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Damo and Foz have come together to discuss the SuperCoach relevancy of Geelong in 2021.

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Damo and Foz have both locked in Tom Stewart because he’s as consistent as they come.

While they’re knocking Patrick Dangerfield due to his interrupted season and long term groin injury which he’s only just recovered from.

Foz has looked to Jeremy Cameron to be his bolter, and Damo thinks the new rules will suit Sam Menegola.

Jordan Clark was enticed to stay at the Cats and both men believe he’s been promised a best 22 position on the wing, and is poised to breakout.

Sam De Koning is a key defender rookie who could play if someone goes down in the Cats defence, while Damo likes what he’s been hearing about Francis Evans.

Brandan Parfitt is a trap who will never breakout.

Damo isn’t picking Shaun Higgins at the Cats, given their stacked line-up, while Foz isn’t happy with Isaac Smith for leaving his beloved Hawks and doesn’t want to speak his name anymore.

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I love you beautiful humans, but that was one of the worst team analysis pods I’ve heard this year.
Why would you get a Hawks supporter to analyse Geelong?
(#wink #slightly_facetious #not_really_screw_those_miscreants #namaste)


You should have seen the stuff we had to cut haha


Jordan Clark looks great when he gets a go and isn’t getting injured, might have to slot him in somewhere.


Hi Russty. Jordan Clark (if named) has replaced Isaac Cumming at D4. $46K saved to use elsewhere. Clark was outstanding last night.


Get on Zac Butters mate. He was seriously good today.


Hey mate, yeah wow he scored big, I had Heeney but no big loss there, also Hickey can go suck it…lol, I’m getting Gawny back in as my perma-capitano!
Clark did look very good, love he mullett too, the kid knows how to make a statement.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

I’ve been toying with not having Jake Lloyd it opens me up to field four premium defenders or T.Phillips at F3 with Daniher and Ziebel on field as well.

Or I just stick with Lloyd with three rookies on field in defence and Laird in the mids. Rowell is holding down M5 in all structures

Laird (D1) Z.Williams (D3) Walsh (M4)
Lloyd (D1) Duggan (D3) Laird (M4)
Laird (D1)Duggan (D3)Walsh (M4) T.Phillips F3

What do you think is the best structure?


If Lloyd plays I think we have to pick him, Williams missing R1 so probably mvoe him on.


I had Laird, Mills and Williams because they were predominantly midfielders. Now I have taken them out for exactly that reason! I am going to believe the preseason games as the rise of the defenders and the steep steep fall of the rucks as the scoring centre of our teams. Going to D6 as premos. 5 midfielders and 2 forwards. Going with Ziebell and Impey because they look like defenders. Hell, I would probably take Heppell if I could fit him in. Rucks are Draper and Stef Martin. If I could be sure of a Meek, Flynn or Hickey, I would consider taking Draper down further and adding Heppell. Going against all we have known for the past few years. It will be a spectacular win or a spectacular fail.
But I guess you have to risk it for the biscuit!


I don’t have Mills, Laird or Williams either KBC but who knows what happens over the next week. I worry about Draper and Martin but expect you will make up their losses elsewhere. Gawn is overpriced I just can’t find your courage to let him go. Agree with your defender theory – not many good defensive forwards out there to stop Lloyd and co.


I’ve tried making a few Grundy and Gawn teams, they just look so top heavy