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Pocket Podcast | Adelaide

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Patch, Barron and Clarky take a good look at the Adelaide Crows.

Listen along to find out their locks, knocks, bolters, breakouts, passes, traps and rookies!

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Barron Von Crow – @BarronVonCrow

Locks – Rory Laird (2:16) goes under the microscope, can his midfield remain the same? Matt Crouch (3:30) also gets discussed, can he repeat his awesome 2020 form?

Knocks – The boys aren’t sure whether pending free agent Tom Lynch (7:00) will play every match or not. Clarky is concerned that Rory Laird (who he also locked) might not play midfield…madness. Patch doesn’t know if Wayne Milera (8:35) can back up the preseason hype.

Bolters – Clarky likes the look of Riley O’Brien (9:10) as a potential POD for your teams. Looks like he’s the next in line to compete for the Supercoach ruck king mantle. Patch thinks he’s a trap. Patch does however have some interest in Harry Schoenberg (13:15)…likely because he has him in our keeper league. Lachlan Sholl (15:15) is reportedly moving onto the wing in 2021 and that could mean good things for his Supercoach score according to resident Crows expert Barron Von Crow.

Traps – Patch still thinks O’Brien is a trap. Barron says that Supercoach players should steer clear of Rory Sloane (17:50) despite his cheap price because he might sacrifice his role for the good of the team. Clarky says avoid Milera at all costs!

Breakouts – Jackson Hately (20:12) is the name on everyones lips. He has been brought across from GWS to play in the midfield, he’s cheap and a popular pick so the risk is relatively low. The Crows used very few midfielders in 2020 so there is a void of significance to be filled. Also Patch has a stroke during this segment.

Passes – Rory Sloane and Darcy Fogarty (24:00) are hard passes, although Darcy’s abs are discussed for a lengthy period of time.

Rookies – James Rowe (25:30) will be a popular selection who should replace Tyson Stengle in the Crows lineup. Sam Berry (26:00) is also discussed, will he get a game in Round 1?

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Who wants to bet Tex Walker doesn’t get dropped from the side this year? lol
Also cheers for the pod guys, do yous think Worrell gets a start round 1?

Last edited 1 day ago by Russty_
Barron Von Crow

Worrell will likely be dependent on Doedee playing. Doods has had some groin issues the past few weeks, but they’ll keep him on a reduced workload in the hopes he gets up for Round 1 I imagine.


I’m guessing there’s no way to watch the Bulldog practice match other than being a member? Anybody got a link?


Nice casting of the pod fellas.

MCrouch was in my earlier teams, but then I heard he was struggling with an injury. Does anyone have an injury update on him?

I read somewhere about the change in kick to handball ratio when he played with his brother. With Brad it is 3hb to 1k but without him it’s better than 1k to 1hb.

If fit I’m still very interested.

With fewer interchange I think he will have to step up and play near 80% TOG

Anyone else have thoughts

Barron Von Crow

He had off-season hip surgery, but good to go. Played half of the intra-club game on the weekend and will be fully fit for the pre-season games.

I’d worked it out for Brad once that he went 50/50 kick to handball when Matt was in the side, which went to about 66/33 when Matt was out. They loved to 1-2 each other with cheap handballs, so I imagine Matt will have similar results.


Thanks BVC

What is the story with his TOG%

Will it remain low, or can we see him staying out there a bit longer this year?

I had Titch locked in at M3, but his injury made me look at Adams, but he has had a hammy issue, so now I have Merrett, but MCrouch is in the mix if he is fit


Same here. I have brought Zerrett in at M3. Titch and Adams too risky for mine to start with now.


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I have joined thanks TH, If kicked no stress, think i can hold my own tho. Cheers.

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