Around the Grounds – Round 2

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Hello everyone and welcome to Round 2 of Around the Grounds for 2021. Round 2 was an interesting week for sure, but what we did see was some terrific performances from our rookie selections, especially those in the red and white for Sydney, while others in the red and black for Essendon perhaps left us wanting slightly more from them. The end of Round 3 is when players will have their first official price rise, so it will be an important week where you will want to lock in any well performing rookies you may not have in your team. With that being said, lets go see how the rookies performed for each team last week.



Collingwood put up their first win of 2021 with a solid 106-85 win over Carlton. Trey Ruscoe (FWD, $206,800, BE 83) had just 34% ToG for 2 disposals and a goal for 25 SCPoints. He’s averaging just 19 SCPoints in his two games and already has a BE that will likely see him lose $20K or so if he plays again. He’s not scoring or making cash, but the lucky thing is he’s in only 760 teams, so he won’t be a problem for the majority of us out there.


Carlton moved to 0-2 for the year after their 106-85 loss to Collingwood on Thursday night. Paddy Dow (FWD, $202,400, BE 6) scored 53 SCPoints from 13 disposals, 2 tackles and 3 clearances. His average is just 56.5 SCPoints so far this year, which is far below what you’d of been hoping for if you were one of the 43% of teams who selected him. There are more than a few available options in the Walker/Impey/Ziebell/Sydney Swans rookies range that will make quality downgrade targets, but at the very least if you have more important things to worry about his value will still slightly increase since his BE is just 6, so he’s one that can stick if you have bigger fish to fry this week.


Unlike last week against Hawthorn the Bombers were never really in this one, losing to Port Adelaide 119-65. Harrison Jones (FWD, $123,900, BE 20) had just 5 SCPoints from 4 disposals, 1 mark and 2 hitouts over his 79% ToG. Not what you’d want to see at all given he played the majority of the game. Nikolas Cox (DEF/FWD, $175,800, BE 28) finished with 13 disposals, 3 marks and 3 tackles for 42 SCPoints while Ned Cahill (FWD, $161,200, BE 42) produced just 15 SCPoints from 7 disposals and 2 marks over 71% ToG. All 3 have proven to be iffy options this year, Cox and Cahill especially given they have a slightly higher starting price and all 3 could potentially lose value if they have quiet games again.


A game that had plenty of coverage after the fact, Geelong pulled off a close win to avoid going 0-2 with an 81-80 win over Brisbane on Friday night. Jordan Clark (DEF/MID, $241,800, BE -5) had 16 disposals, 5 marks, 5 tackles and a goal, but unfortunately added 8 clangers which dropped his score to 67 SCPoints. We saw last week with a guy like Jarman Impey how this impacted his score, so hopefully he improves on that this week. Francis Evans (FWD, $123,900, BE -4) made his debut with 2 goals from 7 disposals for 54 SCPoints. A nice start for him.


A hard-fought match, but Hawthorn just couldn’t stop the Tiger train, going down to Richmond 78-49. Jarman Impey (FWD, $212,800, BE -62) was fantastic with 22 disposals (21 effective), 5 marks and 3 tackles for 123 SCPoints. This is what we wanted to see from him in terms of ball use, it might be a bit much to expect him to be near perfect every week, but if he can produce some triple digit scores every now and then that will keep the cash generation ticking over and owners very happy. Tyler Brockman (MID/FWD, $117,300, BE -30) booted 2 goals with 12 disposals and 8 marks for 77 SCPoints. Early days, but he’s showing himself to be a hand goal scorer for the Hawks so far this year.  Jacob Koschitzke (DEF, $123,900, BE -18) had 9 disposals, 6 marks and a goal for 38 SCPoints while Oliver Hanrahan (FWD, $237,200, BE 64) had 34 SCPoints from 13 disposals and 5 marks.


Early days but Melbourne moved into the Top 4 with a 91-73 win over St Kilda on Saturday afternoon. James Jordon (MID, $123,900, BE -87) is looking like a quality trade in target if you don’t have him. He had 20 disposals, 6 marks, 9 tackles and 2 each of rebound and inside 50’s for 82 SCPoints. Neville Jetta (DEF, $186,100, BE 4) had 9 disposals and 3 marks for his 42 SCPoints.

North Melbourne

Not a great result for North Melbourne, suffering a 98-39 loss to Gold Coast on Saturday night. Lachie Young (DEF/MID, $202,000, BE -33) had 15 disposals, 5 marks and 6 rebound 50’s for 66 SCPoints. Young continues to lead the way for sub $250K defenders in terms of overall Supercoach average but is $963.1 behind Tom Highmore in the Points per $ stakes, so there is better value for money elsewhere. Aiden Bonar (DEF, $245,400, BE 14) finished with 15 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles for 81 SCPoints, Tom Powell (MID, $153,300, BE -38) had 16 disposals, 2 tackles, 3 clearances and 75 SCPoints. He continued to be a solid player early for the Roos. Dom Tyson (MID, $243,900, BE 73) had 41 SCPoints from 13 disposals, 5 marks and 4 clangers, while Charlie Lazzaro (MID, $117,300, BE 13) finished with 17 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles and 5 inside 50’s for 53 SCPoints. He still has the score of 3 from Round 1 in his rolling average, so his price generation will still be stunted over the next fortnight, but once that clears out he should start making some money if he can continue to score decently from here.


Richmond did their usual on Sunday, defeating Hawthorn 78-49. Once again, they did not feature any rookie priced players in their game.

St Kilda

A tight game, but the Saints were just outworked slightly in the second half to lose to Melbourne 91-73. Tom Highmore (DEF, $117,300, BE -68) had a quality score of 77 SCPoints from 9 disposals, 3 marks and 5 tackles. Shaun McKernan (FWD, $245,900, BE 52) kicked a goal with 7 disposals, 2 marks and 4 hitouts for 46 SCPoints while the other ruckman Paul Hunter (RUC, $102,400, BE -19) had a difficult time against Max Gawn with 10 disposals, 5 tackles, 4 clearances and 13 hitouts for 35 SCPoints. Hunter had just 3 hitouts to advantage and continues to rank “Below Average” amongst ruckmen in that category, along with hitouts per game, while ranking “Above Average” for actual ruck contests attended according to AFL Stats Pro.

Western Bulldogs

A terrific game that saw some Bont magic seal the deal, with the Bulldogs defeating West Coast 100-93. Lachlan McNeil (MID, $102,400, BE -21) had 9 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles for 55 SCPoints and Anthony Scott (MID/FWD, $102,400, BE -19) managed 9 disposals (all uncontested) for 23 SCPoints. Scott is currently looking like the bigger issue than McNeil, with Scott averaging 0.2 Points per Minute while McNeil is averaging 0.7 PPM, which ranks 9th among sub $250K midfielders. Finally, Ryan Gardiner (DEF, $232,800, BE 11) had 10 disposals and 4 marks for 59 SCPoints.

South Australia


A solid start and end for the Crows, but it was the in-between they couldn’t get right, going down to Sydney 121-88. Sam Berry (MID, $117,300, BE -59) could have probably had a triple digit score if he kicked straight, booting 0.4 with 7 disposals and 10 tackles for 69 SCPoints. Matt Crouch and Jackson Hately are still injured, so he should stick for a little bit longer. James Rowe (FWD, $117,300, BE -54) had the second game blues, not being able to get anything going with 8 disposals, 3 marks and 2 tackles for 19 SCPoints. Ned McHenry (FWD, $212,900, BE 26) had 13 disposals and 3 marks for 32 SCPoints while Jordon Butts (DEF, $176,800, BE 11) continued his lockdown role with 9 disposals, 2 marks and 5 rebound 50’s for 37 SCPoints. Nicholas Murray (DEF, $102,400, BE 0) had 41 SCPoints in his AFL debut game with 10 disposals and 3 marks. Daniel Talia has had a delayed return from injury, now dealing with a foot tendon issue, but Murray is still probably keeping Tals spot warm for at least another 2-3 weeks if Talia returns without any further complications. Lastly Will Hamil (DEF, $210,900, BE 45) had 11 disposals and 2 tackles for 42 SCPoints.

Port Adelaide

A 6 goal to 1 first quarter pretty much set the game up for Port, handing Essendon a 119-65 defeat at Adelaide Oval. Miles Bergman (FWD, $123,900, BE -16) had 58 SCPoints from 15 disposals and 7 marks. A quality game, though the Power are tight for spots with Connor Rozee, Todd Marshall and Sam Powell-Pepper all potentially back this week, but he certainly didn’t do himself any harm in keeping his spot.

Western Australia


Some inaccurate kicking made the score slightly closer, but Fremantle didn’t have much trouble with the Giants, winning 87-56. Lloyd Meek (RUC, $123,900, BE -52) shared the ruck duties against GWS, but still scored well with 13 disposals, 2 marks and 17 hitouts (6 to advantage) for his 82 SCPoints. Michael Frederick (FWD, $175,700, BE 13) kicked 1.2 with 13 disposals, 8 marks and 7 inside 50’s for 57 SCPoints, while Stefan Giro (MID, $123,900, BE -17) had 15 disposals (14 effective), 3 marks and 5 rebound 50’s for 63 SCPoints. Heath Chapman (DEF, $148,800, BE 17) made his debut and had 12 disposals, 3 marks and 3 clangers for 42 SCPoints.

West Coast

Still in the top 8, but the Eagles fell over in the final quarter with a 100-93 loss to the Western Bulldogs. Jamaine Jones (FWD, $182,400, BE 5) had most of his scoring in front of goals, booting 3, along with 8 disposalsand 3 tackles for 68 SCPoints. Xavier O’Neill (FWD/MID, $233,200, BE 35) scored 42 SCPoints from 12 disposals, 2 marks and 2 inside 50’s. Zac Langdon (FWD, $224,900, BE 50) was quiet with 8 disposals, 3 tackles and 2 clangers for his 28 SCPoints while Nathan Vardy (RUC, $228,600, BE 73) had just 4 disposals and 11 hitouts for his 27 SCPoints.

New South Wales


Not the best weekend for the Giants, suffering a 87-56 loss to Fremantle. Matt Flynn (RUC, $123,900, BE -145) wasn’t as good as last week, but still solid with 12 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles and 18 hitouts (5 to advantage) for 78 SCPoints. According to AFL Stats Pro Flynn is currently ranked “Above Average” for hitouts and hitouts to advantage, while being “Elite” in stoppage clearances, disposals, ground ball gets, disposal efficiency, spoils, contested marks, intercept marks, contested possessions and intercept possessions among ruckman, so he’s certainly holding his own out there and if you have him as a R2 he should do solidly from here. Jack Buckley (DEF/MID, $223,800, BE 39) had 30 SCPoints from 8 disposals and 2 marks, Tanner Bruhn (MID, $157,800, BE 12) scored just 32 SCPoints from 7 disposals and 2 tackles from 63% ToG while Zach Sproule (FWD, $123,900, BE 17) kicked 2 goals with 7 disposals and 3 clangers for 33 SCPoints.


Two for two for Sydney in 2021, with a good win against Adelaide, winning 121-88. Errol Gulden (MID, $117,300, BE -206) was on-fire again with 136 SCPoints from 22 disposals, 7 marks, 2 tackles and a goal. If he’s not in your side he’s a must trade in option this week. Not to be outdone, Braeden Campbell (MID/FWD, $189,300, BE -63) scored the Round 2 Rising Star nomination with 25 disposals, 6 marks, 2 tackles and 8 rebound 50’s for 118 SCPoints. His higher starting price puts him slightly below Gulden if you don’t have him, but he is showing that he will also be a quality SC rookie selection this year. Chad Warner (FWD, $144,000, BE -80) is probably gunning for a trifecta for the Swans in Rising Star nominations after his quality start to 2021. He had 20 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles, 2 clearances and 2 goals for 94 SCPoints. Lastly, Logan McDonald (FWD, $193,900, BE -43) had 69 SCPoints from 2 goals, 11 disposals and 8 marks. Another good option to look at, though I’d put him slightly below Warner due to the starting price.



A game Brisbane wouldn’t be happy with at the end of the day, losing to Geelong 81-80. Thomas Berry (FWD, $235,500, BE 26) had 7 disposals, 6 tackles and a goal for his 68 SCPoints. Joe Daniher (FWD, $233,300, BE 10) was slightly better this week, though he only kicked 1.2, he also had 13 disposals and 9 marks for 73 SCPoints. At the minimum that’s what you’d want him to score going forward, but hopefully he’s just easing into the games and will start to pick up some momentum from here. Tom Fullarton (RUC/FWD, $128,900, BE 3) scored 35 SCPoints from 8 disposals, 2 tackles and 6 hitouts. Not great, but hopefully he can get a decent score into his rolling average this week. Harry Sharp (DEF/MID, $117,300, BE -2) had 4 disposals and 2 marks for his 20 SCPoints amd Jaxon Prior (DEF, $123,900, BE 27) had 9 disposals, 4 marks and 4 clangers for 23 SCPoints.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast got their first win on the board with a 98-39 win over North Melbourne. They again featured no sub $250K rookie priced players.



  1. Lachie Young – $202,000 – BE -33 – AVG 75.5 SCPoints
  2. Jordan Clark – $241,800 – BE -5 – AVG 73.5 SCPoints
  3. Tom Highmore – $117,300 – BE -68 – AVG 68.5 SCPoints
  4. Aiden Bonar – $245,500 – BE 14 – AVG 65 SCPoints
  5. Ryan Gardner – $232,800 – BE 11 – AVG 62.5 SCPoints


  1. Errol Gulden – $117,300 – BE -206 – AVG 137.5 SCPoints
  2. Braeden Campbell – $189,300 – BE -63 – AVG 87 SCPoints
  3. James Jordon – $123,900 – BE -87 – AVG 80.0 SCPoints
  4. Lachie Young – $202,000 – BE -33 – AVG 75.5 SCPoints
  5. Jordan Clark – $241,800 – BE -5 – AVG 73.5 SCPoints


  1. Matt Flynn – $123,900 – BE -145 – AVG 109.0 SCPoints
  2. Lloyd Meek – $123,900 – BE -52 – AVG 62.5 SCPoints
  3. Paul Hunter – $102,400 – BE -19 – AVG 39.5 SCPoints
  4. Tom Fullarton – $128,900 – BE 3 – AVG 36.5 SCPoints
  5. Nathan Vardy – $228,600 – BE 73– AVG 30.5 SCPoints


  1. Jarman Impey – $212,800 – BE -62 – AVG 93.5 SCPoints
  2. Braeden Campbell – $189,300 – BE -63 – AVG 87 SCPoints
  3. Chad Warner – $144,000 – BE -80 – AVG 82.0 SCPoints
  4. Logan McDonald – $193,800 – BE -43 – AVG 78.5 SCPoints
  5. Thomas Berry – $235,500 – BE 26 – AVG 68.0 SCPoints

Value for Money

  1. Errol Gulden – $853.1 per point
  2. Matt Flynn – $1136.7 per point
  3. James Jordon $1548.8 per point
  4. Tom Highmore – $1712.4 per point
  5. Chad Warner – $1756.1 per point

And that is it for me this week. As usual, if you have any questions you can have them answered in the new Jock Reynolds Mailbag podcast hosted by the wonderful Damo by emailing [email protected]. I’m also available on the Twitter machine @BarronVonCrow. We’ll be kicking this up a notch starting from next week with the SANFL and WAFL starting next Friday, while the VFL will still be a few weeks away with their Round 1 scheduled for the 16th of April. Seeya next week!

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Would you trade out Cripps for Cerra?


I’d consider it if I had no other issues to ix, but I’m not confident Cerra is long term a better option


Agree. Cerra is good, but if Cripps gets traded out, its for a rolled gold uber premo or a cash cow.

Rick Grimes

I moved Rowell to Cerra last week and happily banked the 120sc points. Cerra and Brayshaw are into everything. Don’t see them changing either as Fyfe is killing it forward. Cerra cheaper and if someone gets tagged it will be Brayshaw.


Douglas Howard- has his role changed or has he just had a couple of good games?




Also took the most kickins BVC

Shake n bake

The big O out good for Grundy owners


Its a sad state of affairs when you have a $721k reigning brownlow medalist and you don’t know whether to….
a. Trade him out and stack up some cash.
b. Make him your bench emergency in case he stinks it up so much that your two onfield rookies will probably outscore him.
c. Put the VC on him as a huge point of difference.


I thought about VC-ing him Jugs but I think Grundy is the way to go for me this week, will probably be up against Fullarton, also who knows how bad Neale’s back pain is?…I’m holding him for now but it is a worry.


ATTENTION : Jocks Jungleland Draft League Coaches , I am considering putting Gawn up for trade and in return I am chasing a top line midfielder and a topline fwd and also looking at another top ruckman.. I would be also off loading either of Shuey, Yeo or Menengola.. So if your possibly looking at getting the best Ruckman in the League then put some players before me and I’ll strongly consider your offer,, Cheers Gator

Shake n bake

I’m happy to give up a fwd but I’m also after a mid. Have Nic nat so I’m happy with that. I did give up Danger for Brayshaw to Derek.


Can give you Shuey for Sonny or Heeney, Shake. If you want to propose a trade and i’ll see what i can do


Interesting Gator. You interested in either Goldstein or Lycett in the rucks department? I am after another top forward.
Cheers. TH


I’ll give ya Guthrie or Selwood and Stanley/Hickey Col, could also offer up Dixon as a Fwd.

The Lost Boys

Hey Community! Looking for some advice for trades this week. Considering trading Neale via DPP to Ridley, and then either Taranto up to Brayshaw / Dusty, or Dow down to Sam Berry.
Team is:
Def: Lloyd, Laird, Daniel, Stewart, Short, Clark – Highmore, Koshitzke
Mid: Neale, Oliver, Macrae, Taranto, Campbell, Powell, Jordan, Gulden – Sharp, Brockman, Scott
Ruck: Gawn, Grundy – Flynn
Fwd: Duckley, Ziebell, Impey, Dow, Warner, Rowe – Fullarton, Bergman

What do you think?

Rick Grimes

If it were me I’d go with a Ridley, Brayshaw combo. The latter is having a breakout breakout.


What would the community say is the biggest priority – bring in Jordon and Berry to maximise cash generation or bring in one of them and trade Neale to another MID premo?

Rick Grimes

If you keep Neale and he puts in another sub par performance he’ll drop 70-80k. Thats more than you’ll make off either of those rookie. If you are backing him in no matter what, that loss is irrelevant. But if you can’t see him pulling it around, trading to a performing mid makes sense from a points generation and value perspective. I reckon Jordan over Berry as priority.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rick Grimes

Cheers Rick. I think I’d back neale to finish in the top 10 mids anyway so that loss of $$ isn’t a concern like you said. But I guess similarly to Cripps, it’s a question of when is neale gonna turn it around? If his next 3 weeks are injury affected and he still pumps out 70-80s, then I’d rather cull him for a premo mid. If he can turn it around sooner though then it’ll be worth holding the trade.
All guess work at the moment as no one is really sure how bad his injury really is
What makes you say jordan over berry btw? Berry’s tackle numbers have been huge so surely that bodes well for his spot from a coaching perspective


I think cause Jordon’s averaging 80, and is keeping his spot in a fairly stacked midfield, Berry only managed 8 disposals and 59 points in a rampaging Crows side that beat the Cats and that was from 80% TOG, if he didn’t have 7 tackles he probably scores nothing.
Jordon had 20 disposals and 9 tackles, 82 points from 65% tog against the Saints.
Berry against the Swans 7 disposals and 10 tackles 69 points from 64%tog but only 28% D/E.
Jordon against Freo, 15 disposals, 5 tackles, 78 points from 73% tog.
Berry’s a tackling machine but not a great ball winner, Jordon for me is clearly the better option.


Thanks Rusty, great breakdown of numbers. I’ll be going Sharp > Jordon. Do you think it’s worth culling one of Scott or McNeil for Berry, and if so which one? Seems like Scott has the poorer PPM but handy with DPP.


Hey Joe…sorry for the late reply, I’d probs do Mcneil just because Scott has the dpp, haven’t had a close look at their numbers but both ave 40 isn’t good for making much cash, at Least berry will if he keeps tackling like a man possessed.

Shake n bake

Ryder not back anytime soon


Yeah maybe next week?…and Marshall due back son too, Hunter has been garbage, so much for grabbing his opportunity, no wonder he’s 28 and never played a senior game. At least Flynn is fully going for it.

Shake n bake

I’ve heard they have extended his personal leave


Yeah true and then a couple of weeks training to get ready to play.

Rick Grimes

Sharp’s season has come to a blunt end. Gives us a loophole at least.

Shake n bake

Not this week 🤣

Rick Grimes

True, but he ain’t coming back any time soon.


I might hang onto him until another half decent looking def rookie shows up.


Should I trade Bruhn or Jones for Jordan?


Jones I reckon, 5 points last game, from 79%tog, tall key fwd, Bruhn could turn out ok if he gets a decent run at it.


Jones to Jordon.


Someone will get his name right soon


I really am amazed how many people get it wrong.

The Ranger

Is Berry a must have? I could sideways Henry via DPP but I’d lose a fwd loop


I don’t think so Ranger, he started with a 59 and is in a team that might get hammered this year, as long as you have Jordon, Gulden Powell and Campbell, but not sure if Powell even stays in with Cunnington coming back this week, North should play their young ones cause they need to try and do something to improve.


Gr8 work again BVC.

Firesale team had a mare rd 2. So many scores between 80 and 100.
Just scrapped over the 2k mark scoring 2013 with heeney as capt. Martin was putrid in the ruck.

Overall score after 2 rds 4188 which would put the team around the 21,000 ranking mark for the year.

As team has caldwell trade this week to his mate in hind. Also trading ryan to tex for cash gen. 👍


What are we thinking on tex. Couple more 80’s and he will up over $400k. Could then trade to danger after he has played 3 games.



Yep, its very tempting. But why do I have this feeling that if I bring him in he will immediately revert to scoring 50 – 60. Not only that, but due to bigger issues that always develop, I will look at my team in round 15 and he will still be there, snickering at me and tying up a significant amount of cash.

It could be a winner, but I’m gunna pass. I’d rather have a genuine keeper, or a cheap rookie at this point. The SC gods cast this type of fish hook at the start of every season. This year I’m not going to bite.

David C

Amen … big trap.


As I said tempting. The only rookie I dont have is warner so will probably trade to him. Looks locked in best 22 so will fill yhe on field fwd instead of tex and will bank the cash saved.


Hiya Trig, Tex has looked good the last 2 games but what happens when he gets shut down by some good defenders?…maybe no goals and low points. He only had Henderson and Rampe on him the last 2. He is tempting for the cash grab though but rooks will also make you money if they don’t bog the bed.


Think ive decided im going davey warner rust. 😉


If you have Caldwell or even Dow, Tyson or another poor choice midpricer, going to Tex would be a good move

Tex is only going to be a 2 week cash grab. After two more weeks his first 2 weeks scores will be out of his rolling average, but he should have made $140k if he can score a couple of 90’s. After that he loses cash.

London bomber

Hey community. I have a question. Do I A) trade Caldwell to tex and sharp to Berry in the mid field.
more B) Stewart to Ridley and Caldwell to Tex or someone else and keep Sharp as a loophole?
the first would leave me with 60k the 2nd with more like 150k.


Hi, why trade out Stewart, is he injured or something? I always like to have a loophole player, extra insurance to grab your VC’s big score.

London bomber

No but he’s under performed for what I’ve paid for him.
Yeah I’m leaning towards keeping sharp as a loophole.


He scored 113 round 1…then an 83, that’s not really underperforming, it’s just one down game. I reckon he’ll average 105 to 110 this year. Up to you though, Ridley is killing it this year so far.


Waste of a trade getting rid of Stewart, he’s a keeper, if you do dumb trades like that you will run out of trades by round 18. Right now you only need to be trading if a player is injured or suspended for more than 2 weeks, or you have a rookie not playing and don’t have all the good ones. So sharp to Berry and Caldwell to Warner if you don’t have him.

David C

Brisbane have a lot of early games. Sharp is not a good loop option.


Yes I pointed this fact out to Derek this week, they don’t have any late games until round 12 during the byes, so there is no point keeping him.


This is a community announcement for those who are still spelling James Jordon as Jordan. I don’t think you should be allowed to trade him into your team if you can’t get his name right. The end.


Its lucky I know how to spell Gulden then……..


Hehe, kind of like how no one can seem to get Jack Lukosius’s name right and Caleb Daniel is called “Daniels”, even commentators used to Call Jack Steven, “Stevens”

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

Yes, Derek is a good one for having an ”o” after the ”i” in Lukosius.


i went to school with a greek guy called Constatina Papadofrankankus and often mispelt it Fritsch is another


and RUSSTY is often called RUSTY among other things


I don’t mind that mate :)’s just being economical with the typing haha


and you know who did that too


Haha Jordon it is from now on cause I ve got him in my team

Rick Grimes

He’ll always be Jordan to me.


My main priority this week is to trade Caldwell out. What is the best option out of Impey, Switkowski, Zeibel or Logan McDonald (I already have Warner). Leaning towards Switkowski (Ave 102) as a POD but don’t know too much about him and don’t trust Freemantle players as a rule (even though I brought Brayshaw in last week)
My other issue is which of my four non playing rookies (all on the bench) – Henry, Jones (PA), Sharp and Fyfe (GC) should I trade out this week.
Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated.


Switkowski is a huge risk, would stay away. Ziebell is a proven SC scorer so he’s a good option, Impey and McDonald are probably your next 2 options but expect more yo-yo scoring from both.

Out of your non-playing rookies, I’d be trading out Henry, Sharp or Fyfe (if you don’t want a good loophole option). Jones is expected to break into the Port side soon as he is really well rated internally.


Thanks Joe. Appreciate your advice. I thought Switkowski would be a huge risk (not just because he plays for Freemantle!!) because there has not been much mention of him even though he has started the season well. I think I will go with Zeibel and then look to trade Henry or Sharp and keep Fyfe (GC).


No problem ST, just keep an eye out on teamsheets before trading as Ziebell was under a bit of an injury cloud so he needs to pass the fitness test.


No better time than the start of this round to be looking for trading ideas. My team-

Def– Lloyd,Laird, Ridley, Daniel, Short, Highmore (Kozi, Sharp)
Mid– Neale, Macrae, Dunkley, Walsh, Cripps, Taranto, Jordon, Gulden (Powell, Berry, McNeil)
Ruck– Gawn, Flynn (Meek)
Fwd– Dusty, Ziebell, Daniher, Campbell, Warner, Rowe (Brockman, Scott)

I’ve used two trades already with $38k in the bank. I feel like I’ve got the important rookies.

I’m sticking with Neale, but going to trade either Taranto or Cripps. Leaning toward Cripps purely on fitness concerns. Also, he is a stoppage bull. Things will evolve through the year, but right now its a fast flowing game.
I’d like to get rid of Sharp (early games make him no good as a loophole) and replace him with another player who can at least play and be solid bench cover. Some of the other rookies will get rested and become loophole options.

I’m thinking of-
a. Trading out Cripps, swinging Dusty to the mids and bringing in Impey forward. Then dropping Sharp for Lachie Young, who is expensive at $202k, but should have good JS and the North backs are going to see a lot of ball (most of it going over their heads). This banks a fair it of cash to help me get Danger back later.
b. Trading out Cripps, swinging Laird to the mids and buying the best defender I can afford. Sharp stays there clogging a bench spot, but will swing with Laird if he is needed in the backline. Saves a trade, and finishes my backline when Laird goes back there later.

I could also swing Dusty into the Cripps slot and buy the best forward I can afford, but I’m not sold on the other forward options yet. Lets call this option c, but I don’t like it.
Any thoughts?

Last edited 1 year ago by JugHead
Rick Grimes

Neale traders be filthy.

Rick Grimes

Grundy sellers worse.


89SC last night……To be frank, I am absolutely effing delighted to see the back of him for now! He will crater 80K this week.

Rick Grimes

My comment was made at htwhen he was on about 70. Talk about spudding it up.


Didnt see the game.
What the hell happened 2nd half? 19 second half was he tagged? Injured? Or just crap?

Rick Grimes

I didn’t see him being tagged especially hard. I saw enough to want him as soon as his price bottoms out.

Rick Grimes

You little beauty!


Confession time.

1. I traded Grundy after Round 1 and got in Dusty. Rationale – Had no $ available, and had Gawn and Flynn. Figured Flynn could be on field even if he scored 70-80 a week as R2. (Let’s see whether Martin keeps up with Grundy at this point, but I’d rate this trade as a C- at the moment. Probably would have worked better by ditching Phillips and another player to get Martin.)

2. I traded Neale for Ridley, and Phillips for Walker. At this point after the Brisbane Collingwood game I’d rate this an A- in terms of cash generation. Neale will drop $ the next 2-3 weeks, Ridley looks like a lock, Phillips doesn’t look like he will outperform and Tex will make $ for the next few weeks.



Its working out ok as long as Dusty continues to equal Grundy and you get some cash generation from your R3.
You need to think about an exit plan for Tex. Maybe trade him out for Danger in a few weeks? Danger has a BE of 153. His price could slip a little bit his first week back.


Thank’s JugHead, If I can make $200k out of Tex, I’d be stoked. He’s not one of my long term solutions though, but a stepping stone to a subsequent premo, maybe to a Danger in about Round 7 or a swing to an Oliver, Steele, Mitchell or similar.


But if he keeps smashing 130s or 140s, he’s not going anywhere.


Grundy is outpointing Martin by about 75
Ridley outpointed Neale by about 50
Walker got 130, so Phillips would need to ton up to equalise + there is $500k on the bench to upgrade next week. Probably Warner and possibly Mitchell for say Drew.