PODCAST | Why Crouch Locks Another Saint Into Your ’21 Side

Published by Lekdog on

Episode 2 of Tradio for Jock Reynolds is here and it’s a big one community!

Lekdog Patch & Damo take a look at the new draft rules, Brad Crouch, Jesse Hogan, Oleg Markov & Zac Langdon.

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As a Saints supporter I’m stoked to get Crouch into our midfield, McKernan might come in handy as a backup ruck/fwd option also….I’d like to see Jack Higgins come to the Saints too, looks like that might be happening now as he requested a trade to the Saints.
We need another Jack in the squad lol

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I always thought that BCrouch was very unreliable and equally overrated but if Ratten thinks that he’s worth having that’s good enough for me. Don’t think I’ll start him in my SC team though and his arrival at Saintland has put a line through Steele as a starter also.
Zac Williams the only lock from the merry-go-round so far IMO


Yeh it’ll be interesting to see how Crouch will affect Steele’s output point wise, I’m just hoping Crouch’s body holds up and he doesn’t become a liability like when he had all that time out of the game with his foot issues at the Crows,
He’s suspended for the first two rounds, I’d need to see some serious numbers to consider bringing him in to my side at all, need to save those spots for the uber premos.


Ratten is having a red hot go at a 2021-22 Premiership, get your membership now. McKernan is interesting/strange pickup but basically free and will help cover Ryder. not so keen on wasting selections on Higgins but he might come in handy