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Every year I say this is probably the hardest Supercoach side I’ve had to select and the very next year I look back on that sweet, naïve, slightly less bald Barron from a year ago and think “If only he could see what we have to deal with this year!”

This year it is absolutely, 100% true though, no doubt about it and all those other Barrons had it easy, this was the hardest Supercoach side I’ve had to select. Not because I was jumping back and forth on a different premo, I wish that was the biggest issue I was facing. No, the issue this year is rookies, late team selections and job security. These things can be fixed with money, but boy does it make my team look slightly less interesting.

So here we are for 2021, presenting this years version of  ¡Peligro Abejas!


We’ve gone with 4 big guns (or little guns in the case of guys of a few of these guys) across the backline with Jake Lloyd, Rory Laird, Caleb Daniel and Jayden Short. Lloyd, Laird and Daniel were locked in early without much thought, while Short won me over during the pre-season.  Jordan Clark impressed in the pre-season hitout, but I think more importantly he’s just a guy the Cats have to play this year because if not he’s going to go find a team that will give him consistent gametime. He was the #15 pick back in the 2018 Draft, so the talent is obviously there, it’s just about opportunity for him now and when it comes I think he can put up an average of 80-85, which i’d be happy with as a return.


Jack Macrae could be Bontempelli, I don’t think you’d be upset with picking either, I just have Macrae as one who may spend slightly less time forward than Bont. Zac Merrett has been locked into my side since Supercoach open, which is kind of weird because he’s not one who usually catches my eye first up, but he finished 2020 in absolute red hot form and I think that will continue through 2021. Tom Mitchell is still iffy at this stage and will be confirmed soon once the Round 1 teams come out, but if he’s 100% ready to roll then he’s a no-brainer in my eyes. Sam Walsh is picked based on continual improvement, he’s gone from averages of 86.9 to 101.1 and I’ll be hoping he can add another 10 points or so onto that average this year. It will be a big year for the Blues this year and it’s important that Walsh take another step forward in his game. Tim Taranto has been in and out and done the entire hockey pockey in my side. It’s a toss up between Taranto and Matt Rowell, I like Rowell, he’s a terrific player who will absolutely be the #1 Supercoach player in the future, but I do have my worries about him starting slightly slower out of the gates this year and copping a bit of extra attention which he may struggle to adapt to early. He’s played 5 games and I’m not sure if he’ll know how to deal with that sort of thing yet, so i’ll take Taranto who still has tremendous upside and who I am confident will reach it this year. This is probably the most difficult decision for my side, i’m still not entirely convinced it’s the right move, but we will see. I currently only have $23K spare cash, so moving up to Rowell does require a bit of a further tinker to bring him back in.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Not overthinking this here.


As Mr Horse would say “No sir, I don’t like it”, but the Forward line for me this year is just so blurgh. Dangerfield is an obvious pick, but the price isn’t right and if he does keep his average up, I likely don’t have to pay any extra to get him later, so he can become an upgrade target. Josh Dunkley could be a big victim of the dreaded Bevo Salad, but at the end of the day he’s very good at football and I’m confident he’ll still find ways to score well. Jye Caldwell at F2 is usually WAY less than I’d spend there, but he has a midfield role at the Bombers, so I like his upside of turning into a guy who could end up being a perfectly fine F5/F6 by the end of the year, so for his starting price i’ll lock him in here. Jack Ziebell and Jarman Impey are both popular picks this year and with good reason. Don’t think either are keepers, but the hope is the score enough points to generate cash, but also have zero job security worries, which is why I’m paying slightly more for them instead of taking a rookie selection for one of those spots.

And that’s my team for 2021!

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It seems everyone agrees the forward line is the hardest to pick this year. Bit surprised because for me the forward line seems to have quite a few underpriced mid/fwd hybrids that seem to be decent/relatively safe selections (e.g. Heeney, Philips, Greene). I have the first two in my team though decided against Greene. Am I missing something?

The Ranger

I think Phillips might be a trap Rhys, of course I might be wrong but I don’t think he’ll get time in the middle and will just score his usual amount out on the wing.


hey team, good to be back around the community. Anyone got some strong leagues with a spare spot in them?


813127 Finnius, jump into JR HedHunters mate

The Ranger

Show us ya team Hedski, not seen it yet.

One Touch Wonder

i had one spot left in my SHARK MOVE league. 840478


Nice side BVC.

Defence is solid I like the 4 deep and Clark seems to be very popular which has me worried about my 3 and Clark. Hopefully some rookies get named!!

For me the mids are risky no Oliver Steele or Neale interesting you’ve passed on the top 3 and opted for Mitchell with the shoulder and two hopefuls in Walsh and Taranto. I like Walsh but Taranto had 30 touches 7 marks 4 tackles and a goal for 106. That’s a huge game to only just ton up. Personally I prefer Rowell!


Forwards seem solid too definitely the line to go light and a bit riskier. I’m not sold on Caldwell but he is value if he gets going!




Creating a really strong league. Please only join if you have finished top 1000 at some point in the past. League code 431845

The Ranger

It’s certainly a weird year Barron and your team is no weirder than many others I’ve seen.
Best of luck mate.


What’s the logic on no Neale Barron? Based purely on value? I’m torn on sacrificing Neale or Lloyd if I need to upgrade rookies (running a few up forward) to the 200k guys


Similiar structure to my team BVC.

Whether that is a good or bad thing only time will tell. 😉


After further tinkering with my team, I have settled on a team that I generally happy with but feels like I am 1 premo short and has too many rookies because I don’t trust most of the mid pricers. My team is as n:
B – Lloyd, Laird, Stewart, Greeves, Koschitzke, Highmore, Jones (PA), Wehr
M – Neale, Oliver, Fyfe, Rowell, Caldwell,Campbell, Bruhn, Gulden, Powell, Sharp, Scott
R – Gawn, Grundy, Meek
F – Danger, Dusty, Ziebel, Warner, Rowe, Brockman, Bergman, Henry
Still have $112k in the salary cap. Gone for Greeves as a POD as he averaged 90 last season. Have gone Ziebel over Dow, however, I note that he has been named in the middle tonight so I might have to have a rethink
I would like to fit one more premo into the midfield, however, I am finding it hard to do since I have locked in Gawn and Grundy at R1 and R2.
The other issue with my team is that it leaves me short of 18 players for both the Round 12 and Round 14 bye.
Any last minute advice or assistance is much appreciated.