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Gosh, SuperCoach this year is presenting brand new challenges. Much like it does every year. The Panic, the uncertainty and along with it the ingenuity from all members of the community. There’s nothing better. 

I am ready to present the current version of my team. As with most of the coming reveals, the rookies are a guess at best but this is the year to be flexible. I won’t dive too much into the rookies due to this.

Community, I present to you Gawn With The Win.

Ain’t she a beaut’ ? 


The first, and most glaring, thing is my lack of premo R2. This was the main source of my attempt to squeeze every penny since we are blessed this year with the option for multiple Ruck rookies with potential to generate cash. 

With Braydon Preuss sidelined for an extended period and Mumford seemingly on the list as a “break glass” ruckman Matt Flynn would appear to have all the job security in the world. While he is wrestling with a rolled ankle of his own (seriously, what is happening to the GWS ruck stocks?), if he’s named he’ll be ready to bring in some of that needed cash.

Lloyd Meek is a player that I remember our beloved Damo had actually brought to my attention last year. The man looks like an athletic beast and showed a really promising case of why he is ready to play AFL football. With Rory Lobb and Sean Darcy sidelined this is his time to shine.

Max Gawn as my team is named after him, I am legally obliged to have Big Maxy. This guy is an out and out premo. Sure, his price is a little inflated. However, out of the ruck selections I still see him as number 1 at years end. This is more than enough to throw away the key. 


Pretty standard stuff here Jake Lloyd picks himself along with Rory Laird; Both these guys have shown more than enough for us to lock them away. In previous seasons where I haven’t started Jake Lloyd I spent the whole season wishing I had. 

Caleb Daniel & Jayden Short while I wasn’t swayed particularly by their AAMI series SuperCoach scores (Okay, maybe a little) they more than passed the eye test. This year looks like it will reward elite defenders and these two have the ceiling to make the most of it. 

Oratzio Fantasia, this guy has potential. He managed to kick 3.3 in a half of footy for 79 SC points in the AAMI series match against Adelaide. For me, it’s the new club/happy factor that makes me think we’ll see some of Fantasia’s best footy this year in a powerful Port Adelaide campaign. At his price, it’s a risk I am willing to take on.


Lachie Neale, Clayton Oliver, Jackson Macrae & Zach Merrett all elite players who score well and are genuine captain options.

Matt Rowell is good at football. One of the bigger midfield questions I have had is Rowell vs Tim Taranto at similar prices, given that Rowell has only played a handful of games. Even if Rowell is a bit rusty, he more than looked fit during the AAMI Series match against Brisbane. If he’s talented now, think of what a full season of football will have him doing by the end of it. It felt wrong to even leave him out of any of my other versions of the team. Trust your gut folks.  

Here’s a little sliding doors for you guys:

IF Chris Scott remembers he has a list full of brilliant young talent

THEN Jordan Clark will get consistent game time in 2021.

Job Security is a big question mark for Clark but there’s no doubt his best footy is ahead of him. I would love to see some more game time for him so hopefully he’s done enough for round 1. 


This is without a doubt the hardest line to pick for this year. I have been back and forth on so many of the premo players and haven’t been convinced of the value of many. 

I wanted to not pick Patrick Dangerfield. He was injured and I expected just to get him cheaper later on. Unfortunately, through the power of what can only be described as Gary Ablett Jr’s prayer, he looks fully fit and ready to do it all again. I can’t look past that. Maybe it’s fear of missing out ? 

Jye Caldwell will play a part in the Bombers mid group. He has all the right numbers, looks to be playing well. Hopefully, he helps me on the way to a premo once the season has unfolded a bit more and some top forward options present. 

Jack Ziebell looked comfortable in the half back during the AAMI series racked up a lot of the footy and the new rule set looks to compliment his abilities. Very attractively priced it’s very hard to look past it. 

Joe Daniher if you listened to our podcast on Brisbane, I really back Danhier to have a great season. Brisbane’s track record of managing injuries gives me faith that Daniher is going to join the group healthier than ever. Similarly to Fantasia there’s the happy factor. He’s already shown that he still has the skills and joining a powerful team that is picked to actually make finals if not a top 4 prospect (Sorry Patch). I’ve seen all I need to see, he’ll make some good money at his price and is a good stepping stone.

That’s the team. How did I do ? How’s your team looking? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you for being the beautiful supportive community I love!

Don’t forget to check out the fabulous podcast series recapping some selections from all the teams. 

We’re starting a mailbag edition of the podcast! Want to ask us a question ? Maybe have the crew read it out and answer it on the podcast ? We have an email box! Send your questions to [email protected]

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Just 11 possible ‘keepers’ is a bit thin I would have thought.

Barron Von Crow

I think you’re gonna see teams with a few less keepers to start with this year due to the increase in those $200-$250K guys people have instead of rookies due to the lack of quality options and the teams not being announced on Thursdays anymore. People spending a bit extra on non-premo picks for added job security.



Ideally 12 premiums, 4 Midpricers & 6 onfield rookies is a balanced team,

Premium + Rookie = 2x Midpricers

For every rookie we don’t have, we loose a premium and pick up 2 midpricers.


My team isn’t far off. 11 premiums, 4 midpricers, 7 rookies.


What’s with everyone putting Chugg in will never play as long as your date is pointing to the ground


He’s kind of a fill in. The rooms in my team are far from final but initially had Fantasia in the fwd line. Def/fwd enabled me to sub the two between lines if needed. That was the mentality at least


I’d use Briggs for that Clarky and he might even get a game 🙂
Nice team BTW, I loik it.


What is with a lot of teams picking Chugg will never play for the wobbles


Could be their perma-donut if they don’t wanna use a ruck for that.


Loophole with DPP

Barron Von Crow

“Oratzio Fantasia, this guy has potential. He managed to kick 3.3 in a half of footy for 79 SC points in the AAMI series match against Adelaide. ”

Counterpoint: He was playing against witches hats.

Love your team though, mate.


I’m not selecting him on the back of half a game if AAMI


I thought he was older…seems like he’s been around forever, or at least injured forever, but I’ll probably still start him 😉



Ideally 12 premiums, 4 Midpricers & 6 onfield rookies is a balanced team,

Premium + Rookie = 2x Midpricers

For every rookie we don’t have, we loose a premium and pick up 2 midpricers.


Back by popular demand is the JR SURVIVOR GROUPS
Everyone who has been involved over the last couple of years should know it works.

Here are the GROUP CODES (Remember this is a Group, not a League)

Div 1 FULL
Div 2 FULL
Div 3 FULL
Div 4 FULL
Div 5 FULL

There are a few too many people in diva 1 to 5, can a few teams swap into one of the below new divisions.

Would be good to have about 30 in each division.

Div 6 642938 – NEW Group

Div 7 242419 – NEW Group

Div 8 191616 – NEW Group


A few! there is like a whole extra division in div 5. Are you able to move them out, like in our leagues ?


I’ll work with what we have. There will need to be more teams eliminated each week from some divisions. All good


I’ve jumped from 4 to 6 for ya Derek.


I jumped in 6 yesterday Derek, thanks for running this again


I don’t mind this team, except for the most expensive player on each line, when we know last seasons scores were inflated

I think there is room for a value premium in teams. Cripps, TJelly, Cogs types


Whats your team looking like ? Just out of interest as you seem like you know what your doing


I’m personally happy to pay the premium for these guys, helps me sleep at night


It comes down to what can you do with the saved coin.

Having a Cogs instead of JKelly will save $100k, but can the extra cash make up the points difference.

Rick Grimes

I’d like to run a rookie ruck set up. Just Not sure I have the cajones for it.


Flynn, Hunter, Meek.

Rick Grimes

I’d have Grundy R1. But then rook, rook. My concern is them not getting enough consecutive games. It’s not like other lines where there’s downgrade options popping up each week.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rick Grimes

I’m looking at the same structure Rick and that is the risk we take. I had a long hard think about it before I decided to go down this path. The risk is great, but my def and fwd lines are so much stronger because of it. I’m looking at Gawn R1, Hunter R2, Meek/Flynn R3. We only need them to play the first 5-6 rounds for it to work and really we just need one or the other of the two we pick to play each of those 5-6 rounds for it not to be a disaster.

Last edited 1 year ago by JohnDJ59