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Azzas Team Reveal


It’s something that has been talked about a lot in the JR and SC community circles, but the new rules will definitely help defenders boost their SC scores in 2021. So, with this in mind, I’m backing in Jayden Short and Caleb Daniel to be a top 6 defender as well as locking in the givens in Rory Laird and everyone’s favourite seagull, Jake Lloyd.

With Wayne Milera out injured and James Harmes a little out of reach, I’ve settled for the popular Hayden Young as my mid-price option in defence.

Rounding out the field is Jacob Koschitzke, who set the pre-season alright with 130 SC points, and looms as an absolute juicy cash cow.


Lock-ie Neale may have had an interrupted pre-season but the reigning Brownlow Medalist is locked and loaded for Round 1 and hasn’t left my side all pre-season. Bevo’s salad of midfielders could cause some SC nightmares, but something tells me that this is going to be The Bonts year.

Zach Merrett will return to his all-star output, and is another one I’m not shying away from. Last year his CBA stats were all over the place but 2021 is a new year, and I can see Merrett averaging 120+ and establishing himself as SC champion.

Tim Taranto is another player that I think will rebound from a poor 2020, and is primed for a huge season. Lock.

What’s this? A player with a 0% ownership?? Yep, you’re seeing this right and welcome to my side, Willem Drew. Many people think Butters or Rozee will be the player to break out at Port Adelaide this year, but I think Willem Drew has been overlooked and will be the big surprise packet of 2021. 109 in the pre-season match against Adelaide, and I feel he’s a better pick than Hately, Caldwell or Green who are similarly priced.

Bruhn, Powell round out the field as my rookies, with Brockman, Downie, Gulden on the bench.


I’ve said this a number of times this pre-season, but in the 15 years I’ve been playing SuperCoach, I’ve never once had a set and forget ruck combination, and that’s not going to change. We are in the very fortunate position this year to have a number of sub $200k ruckmen putting their hands up for Round 1, and I’ll be taking full advantage. Flynn appears to be the better option given Preuss is out for some time so he is in R2.


There’s definitely value to be found here with the likes of Ziebell, Dow, Daniher, Impey who are all under $300k, and I’ve seen all manner of combinations, some with Ziebell at F1….

But I don’t have the stones for that, opting for more security in Dangerfield and Dunkley. But from there Ziebell and Dow are my picks for the midpricers here, with Campbell and Rowe finishing off the forward line.

Secret Statistics

Here is wishing all the JR community coaches all the best of luck for SuperCoach 2021.

To help you make your final decisions, here is a secret spreadsheet just for you. All the statistics you could imagine from the 2021 AAMI Community Series. Centre Bounce Attendances, Kick Ins, Hitout to Advantage, Intercept Marks, the works.

Enjoy and best of luck!

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Im tossing up between Clark and Young for that spot. Think clark has the scoring potential but young the JS. Who should we be going with?

Locked and Loaded


The Jinx

Nice looking team Azza, W. Drew nice inclusion. I saw someone in the community brought him up during the week. I’m keen on H. Young but I’m more bullish on JClark, still weighing up who has the better JS.

Oh! Be aware Dow has been put in the interchange. There might be a late change, he might be an emergency for that concussion rule they brought in.

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