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Tim Michell from KFC SuperCoach BBL HQ joins the boys this week. We all try to predict how the BBL season will go, as well as talking about possible ways to maximise points through loopholing and in double game weeks.

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and special thanks to Tim for joining us in this episode.

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Doesn’t work that well as a fantasy game. Byes and double game rounds, rained out games, lineups announced 5 seconds before the game starts, ordinary scoring system, player availability is hard to keep track of. Be better if you could just pick a team and not worry about byes and doubles or have more trades each week. Usually lose interest after the first few rounds and thought about not bothering this year and I enjoy fantasy sports. Hard to drum up interest with so much going against it.

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hey boys can someone how to use the loophole in bbl to me


If you have a player who has a bye or isn’t named put them on field and put the player who is playing on the bench with E on them. If E player scores well you can take that score or swap the non playing player to the bench for the non E player. Eg round 1 Salt on batting line on field and E on Hughes. Hughes scores 10 so Salt moves to bench and Turner moves to field. Can also use Salt as C loophole if you VC Short and he goes 150 put the C on Salt.


Jake nailing it!