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With just 3 weeks away until the start of BBL10, now is the time to start really focusing on what your team is going to look like for Round 1.

But perhaps you’re a little overwhelmed with all the international availabilities, double game week players, new youth signings and are looking for some advice? Or maybe you’re a seasoned player looking for that next boost in the rankings? Or possibly your side looks fine but have some 50-50 calls you’re having trouble splitting?

Well, the folks here at Jock Reynolds are here to help!

Off the back of the Sanctum’s team reveals yesterday, resident SuperCoach experts Dyl and Azza, along with Damo and Lek are opening up the comments and are happy to answer any questions about your side.

Just post your team and remaining salary cap in the comments and we’ll answer all your questions over the coming weeks.

For a Learner’s Guide to playing Supercoach BBL click here.

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Matthew Murphy

Wicketkeepers: J.Philippe (B.Holt)
Batsman: D.Short (Vice Captain) G.Maxwell (Captain) W.Jacks P. Handscombe B. McDermott (J.Wells O.Davies)
Bowlers: M.Stoinis A.Zampa N.Coulter-Nile D.Christian J.Wildermuth (M.Renshaw W.Parker)
$6,500 salary. My first season doing BBL SC. My thinking is that even though Renshaw and Wells are on the bye, they can come straight on to play in Rd 2 without having to try and trade them in. My thinking also is that Zampa can go to Khan for Rd 2 as well.

Matthew Murphy

I’ve since taken out Renshaw and replaced him with Worrall, swapped Handscombe for Bryant, Wildermuth for Khan (Stars) and Parker for Owen. About $13k remaining.


Like the team. Good balance. 5 Melb Stars is perfect. looking ahead to round 2 as well. Don’t captain Maxi. A little unreliable for me ATM. O.Davies is a breakout contender. Trying to fit him in. If this is your first season, then some advice from what i’ve learned.

  1. Don’t be too seduced by double game players. The right ammount and mix will make or break your season.
  2. RIDE THE BREAKEVEN. Prices move after 1 game in BBL Sc, so don’t be afraid to use a trade most weeks to jump on in form price risers. They jump quickly.
  3. Plan ahead. Start bringing in guys with future double game weeks to stay ahead of the comp.

Good luck this year. See you in the comments. Jess
League code 996481 if you’re keen. All Welcome

Matthew Murphy

Hey thanks for that. I’m not all that keen on Worrall but if it allows me to get Khan for Stars is it worth it? Otherwise if i have Stanlake instead of Khan it allows me to swap Worrall to Briggs.
Thanks for the three tips of advice, I play SuperCoach AFL and i do ok, not great but yeah this is first season of BBL.
I’ve joined your league, thanks.


I have swapped out Holt for Pfeffer, Khan – Stars for Fletcher via DPP and Ahmed for Hussain. Thoughts? 

Shepp Screamers

WK: B Holt (B McDermott)
Bat: D Short, M Stoinis, G Maxwell, M Renshaw, J Wildermuth (C Ingram, O Davies)
Bowl: A Zampa, N Coulter-Nile, D Briggs, Z Khan, Chris Green (D Christian, N Ahmad)

$19.9k in the bank. Looping McDermott, Ingram and Christian in game one if none do well I’d have to park a Striker on the pine. Rashid and Jacks the two main targets for round two, third undecided. Do I sacrifice Maxwell to beef up my ‘keeper and Wildermuth?


Here’s my team. Tell me what you think! ^-^



WK – S.Harper (B.McDermott)
BAT – M.Stoinis, W.Jacks, C.Ingram, H.Cartwright, S.Gotch (M.Bryant, J.Widermuth)
BOWL – D.Short, A.Zampa, B.Cutting, Z.Khan, Chris.Green- (M.Renshaw, N.Ahmed)
Watchlist – Sutherland, Whiteman, Turner, Gilkes, Tremain, Paris, T.Sanga, M.Short, M.Harvey

5 Stars Double gamers. Renshaw and McDermott on the bench is a sacrifice on week 1, but a one ahead for the longer game. To Maxi or not to Maxi. I’m not at the moment. If I pick him, he’ll stink it. Leave him out and he’ll go bang. Hmmm.

Matthew Murphy

Quite nice. Like the Green and Cutting selections, not sure on the Cartright selection though.
I’ve gone down to 1 Striker on bench instead of 2, felt my bench was too weak so I’ve switched Wells to Salt and i changed Christian to Ingram. Worrall has gone to Ahmed and Wildermuth has come in for Davies.

Mac Attack

J.Inglis (M.Gilkes)

D.Short, M.Stoinis, G.Maxwell, W.Jacks, M.Bryant (D.Hughes, M.Short)

A.Zampa, N.C-N, Z.Khan, Chris Green, N.Ahmad (J.Wildermuth, D.Worrall)

paul allison

keeper Phillippe (gilkes) batsmen sams,maxwell,jacks,khawaja,christian,(carey davies) bowlers short,green,henriques,wildermuth,tremain.(worall ahmad)


Opps, pls ignore

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Giving BBL SC another go after failing badly a few years ago.
My current team , though nothing set in concrete and subject to team announcements
Interested in any suggestions

Wicketkeepers: Pfeffer, (Philippe)
Batsman: D.Short, Stoinis, Fletcher, Ingram, Khawaja, (Bryant, Silk)
Bowlers: Maxwell, N.Coulter-Nile, Renshaw, Ellis, Hussain (Christian Wildermuth)

$64K in the bank

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