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Round 1 of the 2021 Supercoach series is in the books and what a round it was. We had upsets, we had terrific rookie performances, he had premos who failed to fire, premo suspensions and all sorts going on. For those of you who may be reading for the first time I’m Barron Von Crow and this is Around the Grounds where we take a look at the rookie players, not just in the AFL but all around the state leagues as well. While the official state league games have yet to kick off, we still have some trial games going on around the leagues that can provide us some handy info on who may be the next batch of guys we look at for our teams. We’ll also review the top 5 performing rookie priced players (those under $250,000) from each position each week to hopefully help with your trading decisions. With that being said, let’s go see how those rookies performed in Round 1!



Collingwood started off 2021 looking slightly rusty in their 69-53 loss to the Western Bulldogs. The Pies features just a pair of rookie priced players to start the year, with Oliver Henry (FWD, $135,300) producing a score of just 9 SCPoints from 4 disposals which included 3 clangers. He’s in 21.3% of teams, which will prevent some potential headaches, but we have another week to evaluate him and others before making a move. Benching him might be the move for next week if selected though. Trey Ruscoe (FWD, $206,899) had 13 SCPoints from 3 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles. He only has an ownership of 0.6%, so far less of a headache than Henry and with his elevated price those with him can trade down and free up a bit of cash if it comes to that. Both will have some immediate cash generation issues early with those poor scores in their rolling average however.

Collingwood had a reversal of fortunes in the VFL trial match against Footscray, defeating the dogs 102-93. Nathan Murphy (DEF, $123,900), Finlay Macrae (MID/FWD, $126,300), Jay Rantall (MID, $123,900) and Beau McCreery (FWD, $117,300) were all named among the best on the Collingwood website match review.

Collingwood will officially start their 2021 VFL season on April 17th against Werribee.


They put up an admirable effort, but some mistakes in front of goal and running out of puff towards the end of the game cost Carlton, losing to Richmond 105-80. Lochie O’Brien (MID, $180,500) had 9 disposals and 4 tackles for his 50 SCPoints, while popular selection Paddy Down (FWD, $202,400) looked well on his way to getting a quality SC score at half time had just 60 SCPoints from 18 disposals, 1 goal, 3 tackles and 5 inside 50’s. 5 clangers in his score would have knocked that down a bit, but for the 44% of teams who own him I think there were enough positive signs there to not label him as a bust of a pick yet.

Carlton notched up a win against Richmond in their VFL trial match, defeating the Tigers 91-63. Corey Durdin (MID/FWD, $117,300) booted a goal as did Matthew Owies (FWD, $123,900).

The Northern Blues will play their opening VFL game against Williamstown on Sunday, April 18.


Essendon looked to have the game well in hand at half-time against the Hawks, going into the main break with a 6 goal lead, however an 8 goal third quarter to the Hawks brought a tense final term which saw the Bombers go down 92-91. Harrison Jones (FWD, $123,900) produced 13 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles, but had 3 behinds for 48 SCPoints. 8 score involvements shows how involved he was in the Bombers 13 goals for the game, if he nails some of those shots he could produce better next time. Nikolas Cox (DEF/FWD, $175,800) had 33 SCPoints from 9 disposals and 3 marks with 4 clangers, 3 of which were frees against. Let’s hope he can clean that up for next week. Finally Ned Cahill (FWD, $161,200) had 10 disposals , 2 tackles, 4 rebound 50’s and 3 clangers for 37 SCPoints.

In the VFL Essendon had a 111-63 loss to the Box Hill Hawks. It was noted by Leigh Turdors post match review that Archie Perkins (MID/FWD, $171,300) was tagged after a busy first half while Josh Eyre (DEF/FWD, $117,300) only played half a game due to sickness during the week with Turdor noting

“We’ve got a lot of work to do with the young forwards on their running patterns. It’s all new to them how we play, so he’s got some work to do there, but he’s one of those guys who’s really eager to listen and get better.”

Zach Reid (DEF, $166,800) only played 6 minutes before suffering a corkie that put him out for the rest of the game, while Alec Waterman (FWD, $102,400) was playing down back for the Bombers with Tudor stating he was one of the better players for the Bombers.

The first official VFL game of 2021 for Essendon will be against the Brisbane Lions on Saturday, April 17th.


A result not many were expecting, the Cats opened up their season against last years wooden spooners in Adelaide and suffered a 103-91 loss at Adelaide Oval. Jordan Clark (DEF/MID, $241,800) was solid with 18 disposals (16 effective), 2 tackles, 3 inside 50’s and 4 rebound 50’s for 80 SCPoints. Kept the mistakes to a minimum and scored about what we’d hope for, hopefully he can get a few more touches to boost his SC scores because he doesn’t make many mistakes out there. Zach Guthrie (DEF/MID, $180,500) had 51 SCPoints from 11 disposals , 4 marks and 3 tackles.

Geelong had their trial match against Coburg in the VFL, losing 67-45. Max Holmes (MID/FWD, $121,800) was named in the bests for Geelong while Cooper Stephens (MID, $123,900) suffered an ankle injury. The VFL season will open for Geelong on April 18 against North Melbourne.


A game of many emotions for Hawthorn, going from 40 points down at half-time against Essendon to holding on for a thrilling 92-91 win. Jarman Impey (FWD, $212,800) was a popular selection to start the year, he had 64 SCPoints from 20 disposals (15 kicks), 5 marks, 7 rebound 50’s but 5 clangers. An all around good stat line, if he can clean up the clangers that will go a long way to improving his scores. Jacob Koschitzke (DEF, $123,900) made his AFL debut with 53 SCPoints from 7 disposals, 3 marks and 5 tackles. A good score considering the limited amount of times he touched it. Oliver Hanrahan (FWD, $237,200) kicked 1.1 with 12 disposals, 4 marks and 2 tackles for 41 SCPoints while Tyler Brockman (MID/FWD, $117,300) kicked 2 goals with 9 disposals and 3 marks but found his SC score dropped to just 22 thanks to 5 clangers and a disposal efficiency of 44%. Finally Connor Downie (MID, $117,300) was the medical sub for the game, but did not see the field, so no impact to his Supercoach game there.

The Box Hill Hawks had a 111-63 win over Essendon in a VFL trial match with new Senior coach Sam Mitchell noting about Denver Grainer-Barrass (DEF, $184,800)

“He was able to take a number of intercept marks and possessions. He continues to be a work in progress around his consistency of concentration.”

And on Josh Morris (FWD, $145,100)

“He was able to kick three goals but he was a little bit quieter. His desire to chase and pressure was again a stand-out. He covered a lot more ground this week which was pleasing. Despite his defensive intent, he wasn’t quite able to register any tackles inside forward 50 but he continues to be a consistent contributor in our front half.”

The Box Hill Hawks open up the 2021 VFL season with a match against the Casey Demons on April 18.


Melbourne had a solid 80-58 win over the Dockers on Saturday, thanks mostly to a 4 goal to 0 first term which set them up for the rest of the game. James Jordon (MID, $123,900) was one of the better rookie midfield options to start the year, producing 78 SCPoints from 15 disposals, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal. Neville Jetta (DEF, $186,300) had 63 SCPoints from 9 disposals and 4 marks.

The Casey Demons had a 72-15 win over the Northern Bullants in their VFL trial match with Bailey Laurie (DEF/FWD, $117,300) and Jake Bowey (MID/FWD, $117,300) kicking goals.

Casey Demons will play their opening VFL game against the Box Hill Hawks on April 18.

North Melbourne

North held on for the first quarter at least, but an 8 goal to 1 second term blew the game out of their reach, with the Roos eventually going down to Port Adelaide 117-65. Originally with the Western Bulldogs, Lachie Young (DEF/MID, $202,000) made his Kangaroo debut and had a fine game with 14 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 4 rebound 50’s for 85 SCPoints. Connor Menadue (DEF, $201,500) was a late inclusion thanks to a Luke McDonald injury, also making his Kangaroo debut and had 16 disposals, 5 marks and 3 clangers for 62 SCPoints. Tom Powell (MID, $153,900) making his AFL debut had 19 disposals (15 uncontested), 3 marks, 4 rebound 50’s a goal and 4 clangers for 53 SCPoints. A bit disappointing, but not unsurprising given the high number of uncontested possessions and the clangers in there too. Though it’s not all bad news.

Aiden Bonar (DEF, $245,400) had 49 SCPoints from 10 disposals, 4 marks and 3 rebound 50’s,

Dom Tyson (MID, $243,900) produced 29 SCPoints from 13 disposals (all uncontested) 6 marks, 3 tackles and 4 clangers. Finally Charlie Lazzaro (MID, $117,300) was named the medical sub and had just 20% TOG for his 1 disposal, 1 mark, 1 tackle, 1 clanger game which netter him just 3 SCPoints. Unfortunately that has already put Lazzaro’s BreakEven at 40 SCPoints, which is achievable, but compared to others at his price his BE should be in the negatives for at least the first month of the year. This sort of things highlights just how dangerous the medical sub can be if it’s placed on a rookie because it can utterly destroy the immediate cash generation potential of a guy. Lazzaro will now have that score of 3 in his rolling average, which essentially puts him 3 weeks behind every other rookie for cash generation to start the season. Luckily for most, he’s only owned by 3% of teams, so the impact will be minimal across the wider Supercoach players, but highlights some of the extra minefields we’ll have this year.

North had a VFL trial match against Sandringham, losing by 42 points 106-64. VFL coach Leigh Adams said about Will Phillips (MID, $198,200)

“Today was a good step forward for Will. For him to come back and play a half after getting a quarter against Hawthorn … he was clean and really good in the contest. It’s a good experience for him to play against some good players like Zak Jones and Brad Crouch and he held his own. He’s still got some areas to work on, but I thought he played really well to his strengths today.”

North Melbourne have their first VFL game o f the year against Geelong on April 18th.


Richmond opened Round 1 of the year in familiar fashion, beating Carlton 105-80. They didn’t feature any sub $250K priced selections, which isn’t a total surprise for them at this point.

Richmond had a VFL trial against the Northern Blues, going down 91-63. Hugo Ralphsmith (MID/FWD, $123,900) was noted for his “Flash and flair off half-back” with his intercepting and reading of the play noted as a highlight while Bigoa Nyuon (DEF/RUC, $123,900) was mentioned as showing promise as a key defender.

Richmond will be starting the VFL season on Friday, April 16th against Sandringham.

St Kilda

Missing some key players, the Saints had a solid win against the Giants, winning 86-78 on Sunday afternoon. Tom Highmore (DEF, $117,300) produced solidly in his AFL debut with 60 SCPoints from 19 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles, 2 clearances, 4 rebound 50’s and 6 clangers. Like a lot of young players here, the key to his scores getting bumped up a tad is to cut down on the mistakes, which hopefully will happen with a bit more experience. Paul Hunter (RUC, $102,400) also made his AFL debut, sharing ruck duties with McKernan he had 9 disposals, 2 tackles, 19 hitouts and 4 clangers (3 frees against). Just 2 of his hitouts were to advantage, so that is one area of improvement that could boost his scores going forward. The previously mentioned Shaun McKernan (FWD, $245,900) didn’t fare a whole lot better SC wise, with just 46 SCPoints from 6 disposals, 3 marks, 17 hitouts, 3 clearances and 8 clangers (5 frees against). Daniel McKenzie (DEF, $222,300) had 44 SCPoints with 9 disposals, 4 marks and 2 tackles.

Sandringham faced North Melbourne in their VFL trial and had a 106-64 win. Sam Alabakis (RUC, $123,900) took the #1 ruck role with Hunter and McKernan at AFL level, while Leo Connolly (DEF/MID, $123,900) and Matthew McLeod-Allison (FWD, $117,300) were highlighted for their ability to bring the ball out of the back half and into the forward 50 respectively.

Sandringham start their VFL season on April 16th against Richmond.

Western Bulldogs

The Bulldogs looked energetic on Friday night, having 7 players score in triple digits in Supercoach on the way to a 69-53 win over Collingwood. Lachlan McNeil (MID, $102,400) made his AFL debut for a score of just 26 SCPoints with 9 disposals, 1 mark and 1 goal. Unfortunately he had 8 clangers in there, which killed his score off, hopefully he can tidy that up a bit next week if selected. Anthony Scott (MID/FWD, $102,400) also made his AFL debut and was slightly better with 16 disposals and 5 inside 50’s, but had just 56 SCPoints for that lot. A solid start numbers wise, hopefully it can translate to a slightly higher SC score going forward. Ryan Gardiner (DEF $232,800) was also solid with 11 disposals and 7 marks for 66 SCPoints.

Footscray had their VFL trail match against Collingwood, losing 102-93. Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (FWD, $207,300) was the big note from this game, booting 5 goals. Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge said after the game on the prospect of Ugle-Hagan having an AFL callup.

“It will all depend on his ability to get through games. He’s not playing on a Jordan Roughead or a Darcy Moore or a Jeremy Howe, he’s playing on a reasonably good player at state league level. We’ve got to make sure he’s ready. Next week, we’ll have (Tom) Barrass and (Jeremy) McGovern and these types. Is he ready for that? I don’t know. We can’t throw him to the wolves, we’ve got to set him up to succeed and he showed some great signs (on Friday).”

Footscray have their first VFL match of 2021 against the Gold Coast Suns on April 17th.

South Australia


With a shock to probably everyone, Adelaide defied expectations, pulling of a 103-91 win against Geelong at Adelaide Oval on Saturday afternoon. James Rowe (FWD, $117,300) was the highlight from the Crows youngsters, producing 104 SCPoints with 2 goals, 16 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 2 clearances and 4 inside 50’s. Ned McHenry (FWD, $212,900) also had a nice cameo, kicking his first AFL goal (and second) to end up on 67 SCPoints from 12 disposals, 4 tackles, 2 clearances and the previously mentioned 2 goals. Sam Berry (MID, $117,300) didn’t find a ton of the ball, but was a pressure machine, totalling 5 first quarter tackles to finish with 7 for the game, along with 8 disposals, 3 clearances and 2 clangers. Jordon Butts (DEF, $176,800) was solid taking on Tom Hawkins, but showed he may be like his teammate in Daniel Talia in terms of producing Supercoach scores, finishing with 10 disposals, 3 marks, 5 rebound 50’s and 56 SCPoints. Finally, Will Hamill (DEF, $210,900) had a fairly quiet game apart from a rundown tackle on Dangerfield to finish with 6 disposals, 5 tackles and 37 SCPoints.

The SANFL season is set to start on the 1st of April, before that the Crows took part in a trial match against last years SANFL Premiers Woodville-West Torrens, going down 114 to 66. They are scheduled to have their final SANFL trial match on March 26 against Port Adelaide with their first SANFL game of 2021 to be against South Adelaide on April 2nd.

Port Adelaide

The Power quickly dispelled any talk of a Round 1 hiccup, pilling on 15 goals in the final 3 quarters of their game against the Kangaroos to win 117-65. Miles Bergman (FWD, $123,900) made his AFL debut with 14 disposals (12 uncontested), 2 marks, 3 tackles and 4 clangers for 31 SCPoints.

Port Adelaide had a trial match against Sturt, losing 92 to 61. Lachie Jones (DEF, $139,900) was noted as suffering a slight hamstring injury. After their next trial game against the Crows the Magpies will open the SANFL season on the 1st of April against Norwood.

Western Australia


A poor first quarter was the difference for the Dockers in their match against Melbourne, with the Demons booting 4 goals to zip to open up the game. Eventually Melbourne ran away with a 80-58 win. Lloyd Meek (RUC, $123,900) finished with 6 disposals (all handballs) and 13 hitouts for 43 SCPoints. He likely has Sean Darcy returning to share ruck duties with him, so his scores may not get massively better from here. Stefan Giro (MID, $123,900) came on as the medical sub and notched up 27 SCPoints in 53% ToG with 8 disposals and 3 marks while Liam Henry (FWD, $184,500) had 36 SCPoints from 8 disposals and a goal. Finally Alex Pearce (DEF, $235,600) had just 11 SCPoints after being subbed out with an MCL injury. He had 2 disposals.

In the WAFL the Peel Thunder played a pre-season game against Claremont, with the biggest news being about Josh Treacy (RUC/FWD, $102,400) who booted 7 goals, with 6 of those coming in the fist half with Development coach Adam Reed noting

“He marked everything that came his way, competed well and his intent to chase and tackle was fantastic. It was an especially good game considering the week he’d had.”

The Peel Thunder will officially start their WAFL season on the 2nd of April against East Fremantle.

West Coast

It was a tight one up until 3 quarter time, but the Eagles managed to kick away in the final quarter, booting 5 goals to 1 to defeat the Gold Coast Suns 83-58. Xavier O’Neill (FWD/MID, $233,300) managed 60 SCPoints from 18 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles while new recruit Zac Langdon (FWD, $224,900) had 12 disposals, 6 marks and 5 score involvements for his 54 SCPoints. Nathan Vardy (RUC, $228,600) had 3 disposals, 3 marks and a goal for his 34 SCPoints while Jack Petruccelle (FWD, $217,100) had 31 SCPoints from 6 disposals and a goal.

West Coast play their first WAFL match against Perth on the 3rd of April.

New South Wales


It was a tight game, but unfortunately for the Giants they couldn’t come away with the win, going down to St Kilda 86-780. Matt Flynn (RUC, $123,900) was the biggest story from a rookie perspective in Round 1, putting up a HUGE 140 SCPoints from 18 disposals, 5 marks and 34 hitouts (10 to advantage). Anyone who started him at R2 will be thrilled with that early move and while the level of competition he has will improve from here, he’s had several years in the system so hopefully he can be like Marc Pittonet and Reilly O’Brien were for us in previous years. Tanner Bruhn (MID, $157,800) also debuted and had 48 SCPoints from 8 disposals and 2 tackles. Connor Idun (DEF, $214,900) had 9 disposals, 3 marks and 3 inside 50’s for his 46 SCPoints while Jack Buckley (DEF/MID, $223,800) finished with 62 SCPoints from 10 disposals 1 mark and 4 tackles.

GWS will be facing the Sydney Swans in their first VFL match on April 17th.


Sydney started 2021 off red hot for a number of reasons, first by having a surprise upset, defeating the Brisbane Lions 125-94 and secondly for producing the Round 1 Rising Star nominee in Error Gulden.

As mentioned, Errol Gulden (MID, $117,300) had an absolutely terrific AFL debut, booting 3 goals with 19 disposals 10 marks and 7 inside 50’s for 139 SCPoints. That one score has already placed his BE at -96, so expect to see that price rice significantly in the first 4 weeks of the year while that score is still in his rolling average. Not to be outdone, Logan McDonald (FWD, $198,800) also had a great AFL debut with 88 SCPoints while also kicking 3 goals to go along with 11 disposals and 5 marks. Will be interesting to see if those goal scoring numbers are there if/when Franklin returns, but terrific debuts for both nonetheless. Chad Warner (FWD, $144,000) collected 19 disposals, 3 tackles, 8 inside 50’s and 11 score involvements for his 70 SCPoints while Braeden Campbell (MID/FWD, $189,300) managed only 56 SCPoints from his 12 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles.

Sydney will have the derby to open their first VFL season, taking on GWS on the 17th of April.



An unexpected start for the Lions, losing to Sydney 125-94. Joe Daniher (FWD, $233,300) made his much-publicised Brisbane debut with 54 SCPoints from 2.2 with 10 disposals and 2 marks. Not what you’d want from him if you picked him to start with with his BE already at 33, but we’ll have another week to evaluate him before we need to really worry. Harry Sharp (DEF/MID, $117,300) had 11 disposla,s and 3 tackles for 51 SCPoints, while Tom Fullarton (RUC/FWD, $128,900) produced 38 SCPoints from 8 disposals, 1 mark and 1 hitout.

Brisbane will be facing Essendon in their first VFL match on April 17.

Gold Coast

They were run over in the last quarter and had Matt Rowell suffer an unfortunate knee injury, the Suns couldn’t stop the Eagles in the last, losing 83-58. In a move we’re not used to seeing from the Suns they did not feature any sub $250,000 players in their game on the weekend.

Gold Coast will be taking on Footscray on the 17th of April in their first official VFL match of 2021.



  1. Lachie Young – $202,000 – AVG: 85 SCPoints
  2. Jordan Clark – $241,800 – AVG: 80 SCPoints
  3. Ryan Gardner – $232,800 – AVG: 66 SCPoints
  4. Neville Jetta – $186,300 – AVG: 63 SCPoints
  5. Jack Buckley – $223,800 – AVG: 62 SCPoints


  1. Errol Gulden – $117,300 – AVG: 139 SCPoints
  2. Lachie Young – $202,000 – AVG: 85 SCPoints
  3. Jordan Clark – $241,800 – AVG: 80 SCPoints
  4. James Jordon – $123,900 – AVG: 78 SCPoints
  5. Jack Buckley – $223,800 – AVG: 62 SCPoints


  1. Matt Flynn – $123,900 – AVG: 140 SCPoints
  2. Paul Hunter – $102,400 – AVG: 44 SCPoints
  3. Lloyd Meek – $123,900 – AVG: 43 SCPoints
  4. Tom Fullarton – $128,900 – AVG: 38 SCPoints
  5. Nathan Vardy – $228,600 – AVG: 34 SCPoints


  1. James Rowe – $117,300 – AVG: 104 SCPoints
  2. Logan McDonald – $193,800 – AVG: 88 SCPoints
  3. Chad Warner – $144,000 – AVG: 70 SCPoints
  4. Ned McHenry – $212,900 – AVG: 67 SCPoints
  5. Jarman Impey – $212,800 – AVG: 63 SCPoints

And that’s it for me this week. Don’t forget you can always get your questions answered on the new Jock Reynolds Mailbag podcast by sending it to [email protected] and you can always hit me up on the Twitters @BarronVonCrow or whack a question/comment in the section below. Good luck for Round 2 of Supercoach and see you next week!

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It’s one of my favourite pieces of content every week!


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Love your work. When you read all that, make a you realise the rookie landscape ain’t too bad at all.


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Hey Barron who do you think will go better out of Powell and Berry this weekend. Not a lot between them, but trying to work out who I should have in the 22.