SuperCoach BBL is LIVE! What’s changed?

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By Azza Jewell

What’s New in 2020?

SuperCoach BBL is back! Like the city of Melbourne, it opened at midnight last night to thunderous applause.

The team at Jock Reynolds will be bringing you some exciting content now that the platform has opened, but first things first, what’s changed?

Dedicated Emergency Players

Gone are the days of the automatic emergency scores. Now just like in AFL SC, you get to select who will be your dedicated emergency should you fall victim to the dreaded donut. Unless of course, you’re a Melbournian like me, where we’ve started worshipping donuts.

This opens up a new strategy for captain loopholing, a technique used to maximise your weekly score and something we will be covering in a future article.

New Scoring System

In an attempt to level the playing field between batsman and bowlers, the folks over at SuperCoach HQ have given the BBL scoring system a bit of a tweak for season 2020.

The Fielding scoring system remained the same, with the only change for bowlers coming in regards to their economy rate bonus, which now comes into effect after 3 overs (last year it was after 2 overs).

But batsmen now have some new bonus points added to the mix and some taken away. Let’s take a closer look at these changes.

So as you can see, the strike rate formula has been given a face lift, with bonus points coming into line with bowlers economy rate bonuses.

Bonus for boundaries have been removed, but in their place comes bonuses for milestones.

Of course, the question on everyone’s lips, how would that have changed scores from 2019?

Well, I’ll be highlighting that in an upcoming article, but for a teaser, this is some notable examples:

Positional Changes

Out of the 112 BBL players currently listed on the SuperCoach site, only 6 players have had positional changes, with the majority coming from the Hurricanes.

At the low price of $62,500 Seb Gotch will be a popular bench pick now that he has been given the addition of the WKP/BAT DPP, and Matthew Renshaw will be one to place on your watch list with the additional flexibility.

and Introducing….the new JR BBL Podcast!

Lastly, the biggest new addition for 2020, is of course the Jock Reynolds BBL podcast, launching tomorrow!

Tell us: Who was your first picked player when SuperCoach opened this morning?

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Has anyone got any leagues I can join please ?


I’ll set up a few Jock Reynolds leagues!


yep me too DBB


Thanks Gents


Seems like we have fewer trades this year? Only 36 across 17 rounds means we can’t do all 3 every week, which I’m pretty sure we used to be able to do in previous seasons? This will require a strategy more akin to AFL SuperCoach where we conserve trades and downgrade/upgrade throughout the year. Good thing there don’t appear to be as many byes!