Podcast | It’s Time To Lock In Your Supercoach Side!

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Lekdog and Patch meet in person for just the second time in four years of podcast recording, they have a great time.

They dissect everything from premos, to rookies, to midpricers, to how you should approach your final team setup.

It’s a long one so strap in and enjoy.

Oh and we’re launching a new mailbag podcast! Email your mailbag questions to [email protected]

3:30 – Defensive Premiums
9:13 – Premium Midfielders
26:18 – Premium Ruckmen
27:53 – Rookie Ruckmen
31:00 – Premium Forwards
39:26 – Forwardline structure (Guns & Rookies v Cheapies)
46:15 – Cheap Defenders
51:40 – Rookie Midfielders
56:43 – Announcements

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409399 Join up lads 😉

Rick Grimes

Where do you get a 105 average for Rowell? He was averaging 125 last season before injury. Shoulder didn’t look an issue from what I saw. Best of luck to those without, but mark my words, he’ll score 150+ within the first 3 weeks.


That 125 Ave was off a very small sample… I think 105 to 110 Average is a fair enough prediction….

Rick Grimes

Based on what tho? One game in AAMI or 4 games of regular season. Or just grabbing numbers from the ether.


It was a nice start to his career that he had. First 4 games were all at home against pretty poor opponents. Don’t think those 4 games were a great sample size.

The fact is we can’t take much from those 4 games.

It is best to look at the AAMI for some indication.

He scored 90SC from 70% TOG.

Assume he has an average of 80-85% TOG, that equates to between 102 – 109. Thats probably the best we can calculate for now.

Rick Grimes

He’s going to play against average teams this season too. Plus it was his first hit out post injury. So that 90sc points will be 120 once hes full steam. Buy hey, lets see how the season pans out.

For the record, I’m a GC lad, so perhaps there’s some cognitive bias.


He’ll have second years blues, 90-95 average max for Rowell. Dreaming of anything higher


Yeah nah…that ain’t gonna happen, he has higher standards for himself than that.

Ian Balfour

Yes small sample, not tagged etc. Also very few come back from serious injury and start off where they were performance wise.

Rick Grimes

So Gaff no good because he’ll not be top 8, but Boak is an option. Not sure on that.


Boak will be top 8.. I think he’ll outscore gaff


I just wonder about Boak’s age. he is turning 33 this year, and players don’t improve their score much after 30.

His TOG% has been falling, 83% (2018), 79% (2019) & 77% (2020) – was one of the very few premium midfielders who had a fall in TOG last year. With less interchange, i can see the TOG% trend continuing.

Rick Grimes

I like Gaff with these new rules. Think he goes 110 easy. But at this stage he’s not in my side. Boak I will not touch.


Thanks for the good work lads!


Thoughts on McKernan ($246k) with Ryder and Marshall out? If we’re considering Daniher, Ziebell, Dow etc…

Last edited 1 year ago by John

Why not, they’re all just stepping stones. If you think he’ll get to 400k quickly, go for it.


He looked very good in the praccy match. Hunter will Ruck but McKernan will help out.

Rick Grimes

Petracca or Oliver? I want both but can only have one.


Oliver. Seems more consistent.


I’m really looking forward to see Oliver play this year. It seems like during last year he worked out he can grab the ball and run.

When he was running from clearances and kicking into 50 he looked awesome and was rewarded with some massive SC pts.

He he remembers to play like that he could be the #1 player in SC by year-end

With Petracca, I need to see how the longer quarters effect him

Rick Grimes

Thanks Derek. You have confirmed my thinking. Still remember that 180 or so he got last year. I switched the c o Trac last minute.


he went 205. I remember it very well. I had the VC on Grundy’s 145 and didn’t take it, left the C on Oliver.. ahhhh my happy place.



Can i get picked apart for take 102829310

Laird, Daniel, T Stewart, Short, Clark, Koschitzke, Highmore, Murray

Neale, Steele, Cripps, Rowell, Taranto, Caldwell, Powell, Brockman, Downie, Gulden, Scott

Gawn, Flynn, Meek

Danger, Dusty, Butters, Ziebell, Campbell, Fullarton, Rowe, Treacy.

18.6K left.

Couple options all lead to Grundy back in (cut Caldwell & Butters or Daniel/Short) are basically the jist of it.
Will wait to see if Lloyd is playing before I pick him in D1 and if he is I probably will be moving to fit him. Bit worried he hasn’t played and his knee might be a bit iffy.



Just went completely left field. Thoughts on this.

Any other thoughts from the first team or this team… (Disregard ZWil purely for me to compete in my leagues with mates)

Laird, Daniels, T Stewart, Short, Z Williams, Kosch, Highmore, Murray

Bont, ZMerrett, Dunkley, Rowell, Taranto, J Clark, Powell, Brockman, Downie, Gulden, Scott

Gawn, Flynn, Meek

Danger, Dusty, ZButters, Ziebell, Campbell, Fullatron, Rowe, Treacey.

Essentially Z Will enters d5 (move Clark down to replace Caldwell)

Mids lose Neale & Steele, Cripps. Gain Bont, ZMerrett, Dunkley (who can move down when Neale or someone bleeds a bit in the mid?


i’m confused. Do you have ZWilliams?

Lloyd is 100% playing. Saw an interview with the swans fitness guy on Swans TV who said he is 100% and didn’t hesitate.

Rick Grimes

The obvious one is R2. High risk strategy but it comes off you’ll be laughing.


You mean my second list Rick?


Alright doing my head in but final take.

Let me know lads 1.2.3

Laird, Daniel, Stewart, Young, Clark, Kosc, Highmore, Murray

Macrae/Oliver/Steele (only 1) ZMer, Bont, Rowell, Taranto, Campbell, Powell, Brockman, Gulden, Scott, Fyfe

Gawn, Grundy, Flynn

Danger, Dusty, Butters, Ziebell, Fullatron, Rowe, Treacey, Waterman

The Jinx

Out of the those teams you’ve shared this 3rd team would be suited for a mid price madness.

1st and 2nd is just way too risky, just way too many mid price, only 10 premos, on top of that running a Rookie in R2?! What was your purpose of going with this strategy?


I culled danger from my side 2 nights ago and have not slept since. I don’t want him because his a flog but I don’t want to be without him because I know what he can do on the field, and it’s alot.


its funny, i like my team much better when i have him in my midfield, not in the forwards, can’t explain why.

Shake n bake

Flynn and Bruhn to play Briggs no.


Flynn’s a bit of a crybaby, Hunter’s gonna smash him lol


Stewart or Daniel? Cannot decide!

Shake n bake



Would you do both at the expense of lloyd?

Shake n bake

Don’t have Lloyd.

The Jinx

Tough call. I have both.
Stewart will get you that 100 ave week in, week out. Daniel can also give you that 100 ave, with the New Rule this season i think he’ll step it up another gear.


Stewart for me Tommy, he could average 110 this year.


OMG, it’s official. I’m finally excited for the new season. All it took was for this Podcast to come out. Thanks lads, great work and good luck for the season.


Love the enthusiasm The Holt, oy am alsoy excoited!…see you in the leagues and forums my friend.

Rick Grimes

Dunkley or Dusty?

The Jinx

If only we know where Dunkley plays, I would’ve say Dunkley with confidence. He is in my team, even if he plays 50/50 mid and fwd like what the boys said in the podcast he’ll be a top 6 at season end. As for Dusty he can hurt you in some weeks, but he can also frustrate you. Looking to pick him up at a cheaper price during the season.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Jinx
Shake n bake

Brockman & Kozchitzke to both play.


Gday guys, can’t wait for footy to be back in a few days!

Team as of now is:

Laird, Daniel, Stewart, Short, Young, Highmore, (Kozi, Murray)

Neale, Oliver, Macrae, Danger, Taranto, B. Campbell, Powell, Gulden, (Berry, Downie, Scott)

Gawn, Grundy, (Flynn)

Dunkley, Caldwell, Ziebell, Warner, Bergman, Rowe, (H.Jones, Brockman)

Not the most exciting team but it’s the structure I feel works with the little info we have about rookies. Cheers guys

The Jinx

Nervously can’t wait for the season to start, after listening to this PODCAST.

I’m flicking my notes back and fort whether I should I go with Set & Forget or go with Premo + 2 Rookies in the Ruck. As risky as it may having 2 rookies in the ruck, for some reason I feel comfortable with this set up, as opposed to Set & Forget.

Right now can’t decide what to do with $130K I have left!!!! Grundy is my R1 at the moment.

I was saving that $130K to either upgrade;

Crisp to Lloyd
Zorko to Macrae
Grundy to Gawn

Or leave it as is, save that $130 for upgrade once the Rookies are ready for culling.

What to do you community think?

Last edited 1 year ago by The Jinx

Both Lloyd and Macrae are big upgrades so cant go wrong with either. Id probs do zorko – macrae since i dont rate zorko very much

The Jinx

Thanks Tom

I’m pretty much leaning on either Lloyd or Macrae. At least I still have Grundy and will give me more Captain options each week with the likes of Neale, Grundy, Oliver, Danger, Merrett and maybe even Laird.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Jinx

I think the gap between grundy and gawn will be pretty small (wouldnt be surprised of grundy becomes number 1 due to new rules), so if youre only going with 1 id be picking grundy

Shake n bake

Russty out Adams will play


Too risky starting him Shake? Looks ripper value if hes fit and firing

Shake n bake

Definitely not if he stays injury free l think he’ll be a top 8 mid by yrs end


no chance he can’t even kick


I definitely think he can be a top 8 mid. His scoring when treloar didnt play was very very good and can only see that improving since hes probably the main man now. Only question is whether he can stay on the park?

Shake n bake

Neither can Oliver.

Shake n bake

Pies don’t bat so deep in the midfield he’ll play the most minutes out of every other midfielder if he stays sound



There are a few teams that have entered in more than 1 division. I’ll have to punt teams out if they are in more than once.

We have a few too many teams in Division 5

Can a few more people who are in Division 5 jump across to either Division 7 (242419) or Division 8 (191616) to even it up a bit.

Division 7 – 242419
Division 8 – 191616

Its going to be a cracking comp.

I’ll wait until we have final numbers to work out the elimination numbers for each week.

There won’t be any eliminations in Round 1, but there will be immunity up for grabs.


Since adams how now been confirmed to play, is it too risky potentially starting him? Limited pre season the obvious cause for concern but for me hes a little unders. Taking him over a neale/steele allows me to upgrade T Green to Taranto OR D5 rookie to JClark.
Thoughts guys?

Last edited 1 year ago by tommyc99

If he’s passed as fit you could start him, I’d probably be hesitant to start Titch though


Lads what you think?

1 of Short/Howe,1 of Bont/Macrae/Oliver/Steele, Flynn


Young, Caldwell,Grundy???

Bob Butter

I’m going with the 1 premo 2 rookie ruck combo purely because I don’t think they’ll be many rookie options on other lines and we will need all the cash generation we can get. I’m also not sold on Caldwell (would rather Green for a similar price) and not sure if Young has a guaranteed spot. I would definitely got route 1, I think it outscores option 2 and Flynn offers more cash gen and scoring potential than Young or Caldwell.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob Butter

Well I’m set with my team……..I think. Have 2 team line ups ready and await for teams to be dropped Thursday before confirming 1. 1 team has Steele and Lloyd and the other doesn’t have either but I have managed to squeeze an extra keeper into the line up. Hate the thought not starting Steele and Lloyd but team looks far more solid without them. 🤔

The Jinx

Also got two version of my team
V.1 Grundy & Rookies combo
V.2 Guns ‘n Rookies with Grawndy combo

Really hoping to go with V.1 depending on which Rookies gets to play. And which players gets in the best 22 for their club.

Teague Train

Hopefully 2021 is alot better then 2020 in regards to life and supercoahch 😀

Pick this apart for me lads, i have 12 keepers (11 for sure, possibly Rowell)

Def – Ryan, Laird, Saad, Short, JClark, LJones (Kos, Highmore)
Mid – Oliver, Bont, ZMerrett, Cripps, Rowell, Campbell, Powell, Sharp (Brockman, Downie, Gulden)
Rucks – Gawn, ROB (Flynn)
Forwards – Danger, Phillips, Caldwell, Dow, Rowe, Treacy (Scott, Waterman)


Some real nice PODs.

Do we reckon Phillips is a keeper? I hope so at that price, but will be interested to see what happens when JOM and Mitchell play.

Ballsy not starting Lloyd, Neale and Grundy. But gotta risk it for the biscuit!


Supercoach League: Jock Reynolds DIV1 – 531716


Can the settings of the website be adjusted so that the actual newest comments…the replies to comments, appear at the top of the page?
I have asked this question several times and it’s never been answered.
It’s no fun scrolling through 58 old comments to find maybe the latest comment.
Surely this is adjustable admin guys?


Hi Russty. At the top of the page, there are two red lines where it says the number of comments. There is a spot there that says oldest. You can press on that and choose newest and it flips them. It always defaults to oldest first, do you have to press it each time. But it’s worth it.


Hi Keen, yeah I’m aware of how it works now but it doesn’t actually work well, it only saves the original comment someone made as the “newest”…and not any replies to that comment, the old Intense Debate platform was better that way, I’m sure it could be adjusted but no one seems to care enough to even acknowledge that there’s a problem.


Thanks Lek appreciate the effort, maybe the WordPress admin could help?
I just think all comments should be the ‘newest’ comment if it’s the latest one, actual latest comments are being lost or not seen because the original comment is way down the page somewhere.

Big G

Is Short the real deal?


Houli could be back in as early as rd 2. I’m looking elsewhere as of now, i think Daniel and Mills offer better prospects


Lloyd and butters
Daniel and dusty/dunkley

Last edited 1 year ago by tommyc99

I was thinking hard about Butters. But Rozee’s injury I think means he plays forward to start season

Plus I would still look at Heeney for a few less dollars


Even with Heeney’s likelyhood of playing forward?


Heeney plays his best footy as a forward, he isn’t a midfielder’s bootlace.

He is one of the best one-on-one players in the game


Another one is lloyd and TGreen
Daniel and Taranto (dusty fwd for both)

Last edited 1 year ago by tommyc99
Jim Sykes

Daniel and Dunks for me.


I watched 1 preseason game, which was Essendon v Geelong. Caldwell impressed the sh*t out of me.

I’ve changed this team about 50 times I reckon, feeling slightly settled on it (not 100% sure on rookies obviously)
Going pretty cookie cutter…

DEF: Lloyd, Laird, Short, Clark, Jones, Highmore (Briggs, Koschitzke)
MIDS: Neale, Steele, Zerrett, Cripps, Rowell, Powell, Downie, Gulden (Macrae, Brockman, Scott)
RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Flynn)
FWDS: Dunkley, Martin, Caldwell, Ziebell, Campbell, Rowe (Durdin, Waterman)

Last edited 1 year ago by johnno29

If you had have watched the Swans V Giants game you would have Warner and maybe even rowbottom. Warner scored 89 at 1.27ppm and looked like he’d been an afl midfielder for years.
He had 6 CBA’s for 4 clearances (compared to Mills 23 CBA’s for 2 clearances)
The game videos are available on afl website have a watch of the Swans Giants second quarter


Thanks mate. Warner in.

Shake n bake

Only thing with Caldwell is his handball happy

Shake n bake

Henry will play frid night


Do we pick him Shake? I read good things about him at draft time but at present he is my ‘break glass in emergency’ pick.

Shake n bake

Will have to hit the score board to see him get a half descent score. Minutes will be short and not one that will accumulate many possies. I think he’ll mature to be good player thou.

Jim Sykes

Hi Guys.
I seem to be on an endless roundabout of Macrae/Daniher VS Cripps/Tom Phillips.
My gut says Cripps/TP but my brain is saying traditional thinking is Mac/Danny boy.
My Spleen is undecided and my liver is reminding me that we knocked off 10 minutes ago and go to the bar fridge.
Can you solve this dilemma?


If you think about Cripps and Daniher can you use that cash elsewhere?

Big G

People’s thoughts on Jeremy Howe as D3?


Not worth the price after his leg problems last year.

will be getting competition from Quaynor this year.

Shake n bake

I think your wrong. Watched him train ytday he was flying. The way the pies set up down back as long as no inj to Rough or Darcy he’ll kick in and pick off opponents possessions all day. Great kick.

Shake n bake

Campbell Mcdonald & Gulden all selected


McDonald looked good in his hitout but I’m loathe to pick a tall key forward.

Shake n bake

Me to


Hello all you beautiful bastards!
Hope you’re all doing great after the shit storm that was 2020.
Late start for me this year, been cramming for the last week or two and am up to date on the pods and articles, fairly happy with where my squad is at until we get some teams named in the next few days!
Big 👍🍻 to all the crew for your hard work and dedication to keeping this awesome community going for another season of SC.
Can’t wait to match up against the regulars in some great leagues again this year.
Feel free anyone to jump into this league – JR HedHunters 813127
Good luck all, GO CATS


Hi Hedski where you been mate, I’ll jump into your league for the time being..
I’ve been waiting for the Elite of the Elite league to start up … i’ve only got one more to go and i’m at the ten limit
Not sure what is going on with that league and haven’t seen an invite so I’ll jump into yours mate


Hey Gator, been flat out with work and the family, made it to your draft the other night (glad I didn’t clear my whole team wasn’t sure if we were starting fresh, seems we weren’t).
Yeah I was hoping Brownlow Boy (Tom) would re create that league too.

Shake n bake

Same here Gator l have 1 left so I’ll jump in to Hedski.


No worries Shaker, hopefully we can get a good league ranking with your “Up there Cazaly” league again this year


great to see you back dion got you in the draft same as the other dudes mate,been hanging out for B B i will give it a bit then jump in cheers Hedski NDD

Shake n bake

Cracker league l have this year! Going to be some ring a ding battles! Top 30 we have to aim for.


Good to see ya Hed..see you in the trenches this year mate, Hopefully I’ll make the top 16 in my own JR Mega-league this year lol


Cheers Russty, will be fun to go at it again 👍


Community! Matt Rowell. Obviously the flavour of the month early on but have been seeing his name a little less past few weeks. Obviously very highly owned so not picking him can be risky. Should we be starting him?


Hi Tommy, not sure if we should or shouldn’t but I’ve had him locked away since day dot, I think he’s gonna be a special talent and will deliver us some crazy good scores.
Just hope he can stay on the park for a whole season, I’d love to see what he can do.


Is anyone considering benching Zac Williams for round 1 and taking a bit of a hit score-wise?…would certainly save a trade if he starts kicking butt from round 2.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_
Shake n bake

I would have if the rookies l have played before the Carlton game. Because l cant loop l won’t.


Oh yeah good point Shake…don’t want to eat a donut round 1.


Rucks are starting to annoy me but in my case it’s the last challenge Grundy for MacRae is even money but Flynn for my worst rookie seals the deal probably a forward maybe Rowe. If Flynn f’s up Hunter takes over, odds are both wont fail at least for 6 weeks.


Leaning that way too mate…there’s a lot of upside in using all that extra cash elsewhere, like obtaining 13 keepers to start.


Been hearing a couple of people say J.Lloyd is over priced, obviously will be top 6 defender but do we think it’ll hurt not starting him round 1?? Keep going back and forth with it.


It’s hurt not starting Lloyd since 2018, he doesn’t drop in price much, except for 2019


Rowell and Lachie McNeil OR Taranto and Tanner Bruhn?