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Two news faces have joined the JR Crew for the BBL|10 season to help us out with some SuperCoach BBL content. Azza, who’s like a SuperCoach Bible when it comes to pretty much everything, and Dylan, who has worked with our mates over at SuperCoach HQ and Doctor SuperCoach for previous BBL seasons.

Us here at JR will openly admit that we don’t know a lot about cricket, so we’ve gone ahead and found two people who do. Get to know them down below, welcome them in, and give them a socially distant hug.

AZZA (Follow Him on Twitter @azzajewell)

Tell us about yourself.

Born and bred Victorian, I’m originally from Gippsland where I lived most of my life, until I made the move to Melbourne in 2012.

I’m a major events manager by trade, with a huge passion for statistics, fantasy sports, craft beer and brunch.

I also like long walks on the beach at sunset and my friends say I’m trustworthy, easy-going and thoughtful.

How long have you been playing SuperCoach for? (any format)

This year marks my 13th SuperCoach season, starting back in 2008. I was introduced to the game through some sports nuts I worked with and instantly fell in love with the game.

Since then, it’s fair to say that my passion for fantasy sports has only grown stronger, especially in 2020 after I started creating fantasy games that didn’t exist….

How have you fared in previous SuperCoach BBL seasons?

Nothing impressive by any means, but my rankings have been progressively on the up and up, with last season my best as I managed to squeeze into the top 5%.

It’s such a unique game with so many moving parts compared to SuperCoach AFL, the double game rounds, quick turnaround between rounds, international call-ups, and threat of washouts add a challenging complexity that requires a fair amount more luck to go your way.

I’m feeling confident coming into this season with my pre-season research and statistical analysis. It feels like I’m gearing up for a big season ahead and I’m also glad to be here sharing my knowledge with the fantasy community.

How closely do you follow the Cricket, both domestic and international?

After the AFL/NRL Grand Final, it’s the only sport to follow, right? Until there is a SuperCoach A-League or NBA of course, haha, then I’ll probably follow those a little more closely.

But if there is a cricket match at the MCG or Marvel Stadium, you’ll likely find me there. I’m always there for Boxing Day, international ODIs, T20s, World Cup Finals, and even the odd Sheffield Shield match.

Outside of attending matches live, I’ll still follow the Aussies overseas, mostly online via ESPN Cricinfo or and the occasional domestic competitions like Vitality Blast, IPL or CPL just to gain some stats and insights for the upcoming SuperCoach BBL season.

P.S. Watch out for that article coming very soon, with stats you won’t find anywhere but here at Jock Reynolds!

What other sports do you follow?

There’s very few of the major sports that I don’t follow, but most of them inactively.

AFL, NRL, F1, Tennis, Cricket and Marbles would be the big ones I regularly follow and watch with keen interest, and yes, you did read that last one right. If you haven’t immersed yourself in the world of Marble League and Marble Racing, I implore you to give it a watch and lose yourself for hours.

Soccer/Football, SuperRugby, NFL, NBA, NBL, MLB, GAA, I still follow those with some interest, but I’ll only watch a handful of live matches, otherwise I’ll just follow their performances online.

What teams do you support?

Well, where to start, it’s quite a long list when I put all of them together….

Closer to home, some are somewhat obvious given I’m a Melbournian like the Storm, City, Rebels, Rising and United. In the BBL, it’s Renegades all the way.

When it comes to the AFL, I’m rarer than a unicorn. Yep, I’m a North Melbourne supporter, see we do exist!

Abroad I support:

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles

NBA: Denver Nuggets

MLB: San Francisco Giants

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs

GAA: Meath
Soccer/Football: Arsenal is the main one, but I do follow other teams in other domestic competitions like Houston Dynamo, Aalesund FC, Palmeiras, KRC Genk, Lyon, Borussia Dortmund, Sporting CP, Celtic and Atletico Madrid

Oh and of course, when it comes to Marble League…..#LetChaosReign with the Balls of Chaos!


Thanks for having me, I can’t wait to bring you some fantastic BBL content this season and of course, happy SuperCoaching and best of luck for the upcoming BBL season.

DYLAN (Follow Him on Twitter @BolchDylan)

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Dylan and I am currently a student studying Journalism and Science. I love my sport, catching up with mates and travelling.

How long have you been playing SuperCoach for? (any format)
I’ve been playing SuperCoach for 9 years! Absolutely love the game, it’s a great way to learn more about different players and increase interest in games that otherwise may not have meant much.

How have you fared in previous SuperCoach BBL seasons?
My SC BBL best finish is top 1% and last year was top 4%. Past 4 seasons in AFL SC have been top 1% so hopefully I can continue to replicate that in the BBL this year!

How closely do you follow the Cricket, both domestic and international?
I love my cricket, nothing better than catching up with mates, having a few beers and watching the cricket! The BBL is a prolonged version of the Footy Frenzy and how good is it! Hopefully the Stars can finally win one this year… The internationals are where the best cricket is played though and Test matches are probably my favourite format.

What other sports do you follow?
I’m massive on all sports, especially AFL, cricket, tennis and soccer. Have been known to get up for the Darts as well! That’s surprisingly exciting.

What teams do you support?
I’ve been a mad Hawthorn fan all of my life so fingers crossed we aren’t down too long and Clarko has us up and about sooner rather than later. In the BBL I go for the Melbourne Stars but really just love that there’s a massive amount of cricket played in such a short amount of time. Melbourne Victory, Bayern Munich and West Ham are the teams I support in various soccer competitions.

Looking forward to joining the team this year!

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Welcome boys. look forward to your insights. fellow gippslander NDD