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Well here we are, 8 rounds into the BBL10 SuperCoach season. With 9 rounds to go, I thought it was a great time to take stock and have a look at some of the best performing players, and of course some of the biggest disappointments.

The Cream of the Crop

The top 10 players (ranked by average) at the halfway mark of the season is almost totally different to the top 10 players at the end of the previous SC season, with only Daniel Sams and Rashid Khan retaining their top 10 status.

Jhye Richardson is in red hot form at the moment and as a result, now finds himself as the highest averaging SuperCoach player for the season thus far. From his past 5 games, he has averaged 102, hitting the century mark in 3 occasions.

If you haven’t got him in your team already, he is your #1 target this week. With Khan and Ur Rahman set to depart for the Afghanistan tour, you only need an extra $20,000 to get Richardson. Wait until next week, and that could be much more.

Highest BBL SuperCoach averages (minimum of 4 games)

The International Heroes

Thanks to a change in the cap on international players, this BBL season saw a record number of international players joining the competition, with 36 international players listed in SuperCoach this season.

There were a number of familiar faces, along with some new ones. Interestingly, 4 of the top 5 performing internationals had played in the BBL before and 4 of the bottom 5 performing internationals had never played in the BBL before.

Topping the list of best performing internationals at the halfway mark is Mujeeb Ur Rahman, who is set to play his last game for the Heat on Thursday before heading back overseas to represent Afghanistan against Ireland. He’s 5/15 haul against the Hurricanes in Round 5 netted him a monster 158 SC points to along with the other two 100+ scores.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s the Spiceman, Andre Fletcher that has fared the worst in SuperCoach this season, averaging a paltry 17.5 after 8 games. If you have him in your side, it’s probably too tricky to offload him, but hey, at least he’s entertaining right?

Best performing internationals (minimum of 4 games)

Worst performing internationals (minimum of 4 games)

The Cash Cows

Cash generation is so important in SuperCoach. Picking the right rookie priced players can set your team for the rest of the season, if they work out of course….

Of the true rookie priced players ($62,500 or less), Tanveer Sangha has been an absolute revelation this season. With 15 wickets to his name, he’s taken the 3rd most wickets this season which has seen his price jump a staggering $115,300! Cashing in now allows for a straight swap to premiums like Josh Philippe or Chris Lynn, showcasing the power of a good cash cow.

Biggest BBL SuperCoach price increases to Round 8

White Elephant or Bargains?

Looking at the players that haven’t succeeded this season, some stand out as picks that you shouldn’t trade in, whereas some present themselves as a potential bargain pick.

But which category does Aaron Finch fit into?

Currently priced at a bewildering $80,400 and set to fall even further with a breakeven of 65, he certainly hasn’t set the BBL alight, but neither has the Renegades as a team. But this is Finch, an Australian T20 specialist, who has scored the 2nd most runs in the BBL. The same Finch who amassed 170 SC points in one game last year. When you’ve got that pedigree, paying $80,000 is practically a no-brainer.

Biggest BBL SuperCoach price decreases to Round 8

The Cool Kids

The stats here might be a little skewed because of the recent double game round with Heat and Thunder, but you still get a great idea of who the most popular players have been this season.

At the top of the table is none other than Glenn Maxwell. One of the most destructive batsmen, one of the most expensive SC players and also one of the most frustrating players to own. So far this season he’s scored 148, 1, 143, 31, 150, 23, 21 SC points. He still remains a must have due to that high ceiling, and you’re not going to fall in the rankings if nearly 70% of teams own him and he has another bad week.

Most owned BBL SuperCoach players as of Round 8

The High Scorers

There’s some interesting facts that can be taken away after looking at the highest SuperCoach scores this season.

  1. Only half of the biggest scores have come from players that featured in a double game week, showing that you don’t necessarily need to load up on DGW players.
  2. Similarly, half of the biggest scores have come from a player that has played the Hurricanes. Mitch Marsh or Jhye Richardson makes for a promising captain choice on the back of that…

But it’s Daniel Worrall that currently has the highest SuperCoach score this season with a monster 175 from the 2 games against the Hurricanes in Round 2. It was the unlikely 62* in the first game that set the platform for the huge score, then adding 2 wickets and a catch to further boost his score. Will it be beaten, only time will tell.

Highest individual SuperCoach scores ( * indicates double game week)

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this has been my second year of BBL, played it about 5 seasons ago and found it frustrating with the byes and Double games weeks.

had a slow start (even missed the first two games and had to pick my initial squad from only 4 teams) and was ranked about 10k after the first two weeks. since then i’ve got the hang of it, including the double games, and the C/VC loophole and the DDP players. there are quite a few similar tricks to play as AFL SC.

Managed to pull myself up to 646th and target now is top 100 finish.

how is everyone else doing?


BBL can give some pretty bad scores from expensive players, I’ve found having a couple of better than handy bench players who can loop on field if a gun has a shocker is really important.

Same with having a couple of ok wicketkeepers with a non player who you can swing from batsman to keeper if one keeper fails.

Cash generation doesn’t seem to be as important, what is your thoughts on that?


My team value is $2198000.

Should cash generation be given some priority?


Amazing news Derek!


Ouch. Mitch Marsh subbed out for a score of 1

Inglis only 7, but I can sub Bazley or Frazier-McGirk on field to take his score

Roy and Livingston will be both heavily traded in next week


I can’t do this as a serious game. I enjoy it though. So much luck and inconsistent scoring, nominations of teams so close to game time, plus some games starting during work hours makes it almost impossible to come up with a team that should be a sure thing.


It’s hard to get good at it.

I’ve been going much better ever since I had 3 non playing donuts on my bench. I on each line. And having two better than handy emergencies

Looping as much as I can has avoided a few scores of 1 and 2

It’s a lot of guess work