PODCAST | Welcome to Supercoach BBL

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Supercoach BBL is upon us and the crew decided to get involved.

Damo, Azza, Dyl and Lekdog introduce you to the world of Supercoach BBL.

Follow along and get involved by joining the Jock Reynolds Supercoach BBL group (787034) and following the team on Twitter!

Azza on Twitter: @azzajewell

Dyl on Twitter: @BolchDylan

Damo on Twitter: @DamoSC

Lekdog on Twitter: @LekdogSC

Check out the BBL Fixture Guide here

Don’t worry AFL fans, plenty of content is on it’s way to your eardrums and eyeballs. You won’t want to miss a huge offseason!

Check out the new Supercoach BBl changes here

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Fully aware that I made a mistake referring to Swepson as a new addition to the Brisbane Heat. This is an error. I think I meant to refer to the player movement from the Heat.


love it looking forward to the bbl year NDD

Gra Pol

Thanks guys. First timer doing BBL appreciate all the tips