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Port Adelaide and Supercoach – not quite a match made in heaven, but they’ve been very good to us over the years.

Lekdog and Patch investigate which premiums, mid-pricers and rookies are the best options from the Power. 

They weigh up Connor Rozee, Ollie Wines and Lachie Jones as well as plenty of more left-field options. 

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Who are you looking at selecting from Port?

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Thanks guys, good stuff…is anyone considering Aliir Aliir?…I was wondering why his average went so far backwards last season and what do you see him averaging this year at his new club.


I’ve watched him play, not sure he is that good


Yeah but his surname is the same as his christian name so that must count for something, he’s a double namer.


It’s a no from me. Just a good ordinary footballer, not SC relevant


I have Mead on my midfield bench, Jones I am considering for my defence if one of Gould, Wehr or Highmore aren’t there round one and he is. Rozee is one I am looking at in the fwd line if I decide not to go with Dunkley.