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As a seasoned SuperCoacher and fantasy player, I thought I was pretty well versed in the challenges and general shithousery that building a squad of fantasy players can throw at you. Then in their infinite wisdom, the AFL changes the rules (again). Running backs start scoring like prime Gary Ablett and rookies look more scarce than four quarter performance from Mason Cox (can you tell I’m still sulky about the 2018 prelim?)

As Clarky said in his team reveal, rookies are an educated guess until confirmed teams are in. Although I have tried to make use of DPP rookies for greater flexibility. So without further ado, here is The Itchy Lot (I wanted Battling Seizure Robots, but the name was too long… dammit)


As I said in the intro, running backs will dominate early until opposition coaches work out a way to stop, or at least slow, them down. With Lloyd, Daniel, Stewart, and Short I reckon I’ve got 4 of the top 8 scoring defenders for the year. Lloyd’s lack of preseason is mildly concerning, but then again if Short can have 35 kicks in a game of footy then even The Bondi Seagull at 80% fit will be fine.

Speaking of Short, his influence will no doubt drop on the return of Houli but at 32 (33 in May) I think the baton is ready to be passed this year. Defensive rookies have been an absolute nightmare so far, and I just don’t see a reliable 60-70 scoring defender with decent job security.

Changkuoth Jiath was an unexpected positive to come from watching a Hawks v North game. He has a wonderful story and has been slowly drip-fed games for the past two seasons. While he won’t be playing North every week, but if he keeps his intercepting / rebounding role (10 of his 24 touches were from intercepts, 309 metres gained) he’s flashed a ceiling of 120. Jordan Clark has hopefully forced his way into Geelong’s 22 for round 1 and although he may feel the selection squeeze when Mitch Duncan is fit again, the versatility he showed against Essendon will hopefully help his cause.  


The big call here is the omission of “Lock”-ie Neale. Although Brisbane say he’s fine his calves/hammies/general lower body are not in great knick. In a preseason where we’re needing to rely a bit harder on midpricers due to the lack of solid rookies, 721k is a fair chunk of the salary cap to part with. I’m hoping he takes a few weeks to warm into the Lachie Neale we know and love and in that time his price should take a fair hit. 

On the other side of the coin, Nat Fyfe has actually had a preseason for once and my love for him and man-buns are well known. A luscious man-bun and Champion Data giving him points for breathing is also the reason Marcus Bontempelli has found his way into my team. Both will rest forward again this year but as they showed last year they can continue to be a threat inside the forward 50.

Zerrett in a contract year will be leaving nothing on the table, and I’ve taken advantage of Laird’s DPP status by slotting him into M5. The reasoning is two pronged: a) this gives me the chance to look at the many midfield midpricers this year (Rowell, Taranto, Green, Drew etc) to see if any are legit top 12 midfielders, and b) if Clark / Jiath do lose their spot I’ve got a “smash glass in case of emergency” ready to go. 


Cast your mind back to those heady days when we had Zac Smith and Jono Giles as bargain basement rucks. Smith averaged 78 (20 games) in his first year as a Sun, Giles a massive 93 (20 games) in his first year as a Giant. Flynn and Meek arguably have the greatest job security out of any of our rookies, if there’s a bargain rook with solid js then you should bloody well pick ‘em! The 500k saved from not going with Brodie Grundy has been pretty handy too. 


Without a doubt the hardest line to fill this year has been the forward line. I don’t trust Bevo as far as I can throw him, but I’m hoping the arrival of Stef means an end to Dunkley’s ruck role and he can play as the piggy midfielder he was born to be. Butters had some CBA’s against the Crows and might just see a few more with Powell-Pepper on personal leave. As a general rule I try to avoid all things Essendon (except for Patch) and I have doubts over his ceiling, but Jye Caldwell is very much in the midfield 4 at Essendon. I’ve had Tom Phillips in this spot for a long time and while Phillips had 15 CBA’s against North, Mitchell, O’Meara, and Worpel didn’t play that game and I can see Caldwell having a similar average for 50k cheaper.

As I like to remind the group chat, Richmond have won 3 premierships in 4 years. So why no Dusty? Much like me before my morning coffee, Dusty takes his time to warm up and is not at his best until the second half of the season. I’ll look at him post-bye.

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I’m happy to see someone else going with a rookie at R2.


Can’t fault it until you look at flynn. Will lose 50-60 points right there. Then there’s the only 11 keepers. This is ok because you have butters and caldwell, but become an issue if you have to use 3-4 trades to upgrade them both. I see butters as a fail and while caldwell is the best value pick, he too will need to be upgraded (95 ave tops). Still think short is a somewhat trap. Also think that while laird will be good, he’ll be 105 good and therefore the $ could be better spent on rowell or cripps for significantly cheaper in def. If you plan on swinging laird back to defence then you only have one defensive soot to fill (ryan, Whitfield etc?). That means you are banking on nailing the top 5 of 6 defenders strait off the bat, with no room to grab that bargain. But yeah even if butters and Caldwell go 95, you’ll need to upgrade them both (trades galore) or be content with less points all four trades for upgrading Clark and Jiath too, do thats four midpricers that won’t be keepers


Cheers, Jess. Re: forwards. There were only 6 that averaged over 100 last year Danger (still has a groin complaint), Sidebottom (inj), Hawkins (Jeremy Cameron to effect him?), Dunkley (have), Marshall (inj), and Dusty (addressed). A 95 ave from Butters and Caldwell I’ll happily take.

I understand (and somewhat agree) with your reasoning on not having Laird in the mids. I did justify that in the writeup. You can make a case any of the midfield midpricers, I still would like to have a look first and grab the best one


I’m looking at both Butters and Caldwell as keepers, like you said Kev 95 av in the fwd line is a pass.


Cheers, Jess. When you look at the forwards from last year there were only 6 that averages over 100. Two of those are currently injured (Sidey, Marshall), Dunkley I have, Hawkins may player deeper now that Geelong have JC. Danger is under an injury cloud, and Dusty I’ve addressed why I’m not picking him. A 95 ave from Butters, Caldwell I’ll happily take.
Re: Laird. Solid reasoning and I somewhat agree. Although I prefer having an out for Jiath/Clark. Lloyd, Daniel, Stewart are top 6 imo. Short I’ve discussed. Grabbing a backline bargain is not really a top priority for me considering the cash I’ve spent on this line

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Agree with you Jess for the most part, but only in a perfect world. I’ve played this game for some time now and you don’t always pick the right rookies nor do they make you 100,000 or more or even play again,. Meaning extra trades are used. And I think 11 keepers are fine.

Rate or Hate

For their starting price you Butters and Caldwell need to be keepers. Otherwise stuck in no-man’s-land. Both would make a great F6/7 but keep Caldwell due to his DPP and potential MID cover.

Personally I’d go Butters –> Henry and use the $ to upgrade Jiath to a MID prem around $600K

Feels the choice of Jiath is to be different for difference sake plus a bit of PS hype thrown in


Like your thinking. But I have a few negative comments

Playing Laird in the mids means that you are having to find 4 midfielders during the season. I think that’s a tough ask.

The quality of your rookies is a concern. I hope you have the cash to upgrade them, because at the moment I think there are 6 there that either won’t be selected Round 1, or will be there a week or two max.

If you have your doubts on Lloyd, then Laird back, and a Cripps/Rowell type will give you the cash to get your rookies right.

Thanks for posting, and good luck for the season


Cheers for the feedback, Keen. Just on the rookies, I “finished” my team a few days ago and there have been been announcements since then. Lazzaro probably won’t debut R1, Downie is also a doubt (would’ve thought he’d be confirmed when Kozi and Brockman were), Treacy will probably go now too now that he’s been rubbed out for two weeks (pending appeal) 

Scott, Bergman, Rowe, Meek, Flynn (confirmed), Jordan, Campbell, Powell, and Highmore we all named by the AFL website and FoxSports as either starting on field or the interchange in their predicted R1 lineups.

I don’t really want to play Highmore or Kozi on field, if we get a defensive rookie (Jones, Chapman, Briggs) then I’ll shift Laird back for either Jiath or Clark 


Reckon rookies are placeholders, don’t min him having to swing Laird back later on myself


If running Flynn @ R2. Best R3 is “Biggie” Bigoa Nyuon @ 123k Richmond with Captain Big Boy at D3 or so, best big swing on offer!


A few Supercoach spots left. Jock Reynolds DIV1 – 531716


How much time will BONT be playing forward? A lot more than Dunkley I’m guessing.


I think not. The Bont is the captain and in my opinion, the most influential bulldog. I’m betting he’s the bulldog mid that’s least affected by Treloar.

The Jinx

With Martin in the side, I think Dunkley and Bont won’t be spending up fwd as much, maybe for a rest only.

English and Martin will be alternating Ruck/Fwd time as seen Scratch Match and AAMI

Last edited 4 months ago by The Jinx

With the reduced interchange cap we’ll probably see premium mids resting forward become more common. Although Bont did attend 22/29 CBA’s against the Dees


I thought I heard Bont say he will be 50/50

The Jinx

I also heard Macrae say they will all take turns up forward or down back for a rest.

The Jinx

So far we have these Rookies confirmed to debut for Rnd1

GWS – Flynn, Bruhn

Pies – Henry

Swans – McDonald, Campbell & Gulden

I like it Kev, or I’m might just be being bias as I am running same structure as you at back and ruck, with Laird in the guts. Don’t have Lloyd concerned with his injury and interrupted pre-season.

I can’t go pass Neale 101SC(88 TOG) and Danger 94(78 TOG) both had a good outing in AAMI. Neale has mentioned he’s aiming to kick more goals this season and spend a bit of time up forward for a rest than rather sitting on the bench. I think Danger will be doing the same thing, as you pointed out with Fyfe and The Bont who are damaging up forward when they rest there.

Butters who’s been and out of my team, can’t decide either him or Caldwell. Caldwell is way cheaper, I feel he’ll ave 80-90 which I’ll be happy to take.

Goodluck mate and to you all community

The Jinx

Last edited 4 months ago by The Jinx



Like your feedback, Jinx. I’m more worried about no Neale than no Danger. I’m not sold on Danger this year, reckon that Geelong are not being 100% truthful on his groin concerns. Reckon Neale will hurt me more and if I can find the 60k to turn Steele into Neale I’ll do so.

The Jinx

Just a suggestion mate, take it or ignore it.

Since Treacy is not playing. Move Brockman up forward and grab Bruhn
You could downgrade Jiath or JClark for A.Fyfe. you can use A.Fyfe as your Capt loop between back & mids with Laird.

There’s that 60K you’re looking for.

These are the games where GC(A.Fyfe) plays before Lions or Dees
Rnd 5,6 – 8,9 – 16 – 19,20

I think he’s a valid Capt Loop if you have Neale and Gawn.

Last edited 4 months ago by The Jinx

I’m looking at having Briggs and Meek as capt loop players, they should also get games for cash generation.

The Jinx

Meek will play, i think you meant Treacy.

I think Briggs will find it hard to get a crack in GWS side unless Leon Cameron will go with Briggs/Flynn. Remember Mummy still in the side, Flynn will need Mummys experience and learn from him.

If you were the coach, would play two Rookies. We as SC coach we don’t have the balls to run two rookies in R1 & R2

Last edited 4 months ago by The Jinx

I think Mummy said he doesn’t really want to play much more, he probably feels like an old tyre at a speedway that’s been run over 1500 times, I think he said maybe 6 games for the year.

The Jinx

I just saw Whitfield has been listed indefinite. So maybe Briggs might have chance, Hogan is due to return rnd 2 or 3, who will help in the Ruck

In regards to Mummy poor bugger wants to retire badly and GWS just keeps bringing him back. Even though he said that 6 games for the year, I think play a bit more than that. To help Flynn develope until Preuss returns.

Last edited 4 months ago by The Jinx

I meant Meek, he will be my R3 for cash generation and back up while he is playing and when he is dropped, my loophole, along with Briggs who could play or not. I usually just pick a non playing R3 for the loop, but this year, I don’t mind if they play as well.


Hmmm. Nice advice, Jinx. Thanks. Not totally convinced on Bruhn’s JS, someone else may pop up but I’ll keep that in the back of my mind. Thanks, again 🙂


One potential problem I see is that the Giants play Sunday with teams being named the day before, so if Flynn misses out, then there are limited options to fill the gap

The Ranger

GWS have already said that Flynn is playing Spud.

The Ranger

Don’t mind it Kev, gonna be a weird year it seems so I can see the temptation to run with something a bit different.


Cheers, Ranger

The Ranger

Any Bombers fans got an opinion on Waterman?
Will he get a run of games?


Was wondering the same Dex, he kicks 4 goals and then only gets 25% gametime

The Ranger

Same question for Saints fans…does Hunter get a run of games with both Ryder and Marshall being unavailable?


Yep Hunter and McKernan will play ruck

The Ranger

I love a 102K rookie, how many weeks d’ya think Hunter will get Dave?
Marshall will be back soon yeah? Does Hunter hold his spot?


I think Hunter is there until Ryder comes back.


Agree. But Ryder might be back round 2


I think Hunter will be there until Marshall gets back, McKernan mostly fwd, Paddy’s 33 and will need a rest. If Ryder is back taking most of the ruck taps, It’ll be between Hunter and McKernan to see who stays in.


What are the chances of Sharp, Brisbane defensive rookie getting a game early.

Liked his game in the AAMI

Like his DPP

The Jinx

I feel we won’t see any rookies at Brisbane starting early in the season. Cockatoo will be an exception to start early, if he ever gets healthy and stays healthy to string some games together.


CJ played well as soon as Impey went off at half time.

He will give you rookie scores only, not what you should expect from his price


Laird back in defence and find someone in the guts or forward for $270k

The Jinx

Jiath’s $266K he can do a lot with it.

As I suggested, get A.Fyfe for Jiath. Leave Laird in the guts for that swinging Back & Mid for Capt Loop.

By trading Jaith to A.Fyfe
—- He gains —-
Steele to Neale
Treacy to Dow
Butters to Zorko


I’m using Sharp at $117 as my mid/Def swinger.

He is half a chance of a game before Chung


He is because Chung is still in China and has had no pre-season.


Scrimshaw didn’t pay either


Impey started forward from memory? Most going with Young at this price, reckon he carries his own risk with Ryan back.


I heard talk of one of the tall defenders going forward. Ryan play as a tall defender again?


Titch is ready to go for round 1.

I was very keen on him early in pre season. Not sure if I’ll start him.

Was also super keen on Adams early ore season.

Surely I’m not crazy enough to start them?

Massive POD’s


Start em both Derek, you know you want to 😉


They were both in my team for a long time.

if I get rid of Hickey and run with Flynn at R2, plus get rid of impey and Dow, I reckon I could do it.

what do you think?

lloyd, Laird, Stewart, Young, JClark, Jones (Kozi, Highnore)

neale, Oliver, Merrett, Titch, Adams, Cripps, Powell, Brockman (Downie, Gulden, Sharp)

Grundy, Flynn (Hunter)

Dangerfield, Dunkley, Ziebell, Daniher, Bergman, Rowe (Jones, Tracy)

not bad huh?


It isn’t bad at all, I slotted them both into my team to see how it looks and it looks good, I don’t think you’d be missing out on much by dumping Hickey, Dow and Impey Bergman definitely starting?


Hi Derek.

I don’t think either Jones or Bergman will play. If either, then possibly Bergman.

Because you are running 6 deep in the guts, consider dropping one for another premo defender. The money you save can go on the heads of a few rookies.

Of the mids, I think given the preseasons of Adams and Titch, maybe risk one, but two is definitely playing with fire.

I’d consider going from Bergman up to Warner. I worry a little about either Rowe or H Jones on field. I know you might be able to loop with Treacy, but a small concern.

Good luck Derek. Hope you have a great season. I am sure starting with Rookie R2 will start the season off with a smile.


Thanks Keen. I don’t think I’ll start both. The less rotations might mean their TOG is low to start the season.

The team is gong to be dependent on defender rookies.

The easy thing to do is one of Adams or Titch to Daniel’s and use the coin to improve the rookies

I think the Hickey experiment is over with Flynn being available. Hickey was my R2 purely because he looked to be the cheapest #1. More than happy to now run with Flynn at R2, but upset there are others doing it now

I’m still considering if Danger is a must. If I need more cash he is first to go for Dusty or even Taranto or Heeney if I need a lot of cash to get rookies off the field.

My original team only had 3 rookies on field, now I have 6. My success last year was in the back of having very few rookies on field to start, might look at guys like Impey and Dow again

Shake n bake

I wouldn’t be deterred by Adams he’s our main man in the middle. Only has to stay inj free. Next year will be capt. Top 8 mid is my prediction.


I wouldn’t be starting Hunter as 1 of Marshall or Ryder will be back within a few weeks and I expect McKernan to play the supporting roll.


I dunno about Ryder. Seems odd that he has time off now. Bit of Cyril about this.


And I suspect Meek will see more game time over Treacy as he is much stronger and bigger body

Shake n bake

Similar to mine! Didn’t go Lloyd so I’m a little deeper in def not sure Jones gets a gig 1st up. Maybe look at Fyfe.


I’m actually very keen on Adams.

had thoughts of TKelly, but I can find the cash to go to Adams

Rick Grimes

I’m close to running with this set up:
Laird, Daniel, Stewart, Short, Clarke, Kosc (Highmore, Briggs)
Oliver, Bont, Merrett, Cripps, Rowell, Tyson, Powell, Guilden (Valente, Sharpe, Scott)
Gawn, Flynn, Meek
Dunkley, Dusty, Zorko, Zeibell, Campbell, Brickman (Rowe, Waterman)
Leaves bout $50k to hopefully get the necessary rookies.
Gives me 13 keepers.
The massive risk is obviously R2. There’s still a good chance Zorko is downgraded to get Grundy. Means Stewart becomes Duggan.

Rick Grimes

I should add, the Grundy option gives me 12 keepers and Duggan, who if he could average 90, would be a solid D6.


I really like it Rick, welcome to the rookie at R2 club. Once you see what the back & fwd lines look like with that ruck structure, it is very hard to go back to Grundy at R2.

Rick Grimes

Thanks John. I have always taken a risk at R2, why break the habit! Plus you got to take the rookies where they come. I opted for Gawn even tho he’s overpriced as I figure he’s more likely to really hurt you than Grundy is.

I’m still not 100% sold on Zorko. Haven’t owned him for years. But I’m guessing Rayner was due to get more mid minutes and Zorko may swallow those up now.


I’ve never had Zorko in my team, if you aren’t sold on him, did you think of Butters, or you could downgrade Tyson to a cheaper rookie and get Danger.

Rick Grimes

Not sold on Butters. Tyson I think can average 80 and make a good deal of pingas. Plus he’ll have JS. Danger nice option but means I’m looking for another mid rookie who will play multiple rounds.


Toyally agree John I am only a new member to the R2 rookie club but when you trade GRUNDY to MACRAE ,not much difference there, and O’HENRY fur Flynn , i see why membership is increasing If GRUNDY was a mid or def and flynn was also you would do it in a heartbeat

Shake n bake

Medical sub implicated

Rick Grimes

If the medical sub goes ahead, id like to see the player who subs out get the score of the incoming player. Its such a nut ripper when a premo goes off after two mins with concussion and you end up with 3 points.


Thought about this shortly, but imagine a situation where you have a very bad rookie subbed off for a gun premo or at least much better player. Price rises would also get weird


Creating a really strong league. Please only join if you have finished top 1000 at some point in the past. League code 431845

Shake n bake

Scott will play for the dogs

The Jinx

That’s awesome, we love bargain basement rookies. Hopefully Waterman will play, shame Treacy is suspended for 2 weeks (whatta flog) and to think he’s just a Rookie.

The Jinx

I’m seeing more and more R2 rookie strategy, since I brought it up last week.

I personally thought it was an opportunity since Preuss went down with an injury. Flynn was and has been in my radar right through the pre season to be playing along side Preuss.

Gawn and Grundy combo is just way too expensive to start with. I was willing to sacrifice one of them since we’ve been handed a few rookies in the ruck this season. Can’t remember when we had an opportunity like this.

My concern with other coaches going with this strategy, is what/how they spend that extra 500k odd. Remember you’ve sacrifice one of Gawn & Grundy, in order to get someone alike in the other position.

Just a food for thought for you community. Spend that extra 500k odd wisely

The Jinx

Rick Grimes

I have (at this stage) turned Duggan into Stewart and a rookie into Zorko. My calculations:

Grundy, Duggan and Rookie 120+90+60 = 270
Flynn, Stewart and Zorko 75+105+100 = 280

So only slightly ahead but i go deeper up front. Plus Flynn and Meek look among best rookie options, imo.


This pre-season I started with, Gawn & Grundy, then looked at Gawn & Draper, back to Gawn & Grundy, then Gawn & Flynn, then Gawn & Nank. Finally just over two weeks ago I settled on the rookie at R2 structure, in that time I have had a mixture of Flynn, Hunter, Meek, Fullarton filling the R2 & R3 spots. At the moment I have Flynn R2 and Meek R3. I did like Hunter at R2 , but am picking Flynn due to his greater job security.


My M9 J.Jordon has been named to play round one.


How’s his job security JD with Viney to return? Maybe NDD can enlighten us..


Hi Lazza, well they played him in the pre-season games, which he did alright in, so they must have wanted to see how he went, he’s now playing round one, so maybe as good as any other rookie.