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Lekdog, Fozdaddy and Clarky take a very lengthy look at the Brisbane Lions.

Listen along to find out their locks, knocks, bolters, breakouts, passes, traps and rookies!

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Locks – Clarky lock in Jarrod Lyons (2:27) as a bit of a POD premium but Fozdaddy is passing! Dayne Zorko (4:30) is firming up as a top-6 forward for 2021 and Lekdog is buying. While Fozdaddy is locking in the main man Lachie Neale (7:03).

Knocks – Lekdog knocks Harris Andrews (10:50) for not being Jacob Weitering. Fozdaddy knocks Hugh McLuggage (11:08) for leaving too many points on the field in the way of missed goals and Clarky is passing on him!

Bolters – Daniel Rich (12:30) has once again caught Lekdog’s eye after he averaged 113 in his final 6 games of 2020. Fozdaddy thinks Oscar McInerney (15:01) will develop as the Lions’ number one ruckman. And Clarky is trusting Brisbane’s medical history and selecting a very cheap Joe Daniher (17:08)…the others are not buying in fact they consider him a trap.

Breakouts – Former number one draft pick Cam Rayner (22:24) might see some more midfield time in 2021 and Foz likes him as a breakout contender. Lekdog thinks Zac Bailey (26:11) will be the next Daniel Rich…whatever that means.

Rookies – The boys all have the most selected player in the competition, Nakia Cockatoo (31:13), locked in…can Brisbane’s miracle workers do it again? Deven Robertson (32:25) might get more game time in 2021 and Tom Fullarton (33:58) is a cheaky chance to play early for the Lions.

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This is new. Carnage to my best 22 weeks before the first lockout and decimation of my starting strategy before the first JLt game. How lucky can I get? If this had happened in 5-weeks time I’d be crying in my beer. What an absolutely brilliant piece of fantastically good luck to start my SC season for 2021. woo hoo!
My new team with Grundy instead of Preuss scores 103 pts less on the score predictor though

When preuss went down I thought “no worries I’ll swing marshall in there and ‘replace’ preuss with rankine”
The SC gods said “naah mate that’s not what we meant” and promptly sent a dose sandi-foot to big rowan.
They left me without no option but to start the two best and most expensive rucks in the game.
I like to ‘read between the lines’ when it comes to lessons and rules from the SC gods so, I immediately dismissed enforcement of the ‘set and forget’ starting ruck rule as the message that the SC gods were sending.
So I dug Deeper which was the actual message being delivered at the expense of whitfield,Marshall,Preuss,Danger and my ‘buy my R2 when I know a bit more’ starting strategy. Dig deeper mate their are nuggetts all over the damn place just dig a bit deeper

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Man on the mark rule change was designed to do 2 things
Increase the speed of attack
Decrease the ‘squash to the line’ negative strategy
It makes a huge difference to the trajectory that the ball can safely leave a players boot on. Do a sketch and look for yourself, the man on the mark cannot move laterally and no other player can be within 10-metres. Potential for playing on or 30 metre bullet passes has quadrupled. Previously crabbing in big arcs to cutoff more than 30% of available close range attacking space on ethier side of the kicking player was accepted now its a 50metre penalty.
The red zones for defenders just grew at the same enormous % as the green zones for the forwards. Space is king in Australian footy that’s why our grounds are so big.

Some match simulation videos identify

  • that the ball is entering forward lines faster.
  • A lot more 1-on-1 contests.
  • Less opportunity for the loose defender to clog the holes due to the new rule creating more holes or enlarging others.
  • Tall marking forwards with a fast first-10 and mobile marking mids are benefitting from it enormously.

High half forwards & midfielders with speed and good kicking skills are goal threats when they take a mark 70mtrs out because they can easily run around a stationary man on the mark to gain 15+ metres before launching an unopposed bomb.

Rozee, Rankine, Stephenson, etc have become genuine threats from 70 metres Cameron, the 2-Kings & McKay could easily tie for the coleman. Cameron is fast, clever and a great mark, McKay is huge, faster and a great mark, and the kings are tall, fast and great marks. It could be a very good year for some cheap KPF’s. At the pointy end Bont, Danger, Cripps are likely to add a lot more marks & goals to their stats.
For Carlton supporters, keep the names Silvagni and Dow in your mind and watch closely. Dow floored Zac Williams in a front on impact contest Dow played on and won the ball and williams was helped off the ground and stayed off for 10 minutes. Dow looks really good, he’s much bigger and stronger but still really fast and he’s sure to be filling the spot that all Supercoaches want Durdin to get he’s 202k but will score equally to if not better than phillips if he plays. Silvagni kicked 3 goals I think in the recent intraclub playing as a deep forward, his marking ability is as freakish as his dads was and if he stays fit he’ll make some $ and score ok but with so many other cheap options in the fwd line his 257k pricetage is a bit too much for me plus the guy is an injury magnet.

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The backline is where I encounter a problem
The disposal out of backlines is also much faster but defenders are getting smashed when it comes in. Carltons best backline had 4 goals kicked against by a guy who is on their VFL EMERGENCY LIST I know that its only Carlton and only a practise game but it was also demostrated at the eagles with jamaine Jones and port with Rozee, defenders must be speedy and more accountable in 2021.
This new rule is creating more space via faster movement into a forward line that now has a larger ‘red zone’ for Mark&Goal opportunities which includes mark-playon-goal opportunities. Does one score higher than the other in SC?
Increaseing the speed of attack by keeping a protected zone and the closest opponent ‘flat-footed’ will have immediate impact on players like saad who already run at almost every opportunity. If you’re a gambler see what odds you can get for Saad & Daniel NEVER kicking over the man on the mark in 2021.
Real speed is the key. I think the rule change will have similar impact to SC scores as the kick-in scoring rule change did for kick takers who played on. What was that increase like?
Daniel and Saad I’m certain of for benefiting from it but how does it affect Lloyd? With the extra space that close accountability creates and the greater opportunity to be direct out of defense after a mark will Swans still need to use him as much? Do the swans have any speedy evasive players with great kicking skills who could take some of his disposals?

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One of the best and most insightful pieces of information I have seen all preseason. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks Jon. Have swapped Stewart for Daniel instantly. Had Dow already. Considering Stephenson a little now, but probably lack the cohunas to pull the trigger. The biggest effect maybe the reduction in mega scoring by Grawndy, and that would be the ultimate test of will!


All of a sudden i have a small doubt regarding Lloyd.


No worries Geof you’re welcome 🙂


You’ll swallow those words and get on the Dow train
When all other options flow down the drain


i don’t think i have ever started a season with two ‘set n forget’ rucks. Names like Bellchambers, Lobe, Sandilands, NicNat, Lycett, Jacobs, all come to mind.

my theory has always been; How do you know who the best two rucks will be for the whole year? By locking away an entire line of your team, there is Zero wriggle room. Its like picking 8 premium midfielders to start the season.

Most of this pre-season i’ve had Hickey at R2. Had no news out of Sydney what is happening with rucks, but still plenty of time to find out.


I’ve have those same sentiments about starting 2 uber expensive rucks.
I may have also seen the wisdom in your Hickey selection a few weeks ago and I’m looking forwards to seeing some training footage or reading some inside information of

  • what sort of training Sinclair is doing
  • how good does McDonald look
  • will buddy really play
  • will heeney really play

I suppose the high number of questions all relating to marking capacity in the forward line suggest that Hickey might get a good run in the ruck. the ideal would be Amartey kicking Hickeys butt all preseason.


Hi Mike. I did see something that suggested Logan McDonald was killing it at the Swans. If he really can be that presence forward, then it may mean Sinclair rucks more.


Cheers Greg
I don’t have the Cohuna’s for hickey
when it come to rucks I’m kinda picky
and big Tom looks like a potatoe.
I’m on a train called Martin
that the JR boys are startin’
and I can’t see a reason why it wont go.

Last edited 1 year ago by David

Hickey smashed Sinclair in the practice game today

No Buddy, Sinclair will be playing as a tall forward. i’m all in on Tom


My last ruck rhyme didn’t make sense
I was sitting on the fence
and looking at pies in the sky.

Big Max you simply must start
or you’ll get torn apart
The big fella’s cielings too high.

I’ve allocated 1 trade for the ruck
so I don’t give a duck
as long as R2 can average 80.

If I take dereks tip
take a punt on the Hick
you should see my forward line matey.

Take a look at toms stats
they’re not feral cats
I half believe that he’ll get the job done.

Tom wont take too long to get fat
and there is no doubting that
stacking other lines can be fun.


I little Dr Seuss inspired tome to pass the day (only published here at Jockreynolds please don’t share any content or recitations on facebook. They have shown themselves to be profiteers and enemies of Australians and they should be ignored until they go away).
What Noah liked to do was start with the classic 4 by 2
The 2 best of the best on each line.
Then around that he’d build
a team that quite often killed
in the supercoach leagues of the time.

“Now, that strategy is still good
if your selfies are carved into wood
and you like being at the end of the line.”
Said a men with a pen
who long before 1510
had designed a machine that could fly.

“Here’s a new deal
based on a man in a wheel”
said Leo as he unveiled his supercoach team.
Leo’s strategy was slick
coins were made quick
and in his cupboaord a dozen premiership cups they still gleam.

They followed devoutly the wisdom that Leonardo had found,
How to extract the most coins and most points
from each part of the ground.

Leonardo had a fair sized noggin and inside it a brilliant brain.
He might have designed a helicopter but he didn’t design a train.
It didn’t take very long for the cup of enthusiasm to drain
It didn’t take very long until all of the teams were the same.

Then came Johnny Riskett a man of whom many said,
“He see’s the trophy like a biscuit” and
“there’s something wrong with his head.”
Leo’s followers were just like pidgeons
so Johnny threw a cat.
Then, while the others were scattering
he switched the captains hat.

“It the simple laws of physics” Johnnie used to say
“For every little action one goes the other way.”

Johnny was batsh!t crazy
and his physics line was skewed
He kept spiders in his pants
and when he spoke it was mostly rude.

But this time it seemed Johnny
had hit the nail fair on top of its head
he’d made an important Discovery
that left his supercoach opponents for dead.
It wasn’t the nail that he was aiming at, it was the blue nail on the left not the red nail at the bottom but that’s not important, what is important is that Johnny tried to hit a nail and he hit a nail and there are no wrong or right nails so Johnny got a wonderful certificate of participation.

Johnny Riskett’s discovery 
was discovered by his display
of a powerful invisible entity
that was controlling play.
It wasn’t the laws of physics or the voices in Noah’s head,
it wasn’t a mighty crushing force that could leave us rendered dead.
It wasn’t a multi breasted beast from which we all could suck

It was a very fickle thing
A thing that we call luck

Johnny Riskett was entirely wrong
there was some truth in what he had found
Except that luck doesn’t go back & forth
Luck orbits us round and round

It can be night
It can be day
It can be nasty
It can play
It can decimate your supercoach team
but when all it seems lost
When you’ve born your last cost
it turns and answers all or your dreams

Last edited 1 year ago by David

very good.

Higgo would always say; when southing went well we would call it skill, but when it went poor, it was just bad luck. the reality was usually the opposite.


Thanks Derek


I’m in an ‘phase’ where all day I’m Dr Seussing and I can’t control it. Almost everything I think about becomes a damn rhyme.
current news events just generated this

The alternatives are free
So stop charging me
to access pages that are making you dollars
Take your hand off my cash
and protect your own mighty stash
by putting your greed dogs in collars.

I think I might have seen a movie about something like this. Anybody else?


A few Dr Seuss thoughts on rookie trading strategy

Trading is an art
Trading is an art
Nobody’s a master at the start
Even that bloke Ruebens Knew his place.

So when you’re trading out a rookie
don’t be thinking about nookie
keep your mind focused on the game.
But if the nookie it is there
get your ar$e out of the chair
and go put some pornstars to shame.

Have a strategy planned
don’t become undermanned
and I don’t just mean during the byes.
A fat cow on your bench
can cover the stench
of a ‘rest’ that makes other coaches cry.
I don’t mean the wife
who may have ruined your life
or Daisy from down at the dairy.
The Fat Cow I mean
is fresh, young & clean
and seldom are they very hairy.

You can butcher them all
as soon as they fall
but some they will last the whole season
When you take your cow to market
be careful where & when you park it
and the deal that you make has a good reason.

You can’t avoid getting burned
when a fat cow you have turned
into a premo, breaks 1 week later.
Keep trades up your sleeve
or the table you’ll leave
before the final course waiter.

Play to your strengths
Don’t over stretch lengths
Get in a groove and keep groovin
When it all said and done
and you haven’t won
Remember your lesson from Reubens
He painted ladies chubby
because his fingers they were stubby
and he couldn’t hold a brush with any grace.
But it really didn’t matter
they were only painted so that men could spatter
their semen all over the place.


excellent stuff mate


wise words about the scarcity of trades come season’s end