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Damo, Barron and Foz have come together to discuss the SuperCoach relevancy of the Gold Coast Suns.

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Damo and Foz agree that Matt Rowell is the only lockable player despite him not featuring in either’s team, while Barron isn’t locking in any Suns player.

Damo has put a knock on Hugh Greenwood for losing his fwd eligibility, while Barron has put a knock on Touk Miller for not being a top 8-10 midfielder. Foz has a knock on Noah Anderson not only due to his awkward price, but also worried about his scoring potential.

Barron has Rory Atkins as his bolter sighting is run and carry as an asset. Foz likes the look of Will Brodie after the talk of his standout pre-season. Damo’s bolter is Jack Lukosius highlighting his intercept and rebound ability.

Foz’s breakout is Oleg Markov, he believes he’s every chance to flourish at the Suns as a best 22 member. Barron likes Jack Lukosius for the same reason he’s Damo’s bolter. Damo’s breakout is Wil Powell, believing his scores are on the upward trend coupled with prediction that the new rules will benefit his game style.

Not a lot of rookies at Gold Coast to consider, but Elijah Hollands stands out as a mid year downgrade option to Barron and Foz. Damo has looked at Jeremy Sharp to improve his output, and believes he’s one to look at if he can push his way in.

Foz has disagreed with Barron and Damo and Jack Lukosius is his trap, doesn’t believe he’ll raise his average enough to be a good enough pick. Darcy MacPherson is Damo’s trap, the pre-season king. Won’t score the way he did on the weekend, and Barron warns not to get sucked in by an Izak Rankine purple patch!

Damo is passing on Jarrod Witts, while Foz is passing on Darcy MacPherson and Barron is passing on Hugh Greenwood.

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Is anyone still active on this site, or am I having tech issues? Haven’t seen any comments on any thread for days. Am I on the right thread? I also saw a tweet that said Azza was loading some juicy content, but I haven’t seen it.


Getting a boat load of comments on the Show us your Team post!

Seems to be where everyone is chatting!

Rick Grimes

Can’t believe people are passing on Rowell. He might get a bit more bench time until they are certain he’s 100%, but he only needs a half of footy to ton up. Mark my words, he’ll blast a 150 within the first 3 rounds. I will be back here to gloat.


Yeah 495k is very good value at M5 on a sure thing. He’s gonna ave 100 no problem and beyond that is a bonus. People taking risks on the 350-400k players are where things go wrong.


As soon as he drops his first big ton those who didn’t start him will want him, I’m gonna save a trade and start him off, hope he doesn’t reinjure himself.