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PODCAST | Zac Williams Is A Supercoach Lock

Published by Lekdog on

Day 1 of Jock Reynolds Tradio has come to a close and five players have found new homes!

Lekdog and Damo take a look at Joe Daniher, Aidan Corr, Isaac Smith, Zac Williams and Rory Atkins after moves to new clubs.

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Lekdog on Twitter: @LekdogSC

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I smell a rat in the Daniher deal compensation. Statistically he peaked in 2017 when he averaged 2.8 goals p/game and made the All Australian Squad but due to persistent injuries he has rapidly declined since then. He has only averaged 5 games p/year for the last 3 years his best being 2018 with 7 games. In 40% of those 15 games over 3 years he was held goal-less and he kicked more than 2 goals in a game on just two occasions.
How is the loss of a player with that terrible record worth pick 7 in compensation?
The AFL seem to have based the compensation value on Danihers best ever season and they have totally ignored the last 3 years. Yet another gift from the AFL to the bombers.
Essendon have managed to offload a fading player that was costing them heaps but couldn’t play & when he did play he was held goal-less 40% of the time. In return for that they get pick 7. That’s like trading in a 6-cyl commodore that was t-boned at the traffic lights and has been at the repairers for 77% of the 3-years time since then for a new Tesla.
By comparison in 2013 when Eddie Betts, restricted free agent, left Carlton for Adelaide he had topped the league for score assists and fwd 50 tackles for the previous 5 years, he also averged 42 goals p/year for the previous 4-years and he’d won the club goal kicking for 2 of the previous 3 years. In the 4 years before he left he was All Australian twice 2011/12 and played for Australia in the 2010 International series, he was an undisputed star of the game.
Carlton did not get any compensation for Eddie because they signed Dale Thomas restricted free agent. Thomas was known to have a serious injury that had not responded well to surgical treatment and he had only manged 5 games in the season proceeding the trade. The decision by the AFL that a good player under an injury cloud was fair compensation for the best small forward in the history of the game when he was just entering his peak is absurd.
There is system within the AFL that enables them to give questionably high compensation to their preferred clubs and suspiciously low value on star players lost by other Clubs.
Daniher was not worth any more than early round 2


With Daniher’s injury history I’d have thought he’d be worth about 2 packets of hubba bubba bubble gum and pick 275


spot on Russty andd remember that dude who said Hogan and Daniher will be the two power forwards for the next decade,dont think so pal


Spot on Russ and Neil


you two would be happy couch is top shelf


Yeah pretty happy getting Crouch in the midfield next year Neil, not ideal he’ll miss the first 2 rounds coz of whatever drugs he got caught with. Hopefully he’ll behave himself at his new home 🙂


won’t be in my starting team because of the 2 weeks but a huge watch with that ruck set up


Glad to have him on board,, Could be better if we snag Treloar and Higgins


Hey Col, yeah Higgins would be great, we got Mckernan as a ruck backup for a bag of chips.