints on debut. A nice start for him.


The Bombers had a terrific game against St Kida, with a 143-58 win at Marvel Stadium. Nikolas Cox (DEF/FWD, $204,500, BE -15) had a nice bounce back game with 93 SCPoints after a slow start to his season. He had 17 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles and a goal. Harrison Jones (FWD, $143,100, BE 16) had 9 disposals with 5 marks and 2 goals for his 63 SCPoints. Archie Perkins (MID/FWD, $171,300, BE 33) had just 36 SCPoints from his 14 disposals and Alec Waterman (FWD, $102,400, BE -40) was impressive up forward with 14 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 2.2 for 81 SCPoints. He’s played just the 1 match, so can hold for another week if more pressing needs need to be addressed.


A match that went down to the wire, Geelong defeated Hawthorn 69-64 on Easter Monday. Max Holmes (MID/FWD, $121,800, BE -5) had 16 disposals and 4 marks for his 53 SCPoints while Francis Evans (FWD, $123,900, BE 18) had just 18% ToG before being subbed out for 1 disposal and 1 SCPoint.


Close, but not close enough for Hawthorn, losing to Geelong 69-64 on Easter Monday. Mitch Lewis (FWD, $199,500, BE -3) booted 2 goals with 11 disposals and 3 marks for 83 SCPoints. Tyler Brockman (MID/FWD, $143,500, BE -22) had 7 disposals, 3 tackles and a goal for 29 SCPoints, while Jacob Koschitzke (DEF, $141,700, BE 22) managed just 7 disposal, 1 mark and a goal for 22 SCPoints. Jarman Impey (FWD, $288,000, BE -62) was fantastic again with 24 disposals, 10 marks and 6 rebound 50’s for 108 SCPoints. He has been one of the best value selections you could have made this year.


The Demons continued their strong start to the year, with their third win a row, defeating GWS 102-68. James Jordon (MID, $184,200, BE -23) was quieter last week with 49 SCPoints from 16 disposals, 5 marks a goal and 4 clangers. Neville Jetta (DEF, $202,900, BE 35) had 9 disposals for 42 SCPoints.

North Melbourne

Not a good result for North Melbourne, up against the Western Bulldogs they suffered a 167-39 defeat. Lachie Young (DEF/MID, $244,200, BE 14) had 16 disposals, 7 marks, 5 tackles, but 6 clangers which dropped him to 63 SCPoints. Tom Powell (MID, $191,800, BE -11) had 49 SCPoints from 14 disposals, 7 marks and 3 tackles. Charlie Lazzaro (MID, $126,200, BE -12) kicked 1.1 with 7 disposals and 3 marks for 33 SCPoints and Will Phillips (MID, $198,300, BE 40) had 9 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles for 39 SCPoints.


Again Richmond did not feature any rookie priced players in their game. They have just announced however they will debut Will Martyn (MID, $123,900) and Rhyan Mansell (DEF, $102,400) in Round 4 against Port Adelaide, so keep an eye out for them in that one.

St Kilda

It was a poor effort by the Saints against the Bombers, going down 143-68. Shaun McKernan (FWD, $237,800, BE 60) had 12 disposals, 2 marks and 14 hitouts for 34 SCPoints. With both Rowan Marshall and Paddy Ryder due back soon his days could be numbered. Daniel McKenzie (DEF, $222,300, BE 38) had 9 disposals and 3 marks for 48 SCPoints and Mason Wood (FWD, $223,000, BE 44) finished with 14 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles for 45 SCPoints

Western Bulldogs

It was close for a quarter, but the Bulldogs made easy work of the Roos, winning 167-39. Lachlan McNeil (MID, $135,500, BE -30) finished with 9 disposals, and 1.2 for 54 SCPoints while Anthony Scott (MID/FWD, $139,500, BE -6) had 65 SCPoints from 15 disposals, 3 marks and a goal. Neither have set the world on fire, but they’re ticking along slowly and still have negative breakevens, so job security is the only immediate concern for them.

South Australia


A back and forth game that saw the home town Crows take a 95-85 win over the Gold Coast Suns. Sam Berry (MID, $169,200, BE -28) was deployed more in the forward line in this game and had 10 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles and kicked 1.1 for 58 SCPoints. James Rowe (FWD, $159,000, BE 34) added a pair of goals with 14 disposals, but went at 50% efficiency and had 4 clangers to take his score down to 40 SCPoints. Ned McHenry (FWD, $222,700, BE 51) had 48 SCPoints from his 12 disposals, 4 tackles and a goal. Jordon Butts (DEF, $214,100, BE -6) was the big surprise, scoring 95 SCPoints from 10 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles, 5 rebound 50’s and 13 1%ers. With the news that Daniel talia is out for at least another 8 weeks his job security should be excellent for the medium term. Finally, Will Hamill (DEF, $215,000, BE 30) had 9 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles for 54 SCPoints. Nick Murray was also named as the medical sub, but did not play.

Adelaide opened up their SANFL season with a 102-41 loss to South Adelaide. Josh Worrell (DEF/MID, $123,900) had 20 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles, Fischer McAsey (DEF, $199,300) had 14 disposals and 6 marks and Taiek Newchurch (MID/FWD, $102,400) kicked 2 goals with 11 disposals, 3 tackles and 8 marks.

Port Adelaide

A slow first half hurt the Power, who lost to the Eagles 108-71. Miles Bergman (FWD, $123,900, BE -16) was the medical sub, but did not see any action.

In their first SANFL game of the season Port Adelaide lost to Norwood 97-52. Taj Schoefield (MID, $102,400) had 22 disposals, 2 tackles and a goal, Martin Frederick (DEF, $123,900) finished with 18 disposals, 2 tackles and 4 clerances and Jackson Mead (MID, $123,900) had 16 disposals, 5 tackles and 2 clerances.

Western Australia


Not the greatest result for the Dockers who lost to Carlton 109-64. Lloyd Meek (RUC, $177,500, BE -47) had 10 disposals, 4 tackles and 15 hitouts for 69 SCPoints. He’s still sharing his ruck duties with Sean Darcy, so his upside will be limited somewhat. Stefan Giro (MID, $170,000, BE -50) was good with 20 disposals, 8 marks and 3 goal assists for 87 SCPoints and Michael Frederick (FWD, $175,500, BE -21) had 13 disposals, 8 marks, but kicked 1.4 for 67 SCPoints. Heath Chapman (DEF, $148,800, BE -41) had 19 disposals, 4 marks and 6 tackles for 86 SCPoints. He’s played his 2 games so is due to a price rise next week and Liam Henry (FWD, $184,500, BE 51) came on as the medical sub and had 21 SCPoints from 3 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles.

The Peel Thunder had their first WAFL match, which was a 106-74 loss to East Fremantle. Sam Sturt (FWD, $265,100) starred for the Thunder with 5 goals, 12 disposals and 4 marks.

West Coast

The Eagles got a good win on their home turf, defeating Port Adelaide 108-71. Zac Langdon (FWD, $203,700, BE 90) had just 8% ToG and scored 2 SCPoints with 1 disposal. Jamaine Jones (FWD, $182,400, BE 10) had 4 disposals and 3 tackles for 29 SCPoints and Jack Petruccelle (FWD, $217,100, BE 50) had 8 disposals, 4 marks and a goal for 46 SCPoints. Not much coming from the Eagles rookie wise this year.

In their first WAFL game the West Coast Eagles lost to Perth 105-95. Xavier O’Neill (MID/FWD, $233,200) led the way for the Eagles with 31 disposals. Luke Foley (DEF, $127,900) had 24 disposals (20 kicks), 2 marks and 4 tackles, Zane Trew (MID, $102,400) had 24 disposals and 10 tackles and Isiah Winder (DEF/MID, $117,300) booted 5 goals with 18 disposals and 5 marks while Nathan Vardy (RUC, $228,600) added 4 goals with 15 disposals and 35 hitouts.

New South Wales


The Giants remain winless for the year after a 102-68 loss to Melbourne on Sunday. Matt Flynn (RUC, $227,500, BE -34) continues to do his work in the ruck with 13 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles and 24 hitouts for 89 SCPoints. Jack Buckley (DEF/MID, $246,700, BE 24) scored well with 91 SCPoints from 16 disposals, 5 marks and 4 tackles, while Connor Idun (DEF, $214,900, BE -3) also did well with 83 SCPoints from 16 disposals, 8 marks and 2 tackles. Xavier O’Halloran (MID, $227,500, BE 34) had 12 disposals, 2 marks and a goal for 57 SCPoints, Matt Buntine (DEF/FWD, $225,900, BE 26) finished with 12 disposals, 5 marks and 6 rebound 50’s for 65 SCPoints and Nick Shipley (MID, $227,500, BE 16 ) had 12 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles for 34 SCPoints


The Swans are on-fire, both in the win column and on Rising Star nominations. Chad Warner made it 3/3 this year for Swans players while Sydney as a team had a quality 117-72 win over Richmond. Errol Gulden (MID, $241,100, BE -69) had 18 disposals, 9 marks and 4 tackles for his 74 SCPoints.  Braeden Campbell (MID/FWD. $230,000, BE -12) was quiet with 12 disposals, 5 marks, 4 rebound 50’s and 4 clangers for 29 SCPoints. He still has an achievable BE, but that will jump up for Round 5 when the 118 he scored against Adelaide comes out of his rolling average, so we’ll hope for a big score in Round 4. Chad Warner (FWD, $228,700, BE -72) was fantastic, scoring 112 SCPoints from 20 disposals, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals and Logan McDonald (FWD, $245,700, BE 1) booted 2.2 with 8 disposals and 3 marks for 74 SCPoints.



Zac Bailey was the man of the moment again, a goal after the siren gave the Lions a 73-72 win over Collingwood.  Joe Daniher (FWD, $266,000, BE -1) was busier in front of goals this game, booting 3.3 with 18 disposals, 8 marks and 5 clangers for 84 SCPoints. Tom Fullarton (RUC/FWD, $149,000, BE 4) had 17 disposals, 2 marks and 5 clearances for 48 SCPoints. Thomas Berry (FWD, $235,500, BE 14) had 56 SCPoints from 10 disposals and a goal, Deven Robertson (MID/FWD, $176,800, BE -12) had a good game with 17 disposals, 6 tackles and 83 SCPoints and Connor Ballenden (FWD, $146,100, BE 43) was quiet with just 4 disposasls and 2 marks for 16 SCPoints with only 55% ToG. Jaxon Prior (DEF) was named as the medical sub but did not play.

Gold Coast

An unlucky injury to Jarrod witts may have hurt the Suns chance in this game, going down to the Crows 95-85. Chris Burgess (DEF, $210,000, BE -2) was added to the squad to replace Sam Day, but ended up replacing Witts as well. He had 86 SCPoints from 9 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles and 2 goals. He’ll get some run as a ruckman going forward here, but has only played the one game so far, so you can hold your horses on trading him in just for now.



  1. Heath Chapman – $148,00 – BE -41 – 64.0 SCPoints
  2. Chris Burgess – $210,000 – BE -23 – 86.0 SCPoints
  3. Lachie Young – $244,400 – BE 14 – 71.3 SCPoints
  4. Tom Highmore – $117,300 – BE -42 – 68.5 SCPoints
  5. Matt Buntine – $225,900 – BE 26 – 65.0 SCPoints


  1. Errol Gulden – $241,100 – BE -69 – 116.3 SCPoints
  2. Deven Robertson – $176,800 – BE -12 – 83.0 SCPoints
  3. James Jordon – $184,200 – BE -23 – 69.7 SCPoints
  4. Braeden Campbell – $230,000 – BE -12 – 67.7 SCPoints
  5. Lachie Young – $244,400 – BE 14 – 71.3 SCPoints


  1. Matt Flynn – $227,500 – BE -34 – 102.3 SCPoints
  2. Lloyd Meek – $177,500 – BE -47 – 64.7 SCPoints
  3. Tom Fullarton – $149,000 – BE 4 – 40.3 SCPoints


  1. Chad Warner – $228,700 – BE -72 – 92.0 SCPoints
  2. Alec Waterman – $102,400 – BE – 81.0 SCPoints
  3. Logan McDonald – $245,700 – BE 1 – 77.0 SCPoints
  4. Deven Robertson – $176,800 – BE -12 – 83.0 SCPoints
  5. Mitch Lewis – $199,500 – BE -3 – 83.0 SCPoints

Value for Money (sub $250K trade-ins)

  1. Alec Waterman – AVG 81.0 SCPoints – $1264.2 $ Per Point
  2. Tom Highmore – AVG 68.2 SCPoints – $1712.4 $ Per Point
  3. Luke Parks – AVG 51.0 SCPoints – $2007.8 $ Per Point
  4. Errol Gulden – AVG 116.3 SCPoints – $2072.5 $ Per Point
  5. Deven Robertson – AVG 83.0 SCPoints – 2130.1 $ Per Point

And that is it for me this week. As usual, if you have any questions you can have them answered in the new Jock Reynolds Mailbag podcast hosted by the wonderful Damo by emailing [email protected]. I’m also available on the Twitter machine @BarronVonCrow. Seeya all next week!

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Thanks Barron for a very useful and detailed summary of the Rookies which is where I’m looking to use both trades this week for some Rookie corrections and would appreciate feedback on what are the best options of the following;
OUT Young ($280,700) IN Warner ($228,700)
OUT Koschitzke ($141,700) IN Chapman ($148,800) & $161.4K

OUT Young ($280,700) IN Warner ($228,700)
OUT Sharp ($117,300) IN Chapman ($148,800) & $137K

OUT Young ($280,700) IN Warner ($228,700)
OUT Brockman ($143,500) IN Chapman ($148,800} & $163.2K

Probably leaning towards Option 2 (depending if Sharp is picked this week as keep DEF/MID swing set with Laird) and then Option 1 as Kosi looks to be a slow burn and may not have good JS. Or am I better off just going Young to Jiath with $64K in the bank and only using one trade?


Gr8 work BVC.
Depends who gets a gig in def this week but with the injuries at freo (young being the latest) chapman could be the pick of the week as his js looking pretty solid.
Couple of watches this week on rooks who play game 2, also treacy should get a gig this week.
As for the fire sale team rd 3 saw another avg score with 2042. Rich VC/C this week. Again too many scores in 70-90 range. If they click though gonna be a BIG score.
Team is below:
Def: Williams, moore, lukosious, rich, h clark, young. (Highmore, Sharp).
Mid: Smith, tarranto, Cerra, JOM, LDU, Serong, mcgrath, simpkin. (Gulden, powell, jordon)
Ruck: Hickey, Flynn. (Martin)
Fwd: Heeney, butters, hind, ziebell, tex, impey. (Rowe, Campbell)
Trades rd 4.
Young – Jiath.
Sharp – Chapman.
Overall score 6230 around 20,000 rank.
The experiment continues…


I did a very similar experiment a few years ago. It ended bad. Couldn’t get a decent score and had no team value.

Success is with the cheap rookies scoring like the midpricers and getting the rookie roulette right.


Interestingly team value has gone up almost $900k. 😂


Be interesting to see how your season ends up…are you running 2 sides this year mate?


shh don’t tell anyone – lol.
nah just running this one as a bit of an experiment on the side just to see how it goes against a gnr side. bit of a physiological experiment if you will
updating it each week in excel with price changes etc and making sure that if I bring someone in I have the salary cap to do so just like the real thing.
got potential just needs to click at the same time. fwd line fired last rd but midfield was a spluttering mess. ……


Haha my midfield had one lousy ton last week and it allegedly has 6 premos in it , fun experiment bud.


In terms of defender rookies, who’s looking like having the best JS between Murray, Chapman and Parks?

David C

Chapman but Parks could get a good run at it as well.

The Jinx

Great stuff Barron and thanks for the summary of rookies, made it easier for me look for rookies who scored well, who’s on the bubble and who’s worth bring in this week.

I’m torn, with these options
Dow to Warner
Rowe to Waterman

Dow to Impey
Rowe to Waterman

Dow to Warner
Rowe to Butts

Or just do Dow to Impey or Warner

I’m really keen of getting Ridley in this week, it will be the expense of Butters.
Butters to Waterman
Dow to Ridley

At this stage my gut and head says grab Ridley now.


Can you get Warner and Ridley?. .I wouldn’t be going early on Waterman, he could score 15 this week

The Jinx

Wish I could Russty, unfortunately I’m 17K short.

I can’t get Chapman either it would mean I’ll lose the def-mid swing.


Maybe just get the riddler then mate and hope Butters doesn’t start knocking tons out every week haha, or have you considered getting rid of clark for Warner?


Dow to Warner

Warner is a gun.

The Jinx

I’ve been fixed on getting Ridley since last week. If I don’t get him now, I think I’m gonna struggle getting him for the rest of the season. Don’t want it to be another Lloyd or Doc couple years back.


Heath Chapman on the bubble, anyone else?


I’m looking at it if Highmore or sharp are not named. Chapman looks to have decent enough JS atm with young and Pearce out for a few weeks atleast. But not sure he’s a must have. You have a second look at parks this weekend whose 40k cheaper and rumoured to look okay with JS also.


Hi Mav, with Gresham going down I’m hoping Ratten puts H.Clark back into the midfield and Highmore back in the backline, but who knows what he’ll do, Saints are a clusterfk at the moment.


Yes, have too many non cash generating rookies in my side so it’s Kosi out Chapman in. I’m holding on to Highmore, expect him to get more games and his scoring was pretty good.


Lachie Jones in for Port. Still got him in my side 👍