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Despite almost wearing the ‘Clear my Team’ button completely out, my SuperCoach side is done (?) and ready (???) for the start of the 2021 season.

As many have said before round one, rookies are very much subject to selection, as I don’t want to be having rookies sit on my bench and not play. The only one I can think that this would work for would be Josh Treacy that you want to use as a loophole. In saying this, with rookies being named 24 hours out from a game, that’s a risky gamble you take.


I have toyed with a five-premium-deep back line since I saw the results of the AAMI series, but I’m opting for four premiums and a mid-pricer. Jake Lloyd, Caleb Daniel and Jayden Short will all be their side’s primary rebounding defender, with the new stand rule seemingly playing a big role in their relevance change. It’s important to note that the introduction of this rule will allow players to advance an extra 10 metres from kicking out after an opposition point, meaning their metres gained will go up significantly. Any disposal over 35 metres gained is deemed effective, and an effective disposal is cash money for SuperCoach. This is why it is the year of the rebounder. Jordan Clark will be a very solid cash cow, probably up until the byes, and will be a handy swingman between defence and midfield. I expect him to average 85 on the season, with Scott already identifying a half-back/wing role for him. Rookies are subject to selection.


I’d love to be able to start 8 premium midfielders, but unfortunately Tim Mitchell hasn’t given me the cheat codes to a $30mil bank balance. Whilst I’m paying $721.8k for Lachie Neale to score 130 each week, I’m actually paying for him to potentially score 260. You can argue that he’ll dip in price, and sure, it’ll happen eventually. But I’m hoping he has a couple of captaincy-eligible games that really give me the edge over someone who doesn’t start him. When you buy the best, you don’t just buy them, you buy an extra captaincy option. That’s why Clayton Oliver and Zach Merrett haven’t left my side either. Both are great candidates for top five midfielders this year, with bother players able to score 150+ on any given weekend. Patrick Cripps is probably the most undervalued premium midfielder we’ve seen in a while. He’s able to score huge, as we’ve seen in the past, and he’s back at a playing weight similar to 2019. Last season was an anomaly; expect him to be back at his best. Tim Taranto is value at $453.7k, and whilst he’s probably not going to be a top 10 midfielder, top 20 isn’t out of his reach and at that price, you wouldn’t complain. For most of my selections I’m trying to pick blokes who will be a top scorer in their position, but Taranto is one I can cope (very well) with if he averages 105-115. Tanner Bruhn has already been announced as debuting in round one, Tom Powell and Errol Gulden are both expected to play, and the rest of the rookies are subject to selection.


Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy. I’m a big believer in set and forgets, but every season, about a week out, I get nervous. Maybe this is the year where it’s not? We do have an abundance of rookie-priced rucks that look like they’ll start round one. Let’s go through them. Matt Flynn is debuting, and is my R3. Good R3 selection. But Leon Cameron has already suggested a dual-ruck, maybe responsibility-sharing role that Flynn and Kieran Briggs will play together. Flynn may not play every week; he may play deep forward 50% of games. Paul Hunter looks set to play round one. He’s only in the side until Ryder and/or Marshall returns. Ryder is a week-by-week proposition; Marshall looks set for round 4-5. Do you really want a 3-4 week (maybe less) ruck that will make you maybe $60k? Lloyd Meek will probably share ruck responsibilities if he plays alongside Sean Darcy, and that’s if he selected as a number two ruck. Josh Treacy is suspended two weeks, so he definitely can’t be selected as R2.

This is why a set and forget ruck pairing is the smart, and safe, thing to do. But sure, be adventurous and pick a rookie ruck. One less person to fight for the $50k over.


My forward line presents most of the risk, but also the least amount of risk, and I’ll explain why. Zak Butters is the only one I’m expecting will be there by season’s end; he finished 14th in average scores of players eligible forwards in 2021. Ahead of him is: Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Hawkins, Dunkley, Marshall, Martin, Walters, Zorko, Mathieson, Heeney, Dixon, Gray, and Duryea. Let’s rule out Mathieson and Duryea, since they played three games between them. Dangerfield has a groin complaint that has hampered him since round one last year, is a year older, and plays for a team that’s vying for a premiership and has the oldest list in the competition. He’ll be rested forward or rested weeks to ensure he’s right to go. Sidebottom has a calf complaint. Pass. Hawkins will play deep forward with Cameron now at the club, and is also getting older. Not a terrible POD option, but he’s a key forward who will dip in price. Dunkley is a part of the largest human salad known to man, and will eventually play a game as a forward pocket. Marshall is injured, as is Walters, Dusty doesn’t show up until round 14, Heeney can’t get on the park, Gray is old, Dixon is a key forward. Every player above Butters from last year has a genuine reason as to why they’ll dip heavily in price. Butters may dip in price, but he’s arguably the safest $400k+ forward option. It’ll be great if I don’t need to upgrade him, but that’d be a luxury upgrade. Jye Caldwell looks like he’ll be the beneficiary of increased midfield minutes at the Bombers, Jack Ziebell took all the kick outs for the Kangas (huge), Jarman Impey wasn’t electric but will play off the half back flank. Rookies are, once again, subject to selection.

So that’s my side, community. Go on; tell me I won’t win the $50k. But if you are going to tell me, please explain why in the comments, rather than say “Butters is a bad pick.” If you have an opinion, please voice it. But do so in a concise manner, which has reasoning behind it. I feel like I’ve provided much explanation behind every pick, please do the same when critiquing my side.

Thanks, we’ll see you all round one!

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Rick Grimes

Genuine question, what do people think Taranto will average? I’m thinking 105, personally. That would put him around 25th mid eligible based on 2020. He would make you about $120k ish. So are you keeping him or upgrading? He’s been team a lot but I’m struggling to see his value if he’s not a keeper. #onthefence

Last edited 1 year ago by Rick Grimes

I got rid of taranto for rowell. Just too much uncertainty with taranto – he got 31 touches and a goal for just over 100 sc, so his ceiling isnt too good compared to the possibility of rowell getting 30 odd touches. Just too scared of Tatanto’s floor. Agree though, 105 average but possibly lower if gws dont win much. Nail in the coffin for me was that taranto seemed to be around the fourth option for the midfield role, so his time up fwd could be the killer (do we trust Leo Cameron?). For these reasons ive gone rowell and hope that he scores a few ridiculously high scores to go with his 90s and inflate him up to a 110+ or who knows


Plus i know its stupid but i want to watch and barrack for rowell as i guess an enjoyment option


Fair point Jess, he is exciting to watch like Clarry Oliver when he became self aware.


i love an undervalued premium as much as the next bloke, but i’m not sure Taranto is a premium (he did have one ‘premium year’). i think there is a big chance he or Cogs spends a lot of time forward. they tried Cogs last year and in true Rodrick Rules form, “don’t be good at something you don’t want to do” he sucked.

The AAMI game Hopper hardly attended a center bounce, that won’t be the case in real footy. Too much uncertainly.

Although, even if he does play forward, he will still score better than his starting price, so it is a nice calculated risk.


Rowell only have to touch the ball and it’s called a ‘contested possession’. If he starts getting it 30 times, look out!


Exactly. Room for improvement. Just not sure when

Bob Butter

I think about 105 too, maybe less if Coniglio gets more midfield time and Taranto is pushed to the fwd line. I had him in my team but swapped him to Rowell, I think he has a greater upside as the clear number 1 midfielder in his team.

David C

If you start Taranto you will probably still have him at the end as there will always be weaker spots to fix in your team. I think you can carry only 1 maybe 2 selections like this.


My team will get a lot of hate because it is very G&R, but please understand im taking the chance on rookies, especially in defence.

Lloyd, Laird, Stewart, Clark, Highmore Koschizke, (Jones, Murray)

Neale, Oliver, Macrae, Merrett, Rowell, Powell, Gulden, Scott (smith, jordan, downie)

Grawndy (Hunter)

Danger, Dunkley, ziebell, Campbell, Warner, Rowe (Bergman, Brockman)

Again, i know there will be hate. But regardless I’d appreciate any opinions. Thanks

Rick Grimes

No hate at all. GnR is a solid strategy for a reason. If the rookies turn up, and history says they will, you’ll be in a strong position. SC is about scoring points but it’s also about increasing value.


Thank you rick. Im happy to go one 250k odd defender, but not two. The way i see it, ive got 12 keepers with some bloody good premiums in there. Might have a slow start but are banking on finishing well


Im also considering jkelly over merrett to be able to afford the cash cow god that Flynn will be. I don’t like the mindset of “injury prone” and in one game last year he scored 75 from 35 odd percent game time. Make that 140 and be averaged around 120. Merrett could go 120, but he could also go 105. Merretts 4 year average of 107, or kellys 4 year ave of 114 with a few excuses that would make it higher. Has to be at least thought about

Rick Grimes

Kelly is certainly enticing. Who knows, maybe this year he stays injury free! I think Merrett is the safer choice. He’s a free agent end of year, so motivation shouldn’t be an issue. I’m backing him to go 115-120 and he doesn’t miss games.


Agree with your comments on Jelly….like Fyfe apart from potentially burning a trade having them in your team including them in your team early in the year after a solid preseason is a good bet


you didn’t muck around when it came to the Guns.

You bought out the Big Guns. Pretty much the #1 & #2 most expensive on each line.

Have a look at what you team would like like if you just replaced the big ‘bookends’ of Lloyd & Dangerfield with say Daniels & Dusty. Not sure you will loose a lot of points but have $200k in your pocket. See what you can do with $200k? Daniher? Impey? Dow? Young? 8 rookies on field would keep me awake.


Dereck i just think danger and lloyd will score me 20-30 points a week more than dusty and daniel. I do like daniher, dow and Impey (especially impey) but they wont finish up in my team. Was weighing up one of those three vs warner and god i like warner just as much if he gets the games, so just went with the best – ziebell. Daniher will have a better ceiling so good for cash gen, but will still have his 50 odd games. Cant have them all and ive gotta just hope my on field rookies score enough. Guns and rookies is the only way I know

Rate or Hate

I’ve employed a similar strategy – the big guns cost $ and likely 2 trades during the season to bring in.

Grundy likely to drop to around 600K at some point so hopefully getting him in vs Neale maybe easier.

Guess same can be said about starting Grundy over Lloyd but gotta play the rookies where they lie and backline looking thin while 2 rookie RUC should be viable until R5/6-ish


Going GnR myself as I’m confident the rookies will arrive this year…more so than previous years…atm a GnR team is effectively a POD!…sit tight and hold firm

The Ranger

Nice team Jess, I still have a G’n’R team and a more midpricer version and I’m flip flopping between the two daily.


Its all about the ability to upgrade for me. I always have trouble bringing the top guns i want in over the season, and are always looking for the value on each line. Its fine to say “I’ll get lloyd neale and gawn in later”, but we all know we are looking for the fallen premo to squeeze every cent. Like i said before I’ll have a slow start, but have to trust in the rookies. I’ll more than likely be bringing in a fallen fyfe or crouch type, as opposed to the guns i should be getting. Just gives ne the freedom to pick up the value later instead of chasing a Gawn/Lloyd type


Love it Jess


Thanks lek. I’ve always valued your advice over anyones. Think i pretty much copied your team one year and did well (honest). Thanks for the confidence 🙂


This is a solid team Jess! No hate here. One less premo in defence than some other teams but well offset by 5 premo midfield. A bit of a gamble, so maybe a plan B for defence if rooks don’t play would be good?


Very similar team to mine. Fingers crossed rookies come through!


Greetings all. Great to be back for another season of Super Coach. My team is almost set (pending rookie selections), however, I still have a few queries about my team and would love some advice or feedback on my team if possible. My team is as follows:
B – Lloyd, Laird, Howe, H Clark, Sharp, Wehr, Highmore, Chugg
M – Neale, Oliver, Bont, Fyfe, Rowell, Durdin, Bruhn, Gulden, Powell, Downie, A Scott
R – Gawn, NicNat, Meek
F – Danger, Dusty, Campbell, Briggs, Rowe, Brockman, Henry, Treacy
Leaves me $88k in the bank.
My queries are as follows:
1) I am tossing up between Howe or Stewart at D3 or should i have both
2) Oliver or Steele in the Midfield
3) Is having Gawn and Grundy at the start essential ?
Appreciate any thoughts or advice.
Thanks Community.

Bob Butter

Way too light in the forward line. Relying on that many rookies to be named every week for the first 8 rounds or so is very risky. Don’t like the Howe pick coming off an injury or nic nat, most likely won’t be a top ruckman, either go with gawn/Grundy or a cheaper option to upgrade later. My current team is 12 keepers, 5 mid pricers and 5 rookies, give or take I think that’s a decent ratio this season. Imo you have 3 or 4 rookies too many on field and can choose better premo and mid price options

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob Butter

Just get your rookies right. Howe i don’t mind as a pod but nic nat is a speculative pick. Wary of both considering the crazy year last year with less tog and intercepts being graded better.Wont talk you out of it like some will, and always love a few pods, just be on the ball with rookie changes

Bob Butter

Finally set on my team other than F4 and F5. Options are Daniher, Dow, Impey and Campbell. Each has pros and cons, Daniher averaged 86 in his last full season in a decent Essendon side, this Brisbane side is far better and he should have greater opportunity, plus there’s the ‘happy’ factor, question is will his body hold up, if so I can see him reaching 400-450k. Impey has never averaged over 75 and usually hovers around 60, didn’t impress at all in the AAMI series, but is set for a role change across HB and has pretty good JS. He is only 20k more than Campbell who was impressive in the AAMI match, but he is an expensive rookie and I’m not sure about his JS. And finally Dow, dominated the first practice match but wasn’t as impressive in the AAMI game, not sure if I as optimistic as others. Would love to hear people’s thought and justifications on who they are picking.


Hi Bob, I think in this case I’d take Daniher and the rook, Campbell, no reason really except Dow and Impey have never stood out to me in the past, Joe looks like he might have a good year, and I liked the looks of Campbell in the AAMI game with 18 touches and 85 from 80% tog


few spots available in a top 1% striving league: 334208

Rick Grimes

Which combo:

Stewart & Butters, or
Duggan & Dusty?




I like the set up until I see the forward line. I can understand the logic to load up the defence but am taking a more balanced approach with some DPP help. I really wanted Taranto and had him up until Treacy got suspended.

My team as it stands below. 11 premo and 4 mid priced set up. I might swap out Young & Short for Daniel & Clark but it’s a line ball call. Thoughts on the below folks?…

B: Lloyd, Laird, Short, Duggan, Young, Jones (Koschitzke, Highmore);

C: Neale, Oliver, Cripps, Rowell, T. Phillips, Campbell, Powell, Gluden (Downie, A.Fyfe, Scott);

R: Gawn, Grundy (Flynn);

F: Danger, Dusty, Ziebel, Warner, Fullarton, Bergman (Brockman, Rowe).


I might be a bit wary of Duggan Stevo, if he gets thrown back to defence again where he has mostly played, his averages there are slightly shiteful, mid to high 60’s


Duggan is a best case D6 finishing player for me. With the list of injuries at the Eagles midfield, he may average mid 90s & generate enough cash early for an upgrade at the byes. That’s the plan for now.

Rate or Hate

Butters top 6 FWD due to attrition is an interesting choice. Still working out if I’m offended or in awe of this logic


I can’t believe it’s not Butters.


Thanks Fozzy, I think you’ve made me come to my senses, my team was one big speculation party with not that many real premos in it, probably would’ve trashed my season pretty quick.


I think the $50k will be won by a side starting with a rookie @ M2, Butters @ F1 is a slippery slope.


Flynn @ R2 i mean