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Damo and Azza have taken a quick look at the Saints and their SuperCoach fortunes for 2021.

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Listen for a more in depth chat.

Azza has locked in Jack Steele due to his massive ceiling, and sees 2020 as his breakout season for the newly appointed co-captain, while Damo has locked in Rowan Marshall. Damo likes that Marshall didn’t score less than 70 in 2020 and that Marshall has dual eligibility this season.

Damo created a little bit of a debate and put a knock on Jack Steele for raising his average in a season where impact was key, isn’t confident that Steele can back up his high average, while Azza has put his knock on Jack Billings, he’s reached his ceiling in terms of a SuperCoach player, and is no longer available as a forward.

Tom Highmore is the rookie to lock in at the Saints, and seems the most likely to debut early.

Azza and Damo both had Nick Coffield down, Azza as the bolter, Damo as the breakout. Both believe he’s about to step into his own in 2021 and be that SuperCoach player we love to see.

Other players mentioned were Hunter Clark, Damo doesn’t think he has anymore steps to go, while Azza is still bullish on his chances to breakout.

While they recommend avoiding Dan Hannebery and Dan Butler. Butler had a great cameo in 2020, but won’t be able to maintain it in 2021 and Hannebery’s days of being a SuperCoach stud are over.

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Happy to read that Damo.


Marshall is a lock for me.

DPP is gold.

Gives back up ruck if R1 or R2 miss a week

Gives a way out if a risky R2 doesn’t work. Swing Marshall to rucks and trade out R2

How long will Ryder last?


OR start Marshall at R2 and Turn Preuss into Rankine or Rozee. Then when they’re fat enough to get your Keeper R2 put Marshall fwd.
Dew has already said that Rankine will definitely be going through the midfield and playing higher up the ground this year. before the last 3 games L/Y (Rankines 1st year playing AFL) he averaged 79 the last 3 games dropped that to 69. but he opened his SC career with back-to-back tons and had a high of 130 later in the year….Playing as a small forward…. this year he is mid/fwd (at suns) with double the opportunity to touch the footy and could easily be a keeper until the byes.
Rozee kicked a lazy 6 and handed off a couple of others in Ports intraclub game the other day he’s also increased his engine capacity and will be doing a lot more at Port higher up the ground.
I see both of them outscoring Preuss 90% of the time and sometimes they’ll outscore him by a lot

Last edited 1 year ago by David

I suggested Marshall for R2 on the ”Show us your Supercoach teams” page, saying it gives us more options in the fwd line.


got Hickey at R2


Marshall will miss start of season ☹️


Ratten got Frawley out of retirement,he will play before Highmore, not to say he won’t start R1 though

One Touch Wonder

anyone who wants to join my SHARK MOVE league.
code #840478
i had a decent crack last year and finished 456th. will be great to have a few of the good coaches join me and show me how its done.



We had a close one in a GF last year OTW, looking forward to your league.


Tell me more about Coffield, thinking of him as a D4.