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The Jock Reynolds podcast is back for yet another pre-season. In the first instalment of the boys’ look at all 18 clubs ahead of the next AFL season, Lek and Patch take an in-depth look at Collingwood. 

They go through locks, knocks, bolters, rookies, breakouts and passes for the Magpies, touching on Jordan De Goey, Brodie Grundy, Brayden Maynard, Trent Bianco and much more. 

Lek likes the look of an old mid-priced hero while Patch prefers a young gun, and the two debate the merit of if Scott Pendlebury could do it all again in 2021?

Pocket Podcast will feature all the Inner Sanctum crew covering all 18 clubs across the next few weeks, but make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more work such as Barron Von Crow’s must-read spreadsheet.

Who are you looking at from the Pies in season 2021? Who’s locked into your first draft? Let us know!

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Great stuff as usual Lek and Patch


Cheers Gator, just getting warmed up!


Heard rumours that DeGoey is set for a greater midfield time and that was a major part of his contract negotiations. On top of that this is the first season that he has supposedly turned up to pre-season in good shape, could he have a Petracca style breakout?? Will he fill the hole Treloar left?? If so is he a bargain? Could we see jamie elliott go back forward and DeGoey more in the mid


I just think they’re going to need him to score a lot of goals and even if he’s in the midfield, I’m not banking on him to score in Supercoach


I started him a few seasons back and got spooked when he got tagged out of the game as a forward, he still averaged 87 for the year but is that enough for you?…I was relieved when he was out.


Not enough for me!

Shake n bake

De Goey will play more mid!


Doesn’t mean he’ll score well haha


Thanks fellas.

Grundy is locked and key has been thrown away.

Adams interests me a bit, will play 100% in the guts and no Trelor

Sidebottom will be an upgrade target, playing wing/forward he could have a poor game that knocks his price down, otherwise seems a bit overpriced.

Not much love for any other Pies


Adams a lock for me!


Season Ave 110
Ave without Treloar 116
If the 116 was his season ave he would have been ranked 6th of all midfielders L/Y
He’s definitely worth consideration

Lazza (Raw Tiger)

Hi Derek, curious to know why is Grundy a lock for you this year?


My first serious crack at a team

Looking more at the balance, having a very deep defence (hopefully starting 5 keepers).

Looking for value with my premiums, thinking a lot of the Uber priced players are over priced based on last year’s shorter quarters

Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Williams, Witherden, Jones (Gould, Wehr)

Oliver, Titch, Cripps, TKelly, Rowell, Phillips, Hutchings, Bianca (Davis, Carroll, Mead)

Grundy, Preuss (Tracey)

Marshall, Heaney, JCsmeron, Ziebell, Impey, Cockatoo, (Rowe, Kelly)

$3k left


Pretty solid mate, like the structure…forward line scare me haha


the forward line for everyone this year is scary.
I feel safer with a Ruc/Fwd swing set. Marshall is the only option.
Heaney will be a watch to see if his ankle is ok. If it is he is top 8 forward and a bargin starting price.
Danger, Sidebottom and Zorko are all upgrade targets, they will drop in price during the year.

Cameron and Zeibell are both potential premiums. Not great hopes for Zeibell, but his price you can’t not have him. Cameron is a fallen premium. must be given a chance at a new club.


Hey Derek, imo your balance might be a bit more even if you ditch either Williams or Witherden for an extra fwd premo and Neale in the mids.
I feel Titch is damaged goods now after a shoulder reco and the broken leg thing. I’d be happy to be proven wrong if he starts racking up those huge scores again but I’m not sure if he will.
I found a way in my side of turning T.Kelly into T.Adams by trading Laird/Whitfeld out for L.McDonald/Stewart…also I feel Gawn is essential but Grundy isn’t this year to start.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

Tom Mitchell just came off shoulder surgery and isn’t even close to returning to ball work, may not even line up in round 1. I would take him out personally.


my team doesn’t have Witherden anymore. I think 4 premiums in defence is ok.

thinking i use that cash to go Phillips to Adams.

Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Williams, Highmore, Jones (Gould, Wehr)
Oliver, Titch, Adams, Cripps, TKelly, Rowell, Hutchings, Bianca (Davis, Carroll, Mead)
Grundy, Preuss (Tracey)
Marshall, Heaney, JCameron, Ziebell, Impey, Cockatoo, (Rowe, Kelly)


Gday Community!! I am back for another massive season of AFL Supercoach! Rightio, here is my first crack at a team. Rip it to shreds!
DEF: Lloyd, Whitfield, Z Williams, N Coffield, L Jones, Gould (Bianco, Wehr)
MID: Neale, Steele, Oliver, Adams, T Green, Phillips, Hutchings, Mead (Cockatoo, Collier-Dawkins, A Davies)
RUC: Grundy, Pruess (Treacy)
FWD: Dunkley, R Marshall, D Martin, Caldwell, W Kelly, Rowe (F Macrae, M Rioli)


Nice early effort mate, too early in the year to be ripping into anyone lol, my only change would be replacing Caldwell with someone cheaper to try and turn Green into someone more proven, I’m with you on Coffield, reckon he’ll have a good year.


Very possibly a breakout year for “the coff” mate lol

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

Thanks Russty. I just have a feeling about Caldwell. Reckon he is a serious break out candidate. He is like you say awkwardly priced, but the fact I can have him up forward as a FWD/MID is very appealing. I can just pretend he is Devon Smith!🤣


I hope he works out for you mate…except when you’re playing me in the leagues, I’ll stick with my ultra-reliable picks of Ziebell and Daniher LOL


G’day Neil. I am looking to target some serious break out contenders this season. Coffield, Caldwell, Tom Green, Hately, John Noble and even Hunter Clark fit that mould. Will be watching these guys very closely in the preseason matches. Cheers. TH


No worries I thought that’s what might’ve happened just delete all this if you like and I’ll do the same.


It’s a little symbol at the top of the feed next to the number of comments.


No biggy mate, I thought either you were a bit tipsy or all of a sudden got dementia lol, hopefully not the latter…with regards to Rocky…I’m avoiding all 30 year olds this year, more prone to injury and resting.
With the new concussion rule..anyone who gets a serious head knock will miss 12 days , we’re gonna wanna have some decent backup on the bench for when that happens half a dozen times this year…might be worth forking out a bit more for rookies who have more chance of playing than not.


Stay tuned for the Port podcast, I ain’t super keen!


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How is this post still up guys? Awful!

Oh and Eddie, do one, the fat lady’s sang!