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The Jock Reynolds podcast is back for yet another pre-season. In the second instalment of the Pocket Podcast series, Patch is joined by Damo and Clarky for an in-depth look at Essendon’s 2020 Supercoach prospects. 

They enter a heated argument about Dyson Heppell, Sam Draper, Zach Merrett and Harry Jones all get a mention, and controversial opinions on Jordan Ridley are also aired. 

They go through locks, knocks, bolters, rookies, breakouts and passes for the Bombers as Patch puts himself through the wringer looking at his objectively terrible, awful, no good, very bad team. 

Who are you looking at from the Bombers? How are your teams looking?


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Nice work guys! For me there are pretty much only 2 blokes worth considering at the Essendon Football Club. Zach Merrett and Jye Caldwell. Personally, I am not starting with Zerrett, however Jye Caldwell in my forward line is very tempting. Right now, he is in my side. Caldwell is a huge break out contender this year and should get time in the guts. He is training with the midfield group and by all reports is looking very good. He may just be the next Devon Smith! Cheers, TH


I’m with you there, Tophawk, Caldwell is the only Essendon player in my team at the moment also. I do have Perkins in my watchlist though.


For Caldwell, at whose expense do you see his midfield minutes coming from? An Essendon supporter might be able to clarify this better, but it felt like the core was Shiel, Merrett and McGrath. The fourth spot was more Devon Smith, Darcy Parish and a group of randoms getting some minor minutes.
Would love to pick him, but not sure where is points growth will come from. My gut is that he might end up in that 85-90 zone – which is the death zone. Not good enough to be a genuine premo, but not bad enough to upgrade unless you have luxury trades.
Happy to hear some good thoughts on what I might have missed.


You raise some valid points Keen. Then there is also the returning Dyson Heppell to throw in the mix. With regards to Caldwell, I would of course want to see him play decent minutes in the midfield during the preseason games. If he does not and spends more time up forward, then come season proper, I will not start him. I reckon the kid is going to be a jet, so I will be watching him closely. Cheers, TH


Heppell has been training with defence. Match sim Saturday he shined off the half back flank where he first played. Picked in my team on that alone.
Caldwell is playing pedometly midfield. Hasn’t drifted forward or back at training and in match simulation. Just a pure mid so has every chance of breaking out. Dev Smith hasn’t been roasted through the mids as of yet. Think he goes back to the forward line (not defence like last year as cahill has been playing defence) plus smith’s knees won’t hold up for midfield. I’d expect merrett and ham/langford to play wings and go through the midfield with shiel parish caldwell & mcgrath.

Honestly not sure how he will go suoercoach wise every chance to break out. Worried he will sit at that 85-90 points aswell though so might not be worth it at his price. I have him in at the moment along with ridley. Speaking of Ridley he had been in the midfield group for 2 weeks due to a sore calf, came back Saturday and took off where he left last year. Looks a bit bigger in his frame too. Can’t go wrong with him that has the best accuracy for a defender. Gold supercoach points leave him out at your peril

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Caldwell’s highlight reel is very impressive TH…looks a powerful savvy young player already. I’m seriously considering.


I love your podcasts boys, but was hoping for some more elaboration on the Merrett pick, if only to affirm my confirmation bias on him. You didn’t mention a thing about his stats, past year or up/down side – you simply all agreed that he is a somewhat lock. He’s currently in my side mainly due to a lack of having many dependable midfield premiums this year. He’s at the perfect age but i only see him as averaging 107-115 at best. Therefore i would have appreciated some more pros/cons re him. Keep up the good work guys, but just wanted to illustrate why I wasn’t a very keen listener to this particular podcast πŸ™‚


I think if you listen to it again, you’ll hear that all of them basically agreed that Zac Merrett was the ONLY lock from Essendon, if you already had a confirmation bias for him, just pick him, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. What more confirmation do you need?…he’s priced accordingly for his last year’s average.
Sounds to me like you’re being a bit overly critical, these blokes never claimed that their advice was an exact science, I just appreciate that they’re giving up their time to go around again…and offer us a place to interact…hopefully without the drama of years past.

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Love you Russty


Hi Lek
Please release/approve my recent post on the show us your team page. Maybe give me my own articles section as well, the site could benefit from my SC accumen πŸ™‚


OK Lek I gave in and forfeited my privacy and private information to become a member so that you’d stop holding my posts for ‘awaiting for approval’.
Now that I’ve done that and selected a more Aussie profile picture (no more dead tree instead I now have Australia’s greatest poet) can you release the Hately/Caldwell comparison? I didn’t keep a draft and can’t remember all the relevant data.


Hey Jess, I actually talked about him a couple of weeks ago here: https://www.jockreynolds.com.au/2021/01/08/podcast-locks-stocks-and-smoking-barrels/

He beasted on the way home last season!


Draper was also rested because he was coming off an ACL. By all reports he has been dominating at training. Will drop back during practice games and fill the hole with a big mark, drift forward and take a huge mark and score goals. Think he’s a better option than Preuss (Mumford still there) but still think maybe he wont reach supercoach heights untill next season.

Rick Grimes

Only listening to this now. I reckon Clarky is right. Heppell will play out of defense and get easy posessions. By all accounts he’s looking sharp preseason. If that is how it stays, he’ll score 90+ and after 6 rounds you’ve banked 150-200k.