JOCK MAILBAG | Sideways Trading with Ben from SuperCoach Insider

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Damo and Clarky are joined by the wonderful and knowledgeable Ben from SuperCoach Insider to answer all your questions heading into Round 3. A theme of Sideways trading over arched the episode, but then we somehow start talking about the Monsters’ Inc sequel?

Anyway, you can follow SuperCoach Insider on Twitter @SCInsider100

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Rick Grimes

Nice work lads. I’m not a Neale owner but liked the advice re sideways to another premo. It’s not burning a trade, just good investing. Sell high, buy low.
Cripps I know I should hold but the Riddler is calling my name.


Good call Rick. You are not a Neale owner.
Traded Neale today at $721K. His performance of 89SC tonight was way below his projected 120SC.
Looking to get Neale later in the season when he finds his mojo.
Cheers. TH

The Salt

Crippa be alright….as will Dow

The Salt

Keep Tarranto will go large…coach is shit


Apparently Neale has stress fractures in his back hence the low output 1st 3 rounds. 🙄


Hi Fellas,
I’ve got a decision to make:
Who should I be bringing in this week between; Ziebell, Impey, Warner and Ridler?