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I’ve somehow done it. In all the uncertainty surrounding rookies, I have somehow managed to finish with a team in the realm of a Guns’n’Rookies structure.

There are a few contingency plans I have for various rookie and other selection issues, but I have sat on this team setup for the last few days and so I think it’s ready to show off.


Five. That’s right, five premium defenders and one rookie. I can see at least 4 of these 5 defenders being a top 8 defender by season’s end. Lloyd, Laird, Stewart speak for themselves while Jayden Short became too hard to ignore after his AAMI series game when he scored gazillion points. Jeremy Howe looked awesome in the 67% game time he played in the AAMI game, scoring 90 points with ease, too.

Jeremy Howe is part of my contingency plan though, he’ll be moved to a cheaper option if the basement priced rookies don’t arrive.


Lachie Neale will be a top 8 midfielder, he’s probably a little expensive but you pay for consistency and reliable captaincy option. Tim Taranto is about 150k cheaper than he should be, no pre-season and limited preparation meant he was only just going for most of last season. Travis Boak should average around 110 again in a side pushing for a premiership. You may notice Luke Valente is still in my side despite not featuring in the pre-season matches, and that is because I’m not convinced a round 1 debut is off the table.


Set and forget. Lloyd Meek will inherit the earth. The end.


I’m selecting Zak Butters as a premium. The Port pocket rocket is slated for more midfield time, and despite not attending many centre bounces in the AAMI Community Series game against the Crows, he still managed to score 126 points. Jack Ziebell is too cheap for what he’ll more than likely produce, while Braeden Campbell at F3 may seem risky, and it is, but he seems to be taking on that half-back role which is now vacated by Callum Mills.

In the end, I’ve probably played it safe but this was the happiest formation of my side that I have made over the last 8 weeks or so. Rookies will be subject to change, of course.

What do you think, community?

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Forward line massive risks taken there


I don’t really mind that, I don’t care where the rookies land on-field just that we have them

Rick Grimes

Forward line concerns me also. If some of those guys are in and out each week, you’ll be chasing your tail looking for sideways trades, or copping a donut. But hey, they might play every game for the first 6 weeks….


Ohhhh Damo I like I like. It’s different. Boak is interesting and butters at F1!! And batting nice and deep down back.
I like the structure. I like you’ve left Dangerfield out I want too so badly I hate owning him he’s just one of those players that will hurt you for doing so.


Would much prefer at least one premo at F1, maybe at the expense of Howe? Cash dependent but needs to be one of Danger, Dusty or Dunkley.


Eh, I think it’s easier to jump on a fallen forward than a fallen mid or defender. As long as the rookies play he should be sweet


Dear lord, that forward line. Crikey.


Very rookie dependant Damo I hope it works out for ya, backline’s nicely locked away


Rookies will determine everything


That forward line makes me happy in my decision to keep Relton Roberts in my 22.


Boak is a horrible pick. No way does he get anywhere near 110. The rest looks okay.


I finished with him in my team last year and he was far from horrible…averaging 110. Port will be very competitive this year, he could even go better.


Everyone’s an expert at this time of the year so here’s my 2 cents. I’d rather date my toothless cousin than go into a SC season with your forward line. Dunkley will ave 110-120 so he’s a must have. T. Phillips comes to Hawthorn while wingman Smith and Scully depart. He will own the wings at Glenferrie but he’ll also get more mid minutes at the Hawks. He’s averaged 90’s in the past, expect him to ave 100+ so he’s a must have in the forward line also. Good luck!


What’s your cousins name?


Toothless can be an advantage in certain circumstances 🙂


Seems a bit of an over-reaction to the defensive rookie crisis to go with 5 premiums.

Also an over-reaction to the AAMI saying that defenders will outscore midfielders.

There are quite a few very good mid price and cheaper options.

To me the top 6 defenders are the hardest to pick this year. There are 12-15 who could easy end up. Where the forward line top 6 is very clear cut. Danger, Dunkley, Dusty, Marshall, Sidebottom & Heeney/Butters.

Talk to LEK about expensive defenders, lucky to give them the time of day.

I usually like 2 premium defenders, but probably go 3 this year because Williams misses first week went up instead of sideways/down. I can understand 4, but 5 is an over kill.

Last year was the same, started SHill at D6 and he was ok


Hi Derek. I think you will find a lot of teams stacking the defence this year but not necessarily because of the lack of rookies. There is a lot of talk about the new rules helping those good kicks in defence getting more handball receives etc. Hence some big scores in the practice games for those sort of players. Myself personally won’t be doing it as previous seasons indicate more often then not the scoring doesn’t necessarily change as much as people think.


Derek, it’s true, I alwyas hated expensive defenders…sadly this year that has changed :'(


What about Zorko, Hawkins Toby Greene


Ballsy forward line. Your probably going to have to replace all of them. One up & one down is half your trades on that line alone. I can envisage that becoming a real problem

David C

He has a healthy amount of keepers, I don’t see any problem at all. It doesn’t matter what line you need to do your upgrades on. Running deep in the backline is a sound strategy this year because of expected rookie availability. I do question taking all 3 of Gawn, Neale and Lloyd as they are probably overpriced with the scaling from last year.


“He has a healthy amount of keepers, I don’t see any problem at all. It doesn’t matter what line you need to do your upgrades on.” – AGREE


Overall you have 12 prems and 2 midpricers on the park problem is where they are Agree with John Grundy for Dunkley and get rid of BOAKS for Danger .Now a mighty team No problem going deep in def but when Clark is available why not dump Howe for him .Have a word with Clarky that’s what a supercoach team looks like son NDD

Lachie McLean

that sounds way too mainstream


Lachie McLean, you sound way too hybrid between 2 Bulldogs players.


him again eh mate


Howe 517. Rookie 102. Rookie 123 = 742k
or 3 Midpricers like: Young, Clark, Tyson. 279, 241, 243 = 763k.
Other options Daniher 233, Impey, 212, Dow 202 etc
How much mid-price madness are people settling on?


I’m settling on a lot haha


Nice Damo. Sort of similar structure to me but I’m not brave enough to go that risky in the forward line.
How is everyones teams looking at present? Mine was sorted then Frederick went down so I started to replace him, which lead to a complete restructure and now have $300k left over and scratching my head wondering what to do. Very frustrating


My team’s looking great Holty if you like insane teams , I’ve probably gone way too risky but I don’t seem to care. Are you saying you had Frederick in your side and if so…why?
I have 3 rooks onfield, Campbell, Powell and Kos-shitsky


must have a few midpricers russty? I have 6 and that was hard 2 midpricers Drew and Ziebell


Hi mate, he is rookie priced and in the system for a while. Looks fit and gee he can run. Endurance is no issue for him and as a forward who seemed to have 🔐 away a spot on the wing excited me.

The Jinx

Wow! My defense is pretty much 5 deep, I got Laird in the guts. JClark taking D5 spot.

Llyod, Neale, Steele, Gawn & Grundy wish I can fit them all in my team. I just don’t have the cohunas to field that much rookies.

I actually had Butters at F1 at one stage followed by Ziebell, Daniher, Impey, Dow & Rook.

Kudos to you Damo, wish I was that ballsy as you.

Goodluck mate.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Jinx

Hi Jinx. Clark is currently in my team but worried for his role when Duncan is back. If he locks down a spot on the wing then he will be a awesome pick but has plenty to contend with hence he still isn’t locked in my team

The Jinx

I hope he’s done enough during the pre season to get his spot back, before he got injured. Selwood has parised Clark of how much work and preparation he done to get back in best 22.

With Higgins and Smith joining the cats, there’s that uncertain with Clarks role, specially when Dalhaus and Duncan returns.

Its why I have slotted Clark at D5 and Laird in the guts. In case Clark doesn’t make it in Cats best 22 or gets dropped. I could either swap Clark for Caldwell, H Young and I’m also interested in Orazio whose done well through pre season.

Shake n bake

Hope teams are named on Thursday for frid sat games and frid for sund games!!


West Coast has a few Midfield issues that could be a few weeks before they all get back, enter L.Duggan 448k Defender


Thinking the same DBB, think he might be in the mids anyway this year though.


4 spots still to be filled in my league 554828. Come join the competition.


Boak was the gift that kept giving last year – solid. I know Ziebels cheap but will be really score enough? Might be better to try to go either side of the price point??