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Lekdog and Damo break down the West Coast Eagles prospects for 2021.

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Locks – Damo and Lekdog lock in Andrew Gaff (3:25) as the premier West Coast midfielder for 2021 who has a huge ceiling and a strong standard deviation (3:25).

Knocks – Damo is worried about Elliot Yeo‘s (6:15) health and his role heading into the season while Lekdog delivers a knock to boom recruit Tim Kelly (8:35).

Bolters – Liam Duggan (11:00) is on Damo’s list after he raised his average by 20-odd points in 2020, can he do it again in 2021? Lekdog is keen on Nic Naitanui (13:00) as a bolter, after a big 2020 can he perform in the longer games?

Rookies – Lekdog doesn’t think there’s many rookie options for the Eagles but Jarrod Cameron (14:30) is someone coaches might be able to pick up later in the year. Damo loves Zane Trew (14:45) as a highly touted, bargain basement priced midfielder in 2021.

Breakouts – Dom Sheed (16:20) is in Lekdog’s draft sights after he pumped out an average of 95 in 2020. While Damo thinks Alex Witherden (18:20) can come across and usurp Shannon “the burn-man” Hurn.

Passes – Lekdog is passing on Alex Witherden in 2020 and Damo is fading Nic Naitanui.

Traps – Lekdog is not jumping on Shannon Hurn (21:30) for the first time in a long time, he’s aging and has plenty of defenders contending for points in defence Damo asks the question around Nic Nat’s (22:20) ability to play out full games, he thinks he’s a trap!

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Is Witherden straight into the best 22?


Do bears sh!t on popes?
Do Catholics live in the woods?
and other similar frequently questions include
is duggan now a midfielder
is hurn to old for official records
The obvious answer to all of thes questions is 27.5 but for those of you without quantum physics doctorates I’ll just simplify it to yes.
Imagine how suprised I was when I typed these questions in series into google including the numerical solution and the the only result was Alex witherden


Yeah I was a bit concerned when I saw this…..
Recruit Alex Witherden shapes as a likely inclusion in defence, but Sheppard said form would dictate the make-up of the back six, with up to 10 players jockeying for selection.  
“Witherden has slotted in seamlessly and he definitely adds another string to our bow,” he said.  
“He’s elite by foot and makes some really good decisions with ball in hand. He definitely is a handy addition to the side. 
“But we’ve got a lot of depth in each position so it’s going to be who’s in form at the time to be in our best 22.”
Why did he only play 6 games in 2020?..he was out of favour/form and couldn’t break back into the side, I think Duggan playing mid and Hurn being old doesn’t guarantee him a spot, he’ll need to impress in the preseason and if he starts round 1..show that he deserves to stay there.
The kid can definitely score well, I hope he secures himself a spot.


fair enough he was a luxury hail mary at best anyway


Holey Moley. Is anyone gonna be fit rd one?

List of current popular injured players who may be in doubt or wont play rd 1.

Lachie Neale
Clayton Oliver
Patrick Dangerfield
Rowan Marshall
Brandon Pruess
Issac Heeney
Brodie Grundy
Mitch Duncan
Elliott Yeo
Lachie Whitfield
Matt Rowell
Taylor Adams
Adam Treloar

Probably heaps more but those are the ones I know about…😬

Last edited 1 year ago by TRIGGA HAPPY

Neale? Oliver? Grundy?


Neale has had calf issues in preseason. Reported today on AFL website that Oliver had shoulder surgery. I also don’t know anything about Grundy. Trig?


So who else Rucks at GWS besides Mummy @ 421k ?
Dereks pick of Hickey comes into play now to replace Pruess at R2


Matt Flynn and Keiran Briggs, and Shane Mummy who is almost as old as a Mummy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

I think briggs is injured. So flynn and the bandaged one. 🧻


It’s getting serious, I wasn’t going to play anyone that had an interrupted pre-season, but five of those players are in my side.


Now add Tim Kelly.who apparently now has a thumb injury. Starting to like the look of the fire sale team i posted last week. 😳

Last edited 1 year ago by TRIGGA HAPPY