JOCK MAILBAG | How Do I Restart My Team?

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Damo and Clarky return to answer more SuperCoach questions heading into round 2. They discuss captaincy options and why sideways trading may not be advised yet among other various topics.

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Trigs talkin’ points:
Who is in the guts?

Tried to focus on SC relevant players.

Blues v Tiges

Game Centre bounces 30
Prestia – 21
Dusty – 19
Cripps – 23
Walsh – 21
Dow – 12

Kick in play on (3 pts)
Short – 7
Doch – 5
Saad – 1

Pies v Dogs
Game Centre bounces 21
Adams – 16
De goey – 8
Macrae – 17
Bont – 15
Libba – 15
Dunkley – 14
Treloar – 2

Kick in play on (3 pts)
Daniel – 6

Demons v Freo
Game Centre bounces 23
Clarry – 21
Petracca – 16
Jordon – 10
Cerra – 15
Serong – 14
Fyfe – 13
Brayshaw – 13

Kick in play on (3 pts)
May – 6
Ryan 7
Young – 4

Crows v Cats
Game Centre bounces 31
Laird – 24
Sloane – 23
Berry – 14
Danger – 23
Selwood – 22 (back in the guts)
Guthrie – 21

Kick in play on (3 pts)
Stewart – 5
Clarke – 3

Bombers v Hawks
Game Centre bounces 30
Zerrett – 24
Caldwell – 16
McGrath – 14
JOM – 23
Titch – 23
Phillips – 2

Kick in play on (3 pts)
Ridley – 7

Lions v Swans
Game Centre bounces 36
Neale – 29
Lyons – 22
Zorko – 10
Parker – 29
Mills – 22
Rowbottom – 15
Warner – 8

Kick in play on (3 pts)
Rich – 7
Lloyd – 6

Roos v Port
Game Centre bounces 30
Simpkin – 26
LDU – 21
Powell – 8
Wines – 21
Boak – 15
Butters – 6

Kick in play on (3 pts)
Ziebell – 9

Giants v Saints
Game Centre bounces 27
COGS – 19
Green – 10
Kelly – 10
Taranto – 10
Steele – 24
Clark – 19

Kick in play on (3 pts)
Cummings – 5
Howard – 7

Eagles v Suns
Game Centre bounces 24
Sheed – 23
Kelly – 22
Gaff – 5
Duggan – 2
Miller – 16
Anderson – 13
Brodie – 9

Kick in play on (3 pts)
Hurn – 5
Bowes – 6

I think there is something in that for all of us!


Ziebell 9 play ons! πŸ‘€ bar injury might be looking at F6 at worst, not bad for 257k


Ziebell was a must start this year I reckon John…too much value to ignore considering his scoring record.


For sure Rusty, I may have underestimated his final position though, with North most likely seeing a lot of the ball in the back half this season he might end up as high as a F4!


Awesome work Trigga.


that is great info.

a few things stood out for me.

Dow – 12 Wont continue with Martin and Williams in team

Adams – 16 He will come good

Treloar – 2 this won’t stay like that. he will push someone out.

Jordon – 10 When in Viney back?

Berry – 14 MCrouch out for at least another 2. should continue and hopefully he gets better score

Danger – 23 No Danger for a few weeks, who gets them? Clark?

Phillips – 2 the AAMI was fools gold. he ain’t getting midfield time

Neale – 29 his score doesn’t make sense.

Rowbottom – 15 Draft league smokie

LDU – 21 does he miss out when Cunnington and Anderson are back?

Duggan – 2 where is all the midtime he was promised?


Great analysis by the two of you


Great analysis of those two’s analysis by you one….you.


Nice Derek, yep Duggan owners would be furious, at least Phillips scored 90, Duggan scored what he averaged as a defender…60’s in other words, a bust if you picked him as a keeper.


Clark from saints also surprised me. 19 Centre bounces. Have to watch him close this week (not sure I even know what he looks like – all those saints players look a like)


He didn’t surprise me cause he was pegged as a defender moving into the midfield this year. He had games where he had extended times in the mids last year and always scored well. Basically, they realised he’s too good to be wasted as a defender.
He’s very cool under pressure, seems to have plenty of time like a young Pendlebury and he looks like Farren Ray…if you remember him?
Kinda thin, dark brown hair, wears a headband. Clark is like Kelly at the Eagles this year, seems a lot of the taps from the rucks are going straight to those two.


Same Russty, I liked his first year as a rookie, had him in my team in 2019 in the second half of the season, last year he was improving, but not quite good enough to make my team with all the good defenders around. This year in the pre-season he looked like he had gone to a different level. Getting the mid time helped as well.


Jordon will be fine Derek, even when Viney comes back, which could be this week, because Harmes is injured.

Max Power

Jee whiz site has changed a bit since I last visited! Been absent for a few years due to work but I’m back baby, good to see the community looking as strong as ever.
I’m one of those lucky enough to own both Rowell & Danger and am in a bit of a conundrum on who to trade. I’m going Williams (via Laird swing) even though it is jumping the gun a bit (he bloody lock), but can’t decide on my 2nd trade out of 3 midfield keepers:

  1. Walsh – watched him, loved him, looks elite (top 10?) and is only 540k
  2. Titch – elite scorer in past, only 610k BUT concerned how his body holds up
  3. Macrae – safest option, will be top 6 but he’s 650k

Heart wants to select walsh purely coz he’s a gun (he was in my pre season team but felt I couldn’t have him, Rowell & Taranto), he went bonkers on Thursday night, and I pocket the extra cash. Safer selections are the other two, already have Tadams so more injury prone players concern me… I dunno. Have reversed trades 12 times this week. Send help.


If you’re grabbing WIlliams I’d grab a sure thing in Titch or macrae for the second trade.
I like Macrae


Any love for Andrew Brayshaw?


Yes and right now I wish I’d gone with him instead of Walsh.


105 is probably about all you could reasonably expect from Walsh this year mate. He’s still a kid and learning the ropes.
I thought you were bringing both in this week?

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

That was at HT Russty, when he was on 38pts and had only been on 18pts at QT.Very happy with his second half. If he can average 100 that will do me.


Ah ok, I was halfway back from Bunbury then…yeah 100-105 and that’s a win I reckon, so you didn’t get Andy Brayshaw in…did you get someone else in or no one yet?


I have that one on hold until Saturday night, when I have to decide between Brayshaw and Titch. My gut says Brayshaw, my head says Titch.


hi Max nice to see you back

I have to trade out Danger and my first knee-jerk action was Titch.

I had him in my team all preseason but said if he doesn’t play AAMI I won’t pick him.

As a Hawks fan the trousers were stretched in the 3rd quarter last week. Boy oh boy

But as week has gone, I’ve decided to go like for like and get Dusty…. maybe

Rick Grimes

Cripps has been put on notice. Big 2nd half or you might never play for Rick Grimes FC ever again. He looked pumped after being told. Let’s go!


Agree,I have him like most, I’m doubting if he has a tank to be an elite midfielder, just doesn’t run hard enough IMO

Rick Grimes

Yep he moves like the Titanic. Goneburgers.


I won’t trade ATM, might be an M8, 9

Rick Grimes

Yea true. He didn’t cost a heap. Not enough contested stuff and he’s just not good up forward, like a Dusty or Fyfe. Hopefully they can find a way to use him better.


Won’t be a top 30 mid in 2021. Too slow.
He currently ave 85 and if he scores that next week he’ll drop 25k


I’ll just hang onto his under-performing ass, can’t afford to waste trades getting rid of guys cause they’re disappointing…that’s how you run out. just gotta be a bit patient I think and he could come good.


Where was he for the last 15 minutes? Game could still be won. Two handballs! And standing in the goal square for the last 5. Is he injured?


Mind you, his effort in about the 4th minute to handball to Williams who set up Martin, that was brute strength and skill.


This is why I went Cripps to Merrett, I said he wasn’t up to it, he is too slow and the game is even faster this season.


I think that’s the coaches fault, he might be injured…from last week.

Rick Grimes

Grundy owners be happy. Up against an average ruck, but points on the board nevertheless.


Yep, the ones that traded him out will regret that they did, happens every year with rage trades on premos in the first round ,


Happy and have the VC on him but it was only the poor Carlton midfield that let him get over 100.
Interesting that every other time that he’s had more than 50 hitouts he scored more than 160.

I wont be trading him but my season would have been off to a better start if I didn’t have him. If I’d started Pittonet instead I could have had Hunter-clark at D6 instead of Kosi


Zac Williams 78 LoL.
Lucky I’m with aammi, suspension


Adams was good. That tackle with about 8 mins to go was special.

He has redeemed himself


That Goal was even more special-er


Hi community, seeking some feedback on possible trades. $276,600 in kitty
DEF Lloyd, Ryan, Short, H Young, Jiath, Highmore (Koschitzke, Sharp)
MID Neale, Steele, Oliver, Bont, Walsh, Bolton, Powell, Gulden (Brockman, McNeil, Scott)
RUC Meek, Flynn (Hunter)
FWD Hawkins, Dunkley, Butters, Daniher, L McDonald, B Campbell (Bergman, Rowe)

The 3 rookie ruck setup is working well, scored a 2420 this week ranked 217th for the week, 12,161 overall. In saying that…
Hunter + Neale OUT, Gawn + J Jordon IN
Sharp + Neale OUT, 1 of (A Brayshaw, Dusty, Cerra) + 1 of (Ridley, Houston, Bowes, Mills) IN.
Or any other ideas?

The Filth

Decisions, decisions…
Keep Neal – trade O Henry for Warner, trade Bruhn for Jordon
Trade Neal- trade in Brayshaw or McCrae, O Henry for Warner – miss out on Jordon.
Trade Neal – Trade in both Jordon & Warner – & have $627k to do premium upgrades next week – Too radical?

Last edited 1 year ago by The Filth