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Damo, Azza and Patch run their eyes over the Sydney Swans ahead of the Supercoach season.

Jake Lloyd is slotted straight into Azza and Patch’s backlines while Damo reckons Luke Parker could be a shout as a lock.

Patch isn’t sold on Parker with a younger brigade coming through for Sydney, while Damo knocks Isaac Heeney‘s promised midfield minutes and Azza JPK.

Azza and Patch are again in sync pushing for a Callum Mills breakout season with actual midfield minutes, and Damo hunts for a smokey in George Hewett.

There are bolters galore for draft players, with James Rowbottom and Ollie Florent both in the gun for the boys, while Heeney and JPK are traps in their eyes.

Rookies are where the Swans may shine, with Will Gould, Errol Gulden and Braeden Campbell all in line for early spots – as well as Logan McDonald – to help alleviate what’s rapidly becoming a rookie crisis.

On the pass front, Patch wants to give Dane Rampe and Jordan Dawson a miss, while Tom Hickey doesn’t float the boat of Damo or Azza.

What do you think, community?

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Back by popular demand is the JR SURVIVOR GROUPS
Everyone who has been involved over the last couple of years should know it works.
We start the season with a number of groups, with about 24 players in each group. Last year there was 7 groups, but this will all depend on how many want to play.
Each week TWO teams from each group will be eliminated.
The two teams eliminated will be the two lowest scores in each group for that round.
In case of a tie (yes, this has happened a few times) the team with the lowest overall rank will be the one eliminated.
However, the team with the HIGHEST score in each group for the round, will be rewarded with Immunity from elimination the following week (When the numbers get small, this is massive). When immunity is used, the next lowest team will be the one eliminated.
There wonโ€™t be any eliminations in Week 1.
Every week from Round 2 onward, there will be TWO teams from each group eliminated until there are only 4 teams left in each group.
We wonโ€™t play during the byes.
After the byes, the remaining teams will MERGE into the CHAMPIONS of CHAMPIONS GROUP (this is where it gets tough).
Depending on how many teams we have in the Champions Group, we will then have another TWO teams eliminated each week until the remaining teams go head to head in the Final Round of the year.
The winner will be crowned Survivor Champion of Champions.
Here are the GROUP CODES (Remember this is a Group, not a League)
Div 1 414875
Div 2 791107
Div 3 150733
Div 4 606508
Div 5 798197
Feel free to join any division. If you join and there are already 24 teams entered, just move onto the next division. I will be adding new divisions as they fill up.
thanks fellas


Noice, glad you’re running this again Derek, always adds to the season’s fun, as does Trig’s finals series.

The Ranger

Nice one, thanks Derek.


Thanks Derek, I’m in, I appreciate your work this mate


I’m in!


Thanks Derek, joined up


Awesome work mate


Gulden had a pretty shiny review of his performance, was gonna go Campbell but Gulden’s cheaper and maybe better?


Message for Maverick (ShinBONERS) and Andy (Rick Grimes, there’s still a spot for each of you in my JR-MEGA-LEAGUE guys when you’re ready, haven’t seen Mav around the comments but Andy’s dropped in a few times. 627486 (Please don’t enter if you’re not invited) Tom, (Brownlow Boy)…you’re invited if you want mate, one bloke from last year who was a late entry hasn’t showed up.


Joined thanks mate! If you need to kick me feel free to.


All good mate you’re in.

Rick Grimes

Joined bro. Thanks.


Good to see you Rick.


Mills ave more playing as a defender than he did playing as pure mid last year. Just sayin’.


๐Ÿ˜ฎ where did you dig these numbers out?


It’s true. He played pure mid in rounds 8,9 and 12 and averaged 99. his season ave was 101 so obviously he aved more when not playing midfield.
In adition to rounds 8,9,12 he had midfield minutes in
Round 4 he moved into midfield in Q3 to tag Bont
Round 7 he moved into midfield in Q4
Round 10 he moved into midfield in Q4

The fact that the CBA data that was posted here doesn’t indicate midfield minutes in round 12 is irrelevant. Sydney Swans data conflicts with that data (as does the actual CBA data for all clubs) and clearly identifies he started round 12 in the middle at the 1st bounce.

I’ve previously alerted you to the fact that the CBA data you posted was full of errors and doesn’t add up. The errors are exactly the same as the errors in the same data that was posted on a different site in January.
Instead of correcting the errors or removing the misleading and false information you chose to screw your ‘community’ by deleting my advice that it was wrong and leaving the data online.
Why are you still making that data available and asking people to pay for it with the “Buy me a coffee” line when it is so obviously wrong?

Rick Grimes

Ok David, ok.

Rick Grimes

Let’s hope these Sydney rookies get a crack early. I’m fairly concerned about def rookies. Might be some last second structure changes if we can’t uncover a few more.


Gould was nowhere near it. But Robbie Fox is out six weeks so…smokey potential. Watch today. Or maybe it just puts Mills back in the backs.
Gulden the most likely rookie to both get an early run and post some stats.
Campbell won’t score much if he gets a go – doesn’t get it enough.
Smokely might be Ling – watch today’s game. He started last week. Might play lockdown role on small forwards, but has pace and a good kick so might score ok-ish.
McInerney one to watch if runners are scoring better this year. Out with injury last week and likely struggle to be up for round one, but if you have a struggler he might be a downgrade option once he gets back in.
Rowbottom might suffer this year if Mills/Warner get a run inside.
Huge smokey – Chad Warner. Had a good last couple of quarters last week. Syd won the midfield when he, Mills and Florent were in. Lost it whith JPK and Parker in.