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Azza takes the reigns as discuss his beloved North Melbourne, and their SuperCoach relevancy. Clarky has locked in Luke McDonald while Damo discusses how likely we are to consider Todd Goldstein. The value of Jack Ziebell is also talked about.

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Thanks lads, I was considering Mcdonald but he doesn’t quite have enough runs on the board for me, also as you said, not sure how Ziebell in the backline affects him. Hoping Phillips and Powell are as good as they’re supposed to be, I’ll be starting Ziebell cause I don’t think you can go wrong with him at that price, if he averages 80+ it’s a bonus until he gets moved on.


I’m with you there Russty, McDonald would have to be in my top 4 defenders if he was to be in my team and I can’t see him being better than Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Stewart.


Hi Russty how do I get the ‘Member’ tag instead of ‘Guest’?


I tried signing in with google credentials to see if that did the job.
Yep it does. now I need to add an image

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If Mcdonald plays his late 2020 role in the praccy game I’ll be padlocking him to D4


I’m a bit concerned about Ziebell taking ball off him. Have to wait and see what happens in JLT hopefully both will play and we’ll see. If he doesn’t monster it I will turn him in to Ryan seeing as Lloyd hasn’t been worthy of mention in any swans practise games so far.


Why didn’t Phillips play? Is he in doubt for R1? Powell played very well according to a fanatical mate of mine who watched the game.