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Lekdog, Patch and special guest Tim Michell go through Carlton’s Supercoach relevance for 2021.

Locks – Patch locks in Zac Williams as a cheap, midfield option in defence who’ll be outperforming price-point and should be a top-eight defender barring injury. Tim backs the 20 games in his last three full seasons, averaged a minimum of 80 across them.

Lek and Tim share the lock of Patrick Cripps – his value is too good to pass up as “one of the greatest bargains we’ve seen in a long time”.

Bolter – Lek likes Sam Docherty, who he reckons after preseason will be in everyone’s team. Tim likes him at that price to save 30 or 40k and he presents some value. Patch is a soft no, but will have a look middle of the year. Tim likes Paddy Dow at just over 200k as a high draft pick, a good player, low price. Lek, hard to trade out of a 200k player. Lachie O’Brien at 180k as another high draft pick. Liam Stocker seems the most likely in 2021. 

Marc Pittonet is a knock for all involved.

Breakout – Lek is bullish on Will Setterfield, who’s hitting that development stage as a 23 year-old and the Blues rate him. “Not someone we can play in the forward line” meaning he gets a run in the guts. Patch goes for his F6 hero from 2020 in – Levi Casboult, making a mockery of this podcast.

Traps – Jack Martin, is a consensus trap as his midfield time won’t eventuate, while Liam Stocker is a pass.

The boys stop off to discuss Sam Walsh as a fantastic pick, don’t know if they can start that many Blues, while Jack Carroll and Brodie Kemp are the two rookies to keep an eye out for. 

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Thoughts on Zac fisher?