PODCAST | Adam Saad Is A Blue!

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Episode 4 of Tradio looks at a defensive premo and a potential rookie lock.

Lekdog & Patch take a look at Adam Saad, Lachie Fogarty, Aliir Aliir, Tom Hickey, Shaun Higgins and rookie lock Nakia Cockatoo.

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Why is Geelong trading all these mature aged players ?
Who is going to kick Essendons goals in their forward line ?


## trading in


Based on their trade efforts the Pies and Bombers must be banking on the AFL introducing a ‘Misere’ wildcard for a GF berth in 2021 and the cats must think that 2021 will be the last season ever of Australian football or a new rule allowing 20 players on field as long as 8 are forwards will be introduced.
Pies gave away a couple of Ferrari’s and Porsche for a chance to draft a bag of potatoes
Bombers gave away the only decent players that they had left for a kid who will leave them as soon as his contract expires or, maybe sooner when he experiences the toxic environment.
Cats WTF? Cameron wont work with Hawkins, he’s an ego maniac sook with equal toughness to Tom Lynch. Where is Higgins going to play?


I just watched the AFL’s highlight reel for Saad. Damn the bloke can run. Also noticed a bloke in #7 NEVER put on a shepherd or use his body to protect a team mate, I used to rate him until I noticed that. I’m starting to understand why so many want to leave the bombers when their most revered player thinks the game is only about him and the other 21 are just there to make him look good. Selfish over rated and borderline coward with full support of the club and membership. They wont progress until Zach gets a heart or gets traded