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Damo, Foz and Azza take a look at the Western Bulldogs and how they might shape up in SuperCoach for the 2021 season.

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Damo has locked in Jack Macrae focusing on his consistent ability to score well no matter where he plays, while Foz has locked in Adam Treloar citing his reduced flexibility might hinder his ability to move out of position at Luke Beveridge’s will. Azza, controversially, isn’t locking in any Dogs player because he doesn’t trust the coach.

Damo and Foz both agree that Josh Dunkley has a knock on him, despite his likelihood to finish as a top 6 forward. While it is likely he was convinced to stay by promise of a midfield role, they can’t trust Bevo to stick to his word. Azza, following on from his locks, has put a knock on the entire Bulldogs list, again, because he doesn’t trust the coach.

Azza has picked Stef Martin as his bolter because he thinks it’s been a specific recruitment move, and Foz concurred. Damo has picked his bolter, Bailey Smith, with an asterisk due to his loss of dual position however confident he can again raise his average.

The breakout players the boys have chosen are Mitch Hannan, Rhylee West and Bailey Williams.

It was a no brainer to select Jamarra Ugle-Hagan as the most SuperCoach relevant rookie. Damo also highlighted Riley Garcia focusing on his form in the WA U18s team before his knee injury.

Azza and Damo have both locked in Lachie Hunter as a trap, citing his price tag as the biggest hurdle, and they also look at his lack of scoring consistency. Foz has completely disagreed with Damo’s lock and thinks Jack Macrae is a trap.

Damo has avoided Mitch Wallis despite having a decent role in the team in 2020, he doesn’t believe there is a clear place for him this season after their off-field acquisitions. Azza took the easy route and is avoiding Toby McLean who’s missing the entire season anyway with an ACL injury. Foz surprisingly enough is passing on Marcus Bontempelli, saying that his versatility could be what hurts his SuperCoach viability.

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