Damo’s & Azza’s Phantom Drafts

Published by Damo on

It’s Draft Day Eve. Much like Christmas Eve except for grown ups who love footy and player acquisition avenues. Each club has their little elves making sure that whoever reads out the names has EVERYTHING they need to pick the best available player at their pick.

Azza and I love the draft. We’ve sent through a few mock up drafts to each other over the past month or so throwing back feedback to each other. Who could be this year’s Deven Robertson, someone who’s highly rated but doesn’t have any suitors early? Or who could be this year’s Kozzie Pickett who was always a first round talent but nobody quite knew how early he’d be taken?

Well, here is our own personal Phantom Drafts, side by side to each other.

I reckon Tanner Bruhn could slide, talented kid but can’t see where he fits in until late in the piece, and then Azza has Adelaide rating Brayden Cook, if not for bids, almost a top 10 selection.

the little awkwardly placed hexagons indicate matched bids

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