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Clarky and Fozdaddy have come together to form an unlikely duo of pain and worship as they discuss the SuperCoach relevancies of the Melbourne Football Club.

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Foz – @mattforrest29

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Again guys, excellent podcast. I might be wrong but didnt hear any mention of ben brown as a cheap stepping stone. I’m hoping for a 85 odd average which has put him as my f3 for now. Any thoughts please?


About 5 and a half minutes in they talk about him for around 2 minutes.


Oliver shoulder ok


Brown is a pure potatoe and massively overpriced. In a recent practice game he only managed 3 goals against the worst backline in the VFL and he walked off sulking at 3qrtr time and didn’t come back on. Dee’s got him because he was cheap and they needed some experience in their VFL team.
Daniher on the other hand managed 4 goals against the 2nd best backline in the AFL and he has the best midfield in the AFL delivering the ball to him


Looks like he might be a no go anyway Jess, he’s having knee issues again.

David C

Knee surgery … cross him off the list.


Max and Oliver are always a lock for me, I’ve also bitten the bullitt and gone with Gawn and Grundy in the rucks. I also wish Petracca was still a mid/fwd, he held my fwd line together last year. I have Laurie on the fwd bench, Brown has been in and out of my team, currently out, it will be out of him and Ziebell for me.

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Are you going with Daniher John..and are you still picking Petracca even though only a mid?


Hi Russty, I have Daniher in my watchlist, he could end up in my team if the rookies don’t show up. I took Petracca out for Walsh, I really wanted Petracca in my team, but I’m trying to stick with my one player per team per line policy and I already have Oliver. I’ve put my team up in the ”Show us your Supercoach teams”. I spent about 5 hrs on it, when I look at it, I wonder how it took me that long.


Ah ok mate I’ll have a look, I’ve changed my team a million times and I’m still not happy with it, I wish they were playing more than one pre-season game before the real stuff starts. Might have to waste trades early to get playing rookies on the field.


Yes the rookies in our teams at the moment are all guess work and only one pre-season game isn’t going to help to much. It will all come down to when teams are named for round one.

S C tragic

has Fritsch tweaked any interest, I have an itch about this guy this season for some reason. He is doing the hokey pokey at the moment. In out in out.


Gawn, May and Oliver are the only demons worthy of calling themselves AFL players at the moment and Gawn and Oliver are the only ones worth putting in your SC team. Sure Max will miss a couple of games when scheduled to play against tough guys (he doesn’t like being touched) but astute coaches will have a dpp swing to cover that.
I’m flabbergasted (grandma’s favourite word for amazed) that Melbourne are such a crap team considering the billions of $ that their board members have and all of the handouts and assistance that they get from the AFL. I feel sorry for the poor kids that get drafted to Melbourne because the Dees have a magic cupboard that turns gold into turds.



Rick Grimes

Gawn is massively overpriced. Won’t average 140, more like 120. Plus he only played 14 games last year – risk. So you are paying overs. I will go Grundy and the best money making ruck, Pruess, Hickey or Draper looking like options. Will grab Gawn for bout $600k.